How To Disable Facebook Seen Feature

Facebook unseen

Have you ever ignored to reply to your friend’s messages on Facebook, and ended up being caught by them? Ever wondered how they knew that you saw their messages? Over a year or so back, Facebook announced a feature called “Seen” or “Facebook Seen” as we know it. It is basically a feature where when […]

Facebook Messenger to get Free Voice call Option

Facebook Messenger

These days Facebook seems to be concentrating on free voice calls on all its products, recently after Facebook-WhatsApp deal, an official announcement has been made that WhatsApp is getting free voice call option in the second quarter of this year. Now its Facebook turn, few people of US claimed they have seen “Free call Option” in […]

How to Use Two Different Profile Pictures in Facebook Account

facebook trick

Bhoom! This trick “Two Different profile pictures in Facebook Account” is no longer working. Facebook is working damn fast in fixing all know bugs. Way to Go Facebook Team. One of the coolest trick in Facebook today is, you can use two different profile pictures in Facebook account at the same time. Using this trick […]

How to Invite All Your Friends to like Facebook Fanpage in One Click

Voice call in Facebook

No matter, how large your company is; one of the working awesome best way to promote a business online is by making use of Social Media. No doubt, best one among all social media sites is Facebook and next comes LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+. Facebook fanpage is the most extraordinary thing developed by Facebook. Every company […]

10 Types of Funny People on Facebook

Voice call in Facebook

Facebook’s popularity is as great as ever, but as with anything that people use a lot, there is always something that irritates people, and in this case it’s the users! Regardless of whether you consider the people who dominate your news feed to be close friends or not, there are always the odd few that are […]