How to Remote Shutdown your PC in LAN – EMCO Remote Shutdown

remote shutdown

Save electricity and save the future is the main motto of any given individual or any Multinational organization. Again implementing the same motto in ones own backyard is as tough as it gets. Switching off the workstation PCs in a large scale organizations is the most tedious job ever and takes ages to complete the […]

How to send a Fax from PC.

fax from pc

Although we don’t get to hear of the word ‘fax‘ very often nowadays, fax is still widely used for communicating official documents. People are rarely using fax machines after the feature of faxing has been incepted in our very own PCs – a huge money saver. Sending a fax from PC is very simple. All you […]

21 Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks you must Know


WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile messaging services. The popularity of WhatsApp can be accessed by its value. Facebook recently bought WhatsApp for a mouth watering $19 billion US dollars, which is a huge amount of money for a messaging platform. There are a lot of WhatsApp tips and tricks that can make […]

How to Change Windows 8 Start Menu to Windows 7

Windows 8

This guide will teach you how to change windows 8 start menu to windows 7. People slowly started upgrading to Windows 8 from Windows 7 and Windows XP. Windows 8 is developed and designed according to latest trends and user interface but it failed to reach old generation people. 90′s kids are now familiar with […]

How To Disable Facebook Seen Feature

Facebook unseen

Have you ever ignored to reply to your friend’s messages on Facebook, and ended up being caught by them? Ever wondered how they knew that you saw their messages? Over a year or so back, Facebook announced a feature called “Seen” or “Facebook Seen” as we know it. It is basically a feature where when […]