How to install WordPress on Localhost using WebMartix

install wordpress in localhost

We all know WordPress is best among all CMS to start any kind of blog or site. I have seen many bloggers and webmasters who feel bit difficult to install WordPress on Localhost. Installing WordPress is quite simple in MAC but not in Windows. It was past, But now Webmatrix software from Microsoft made our […]

How has Smartphones Made Our Life Easier?

smartphones for communication

Smartphones have clearly transformed the lives of many across the world. They offer so much in one small package, making them a must have for millions of people. You can do nearly everything on a smartphone, and that is truly remarkable. Smartphones have been around for over 5 years, but have never been as popular […]

The 5 Best Blogging Platforms To Start a New Blog or Website


This new generation is addicted to internet. Many of these internet addicts always search to make money online.  Blogging is one of the best and awesome way to earn money online. Blogging helps to sharp our know skill and even their is a chance to know unknown things too. In addition to his we can […]

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Ace

root samsung galaxy ace

Samsung Galaxy Ace, an Android Smart phone released on 2011 january. It is one of the best Samsungs’s product at low cost with cool features. Samsung Galaxy Ace is released with 5 megapixels camera included with Auto focus and LED flash. By default it comes with Android 2.3. This Operating system is now outdated. So […]

Download All Versions of Angry Birds for Free Full Versions

Angry Birds for Free

Angry Birds, Awesome game for all kinda ages. Authors came to know its importance and developed many versions. Each version becomes competition to other versions. Every version is ruling this gaming world. I know it is an addictive game. Even Playing Angry Birds in mobiles is quite interesting. But when playing them on PC with high volume […]