How to Boot into Safe Mode in Windows 8

safe mode in windows 8

General issues related to hardware or software in Windows PC causes little trouble while start up. These issues can be either rectified or at least can troubleshoot with the help of the Safe Mode in Windows 8. Safe Mode only enables only the most basic drivers in Windows which are needed to start up the […]

How to Change Windows 8 Start Menu to Windows 7

Windows 8

This guide will teach you how to change windows 8 start menu to windows 7. People slowly started upgrading to Windows 8 from Windows 7 and Windows XP. Windows 8 is developed and designed according to latest trends and user interface but it failed to reach old generation people. 90′s kids are now familiar with […]

How to Download Java for Windows 8 and Set Java Path


If you’re a programmer and using windows 8 operating system on your laptop or desktop or even if you just upgraded to windows 8 from windows 7 operating system then you must download java for windows 8 and to run java programs, you must set java path and class path in your windows 8 operating […]

How to Delete Files Permanently from your Computer-Jihosoft Free Eraser Review

jihosoft free eraser

I have seen lots of people who are willing to sell or donate their old computer but worry about others access or view their personal data. Technically speaking, when hit the “Delete” button attempting to delete a file from computer, it doesn’t actually delete files permanently. The deletion action does is only unlink the file […]

7 Best Windows 8 Tips and Tricks

Personalise your windows 8 start screen

These 7 Windows 8 tips and tricks will let you use your Windows 8 PC like a pro. In updating Windows 8, the Windows version that brought the operating system into the touchscreen age, Microsoft has added some new capabilities and brought back some old ones that users missed. Try some of these capabilities out […]