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I have tested and used many such online tools and i felt MP3 Grabber is best among all. This MP3 grabber is easy to use and even a newbie can do his work easily without any difficulty

There might be some people who always listen to MP3 songs instead of watching videos on their mobiles. Even they’re some who always tries to listen only Music even in videos. I have seen some people who plays Full HD videos and pushes the mobiles into their pockets, Then I realized that they need only music but not Video and they don’t even have a clue about Video to MP3 Converter Online Free. Using such tools we can convert a video in to MP3 files. There’re many online tools available to convert Video to MP3 files. Among them is awesome site with user friendly navigation.

Video to MP3 Converter Online Free

I won’t say you can do it only via online tools, you can even do this same process from your desktops too but you need some third party already installed on your machine. But i won’t recommend downloading such software’s and installing them on your PC’s as you need them for some particular instant of time. So, always prefer online tools for converting Videos in to MP3 formats.

I have tested and used many such online tools and i felt MP3 Grabber is best among all. This MP3 grabber is easy to use and even a newbie can do his work easily without any difficulty

Main Features on MP3

Free of cost:

There might be no one who looks to spend$ for converting videos into MP3 files. Keeping this kind of people in mind, they developed MP3 grabber and helping us to convert Video to MP3 online free of cost.

Choosing your desired Output settings

According to your situation and position you can select your own output format. You can get audio output in MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC formats etc.

Search your required file with Keywords

What? no exact idea about the song/video you require? Just got few details about the song? No problem this is enough. You can search the song with just Song name or Artist name etc. It can search the songs on web using your keywords.

Make use of YouTube

Found a video on YouTube and you need it in MP3 format? Then you’re on right place. Yeah! MP3 Grabber can convert YouTube Videos in to MP3 format. All you need is to provide the URL of the video. That’s it. If you frequently convert You Tube Videos, then you can use some extensions for your browser to make your work easier.

Use videos from Local Disk

Got some party videos and need to convert them in to MP3 format? Then you can use this tool to finish your job for free.

How to use ?

Method 1:

If you’re looking to convert online videos, you can simply copy the URL of video and paste in the MP3grabber and click GRAB IT. Currently MP3 grabber is accepting YouTube, DailyMotion, My Space and lots more.

Method 2:

If you don’t have any clue about Songs destination and where it is from and know only details like Song title or Artist etc, it is enough if your luck helps you. Just input your keywords on MP3Grabber and it will take care of further work. It will search entire web and locates your desired video and converts it into MP3 File.

I have tested and used many such online tools and i felt MP3 Grabber is best among all. This MP3 grabber is easy to use and even a newbie can do his work easily without any difficulty
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  1. jeff says:

    I still prefer using my video downloader to convert video to mp3. I use RealPlayer which was a free download. It offers much more than just a video converter. Never an issue. Just my opinion.. thanks for sharing yours.

  2. Kris says:

    Thanxx for the post. Tired of the pirated softwares..

  3. Sproweb International says:

    very informative post, thanks for sharing!

  4. mohit says:

    This is a very good tool as now i don’t have to download and install and pirated software to complete this task now its online and always with me.

  5. Hill25 says:

    Wow, this is a nice share. Just feel puzzled about converting videos to audio for my iPod. Your article makes me thank you much.

    While I am browsing the webs, I come across another similar online free tool – It is designed for converting online videos to popular video formats. Hope this will be a good tip to other readers.

  6. gaurav says:

    very useful post really.
    thanks for sharing this nice information .

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