Top 5 Best Browsers for Windows 8 PC XP 7 and Vista

Browsers sometimes called web browsers are the only way to surf Internet. Without any browser in your computer it is highly impossible to enjoy internet connection on your PC. Currently there are plenty of best browsers are available for windows 8 PC but most of the users usually use few of them. Internet Explorer is the default browser in Windows operating system but it is hard truth that it is useful just to download best browser for windows 8. Here is the cool list of best browsers for windows 8 PC and you can pick and download one among them according to your needs.

best browsers for windows 8

5 Best Browsers for Windows 8

Choosing a best browser is not an easy task and it surely needs A/B testing. Speed and performance of browsers varies with the internet connection. One gets better result in Google chrome while others get even better speed in Mozilla Firefox. So here are some best browsers for Windows 8 PC. They also work on Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista too. If you want faster browsers, you should increase internet speed in first phase

Google Chrome

No doubt! Google Chrome is the best browser for Windows 8 and other operating systems. It is one of the best product from G Google and it is widely used at every corner of the globe and mainly in Windows. Google Chrome is well known for its speed. It is very light browser will hell lot of options and features. If you’re a web developer; you won’t regret Chrome again because of Inspect element feature.

best browser for windows 8

At Web store you can get as many themes and extensions. These themes will change the look of browser completely but wait using heavy themes and many extensions will make Chrome slower.

In general internet is usually lightning fast at Chrome but even you can make Google Chrome faster by making small tweaks.

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By considering all these things Google Chrome is treated as best browser for windows 8 

Download Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

When compared Mozilla Firefox with Google Chrome, It is bit heavy in size and look. There is a lot of competition between Chrome and Firefox and many people can’t decide to choose one among them. Mozilla Firefox is very useful for developers as it has many add-on’s which will make their work easier than ever. Synchronization option helps you to share your bookmarks, Saved history and Passwords with other systems with zero effect.

best browser for windows 8

It is bit hard to say which one is best among Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox. So let you decide yourself which one is doing well on your PC and let us know the best browser for windows 8 PC among them.

Download Mozilla Firefox


best browser for windows

Enabling TURBO mode makes you to surf the internet faster than normal speed. Speed dials makes you to access your favourite site in no time. There is no limit for speed dials, you can manage any number of speed dials. Alike above two browsers there are add-on’s but litter lower and you can share bookmarks and other stuff to other machines.

Download Opera

Internet Explorer 10

First time i felt something good about Internet Explorer 10. CSS is loading fine web pages are loading as expected. Older versions of Internet explorer is completely uses and I mainly use it download other browser. But things had changed along with time and Internet Explorer 10 gets smarter.

 Internet explorer 10

Even though it is slower but it is very secure. I always recommend Internet Explorer for accessing confidential data or while making online transactions. It is the safest browser ever developed.

Download Internet Explorer


Like Internet Explorer, Safari is default browser in all Apple devices. Apple fan boys won’t think about second browser; they will see heaven in safari browser and it works pretty well in apple devices. Apple is mainly famous for its simplicity and decent looks. Safari is one of the best browser for windows 8 PC and it is capable to load pages faster.

Best browser for windows PC

If you’re not satisfied with above web browsers, give one try for Safari as well. Compare your download and upload speed in safari with other browsers and make a right choice.

Download Safari


Best part is, all above browsers are completely free of cost. Well, till now your fingers crossed on 5 best browsers for windows 8 PC. This list never ends, along with those 5 you can even try other browsers like Torch browser and Maxthon Web browser

Can’t agree with us? You have another browser in your mind? Let us know about that best browser for windows 8 or 7 or vista. We’ll include them in this list about best browsers for windows 8

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  1. mr bean says:

    Apple fan boys won’t think about second browser; they will see heaven in safari browser and it works pretty well in apple devices. Apple is mainly famous for its simplicity and decent looks. Safari is one of the best browser for windows 8 PC and it is capable to load pages faster.

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