Three Quick Steps to Increasing the Online Shopping Cart Conversion Rate


A strong and effective business strategy revolves around the amount of conversion rates that a website can generate, as the success of a business depends upon the number of leads that actually convert. This is important since the actual conversion rates will determine how much profits a business venture would be making and also the […]

7 Ways to Create an Inviting Office Environment

Brighten Up the Office

You wake up dreading the day. You roll out of bed, shower, shave, scarf down some breakfast, and then head to what you’ve started to call “the pit of despair,” otherwise known as the office. Have you ever felt like that? Have your employees ever felt like that? If so, it’s time to make some […]

How to Build A Blog, Build Your business

how to build a blog

Blogs have long been used by individuals hoping to share their thoughts and perspectives. Now, more and more brands are throwing their hats in the ring and using content marketing to attract customers and position themselves as thought leaders. However, the rules with a company blog are different than those with a personal blog: you […]

7 Best Free and Premium WordPress Popup Plugins

WordPress popup Plugin

This guide helps you to filter best WordPress popup plugin to increase traffic and loyal readers. I’m into blogging filed from about last couple of years and I understood the importance of popups and personally observed how they actually convert. I tried many free and premium WordPress popup plugins to get more Facebook likes and […]

CDN – Content Delivery Network and How it Works


It wasn’t that long ago when people would patiently wait not just seconds – but a full minute or two for a webpage to load. The interesting thing about it is that if the page was slow to load, we blamed it on our connection or Internet provider. So, how did it all flop around? […]