How to Change Windows 8 Start Menu to Windows 7

Windows 8

This guide will teach you how to change windows 8 start menu to windows 7. People slowly started upgrading to Windows 8 from Windows 7 and Windows XP. Windows 8 is developed and designed according to latest trends and user interface but it failed to reach old generation people. 90′s kids are now familiar with […]

How To Disable Facebook Seen Feature

Facebook unseen

Have you ever ignored to reply to your friend’s messages on Facebook, and ended up being caught by them? Ever wondered how they knew that you saw their messages? Over a year or so back, Facebook announced a feature called “Seen” or “Facebook Seen” as we know it. It is basically a feature where when […]

How to Remove Shortcut Virus from Pen drive, Memory card and PC

Remove shortcut virus

Do you often find hidden folder or shortcut of other folders within our memory cards, pen drives and PC as well? Well, then your PC, memory card or pen drive is infected with a virus that we commonly term as Shortcut Virus. And if you are searching online on How to remove shortcut virus from […]

Easy ways to manage Android Smartphone from PC

manage android phone from PC

As Android Smartphones are becoming bigger yet closer to our daily life, there is a very great use of a way that helps us manage android smartphone from PC. As we store lots of sensitive information, contacts, mails, messages, documents etc., on our Android Smartphones, a client to manage android smartphone from PC is of a great […]

iPhone Data Recovery Software to Recover Lost Data

iPhone data recovery for MAC

iPhone data recovery is made even easier now with recovery software’s . iPhone data can be lost due to several factors, including accidental deletion, damage caused due to water contact, locked device due to wrong password, if a sync has been performed on the device after virus attack, factory settings restore, IOS upgrade etc. 321Soft […]