How to get Facebook chat heads in Google Chrome

how to Facebook chat heads for Google Chrome

This guide will show you how to get Facebook Chat heads in Google Chrome. Before you start to use chat heads on Google Chrome, lets see what is Facebook Chat heads and what we can do with it. Chat heads is an interesting feature introduced by Facebook on its official Facebook Messenger for Android and IOS operating systems. Facebook Messenger […]

[Solved] Google Chrome Has Stopped Working

Google chrome has stopped working

Even though Google chrome is the best browser for Windows operating system, it has many common problems. Recently i faced a strange problem in my chrome and even lost lot of valuable work. My Google Chrome Has Stopped Working suddenly. I felt it happened by chance for the first time. I restarted it and continued using […]

Top 5 Best Browsers for Windows 8 PC XP 7 and Vista

browser for windows 8 pc

Browsers sometimes called web browsers are the only way to surf Internet. Without any browser in your computer it is highly impossible to enjoy internet connection on your PC. Currently there are plenty of best browsers are available for windows 8 PC but most of the users usually use few of them. Internet Explorer is […]

Top 5 Ways to Make Google Chrome Faster

make google chrome faster

I have been asked by many people many times regarding how to make Google chrome faster. Which browser are your using currently on your machine? Google Chrome? Mozilla Firefox? Opera? Safari? In-case if you are from chrome, then this guide helps you to make Google chrome faster. Even though Google Chrome is the fastest browser available sometimes […]

5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for YouTube

YouTube extensions for Google Chrome

For a great overall experience there are some of the features which are enhancing the missing functionality to a further extent. Here all you need is to add the functionalities which are offering you some of the aspects so that you can simply gain more from the video. All these things are needed to add […]