How to Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to iPhone

Annoyed with Blackberry phones? It’s time to jump from Blackberry; iPhone’s are waiting, go get one.  Don’t worry about the data transfer, it’s quite simple. Transferring contacts fromBlackberry to iPhone was a question ages back; but now it’s not the case. The process to transfer contacts from Blackberry to iPhone is so simple and can be done without any trouble within seconds and hence the only thing you have to worry about is, you will miss your Blackberry. Actually, it’s not something to be worried since the iPhone is something that cannot be replaced when compared to anyone of the other devices.

Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to iPhone

Usually the process accomplished using two methods, not the older ones like the SIM transfer but methods which are new and with no limitations. The methods we are going to follow are by using Google Sync and by using the Blackberry Desktop.

Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to iPhone using the Google Sync

Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to iPhone

  1. From your Blackberry, go to the Google Sync official website and download the sync app from there.
  2. Launch the downloaded app (with the Google Sync icon) and enter your Gmail username and password, if you don’t have a Gmail account you will have to create one, Google Apps account can also be used. Remember, doing this will merge your contacts and calendars and if you don’t want it, you will have to create a new Gmail account.
  3. Now hit the Sync Button and all your contact and calendar entries will be uploaded to Google.
  4. Now go to your computer or laptop and navigate to this link:, see whether your Blackberry contacts are there or not.
  5. At this instance, you shall take out your iPhone and go to Settings and navigate to Mail, Contacts, and Calendars. Tap the Add Account option and choose Microsoft Exchange.
  6. Now fill the credentials with your Email, username and password and hit the Next.
  7. Enter “” in the field for Server and leave the Domain field empty.
  8. Set your Contacts and Calendars to be synced along with the Gmail.

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You are done now, and let’s go through the alternative method. This too works fine and will require a computer or laptop for sure to transfer contacts from Blackberry to iPhone. Here are the steps to do it.

Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to iPhone using Blackberry Desktop

Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to iPhone

  1. Download the app Blackberry Desktop from here, it is available for both PC and Mac.
  2. Sync your Blackberry phone to your computer using the USB cable and open the Blackberry Desktop program.
  3. Now the device will be detected and will show a list of things that can be synced, such as the Contacts, calendars, notes, tasks, and music’s.
  4. This will sync all our contacts to the Address book of the Mac and to the iCal, the notes will be synced to the Default Apple Mail App.
  5. Connect your iPhone to your Computer. iTunes will be launched; wherein you can see some tabs, just before the main playback information. From their select “Info” and make sure that the boxes saying “Sync Contacts” and “Sync Calendar” are checked and hit apply.

Now you are well aware about two easy and fully working methods to transfer contacts from Blackberry to iPhone. Keep in my mind, you can still use the methods like the SIM transfer to get your contacts on iPhone from Blackberry but the hitch is, those old methods are limited and so outdated. You aren’t right?

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  1. Rohan says

    Amar, thanks for the great post. I really needed to copy over contacts (and other data) from my blackberry device over to my new iPhone. The only issue I had was that I wanted to have my text messages and other stuff as well. I had used Blackberry Extractor for extracting text messages, tasks and memos after your tutorial helped me get contacts transferred.


  2. says

    The prescribed way to transfer contacts from BlackBerry handsets is to use the BlackBerry Desktop software app. For that connect your BlackBerry phone PC and run the BlackBerry Desktop software. Then Go to Device, Backup, and back up your phone – making sure that the Contacts are being backed up. Now Contacts move on your PC, simply connect iPhone and launch iTunes. Just below the main playback information window. Select ‘Info’, and then tick the box next to ‘Sync Contacts’. The next time you sync your iPhone on that PC your contacts will sync with your iPhone.

  3. says

    Hey, that’s a great guide for transferring contacts. However if you run into errors with the Desktop Manager or lose your BB device there might be trouble. You can also extract the contacts from the BlackBerry backup file with BlackBerry Backup Extractor and then import the data to Outlook or Gmail. It’s a life saver.

  4. says

    Awesome post and timesave for Geeks who r moving to iphones from Blackberry.

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