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Best WordPress site to optimize your site. This Plugin helps to increase SEO score and to increase organic traffic. In short you can do on page optimization for your articles using this SEOpresser

SEOpressor is one of the leading SEO plugin for WordPress. When Compared to WordPress SEO by Yoast and All in SEO, SEOpressor is best best among them. There is huge competition between these three plugins. Each and every blogger is bit confused in using one of these plugins. I too confused while starting my first blog and i finally used Yoast plugin on my site. Later i have stared many other sites and i tried both All in one SEO and SEOpressor.

Many of my readers asked me which among them is best one. I personally recommend SEOpressor for newbies since it helps for on Page SEO easily. It says in simple manner about our SEO score for a particular post. Even i has capacity to show our SEO mistakes in the article.


As i have used all those three plugins, i found SEOpressor is best way to optimize our site. Here is honest review on SEOpressor and how it helps me

What is SEOpressor ?

SEOpressor is a WordPress plugin created by Daniel Tan. This plugins helps to rank top on search engines and as a result we can get tons of organic traffic. More traffic leads to More earnings. Simple right ?

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Is SEOpressor worth every penny ?

Trust me, SEOpressor would surely satisfy you. Each and every penny you spent on SEOpressor is reasonable. It works almost similar to Yoast SEO. But SEOpressor is easy to use and understand. In Yoast SEO, it shows our SEO work with colors but in SEOpressor it can show our work in Digits. It points particularly about SEO errors we have made and force us to correct them. This helps us to Increase SEO score and keyword density.

What Can SEOpressor Do ?

High Lightning the keywords 

After installing SEOpressor you can see a separate option while writing article. It ask you to enter your main keyword in the tab. So, when that keyword is repeated in the article, SEOpressor change them automatically to blod, italic, and underlining. SEOpressor do this change only on certain locations of article. This is a major factor to rank top on search engines.

Alt Tag for Images 

It automatically add “Alt” tag to images in your article. This helps to rank better in Image search too. Everyone forgot to add Alt tags. If you are using it you can blindly leave this Tag since SEOpressor add them automatically

Heading Tags

SEOpressor analyze whether your keyword is present Heading Tags like H1, H2 and H3. If keyword is not present is those tags, It force us to add them in heading Tags. So that you can increase SEO score

Keyword Density

It calculate keyword density in the article and display it on top of SEOpressor. It calculates keyword density accurately. SEOpressor is coded in such a way that, it gives main priority to keyword density. It is major factor for ranking awesome on search engines

What is SEO score in SEOpressor

SEO score is nothing but your on page SEO value of your article. SEOpressor calculates this after checking All above mentioned options. I recommended to score more than 93%. Keyword density plays major role in SEO score.

SEOpressor score


SEOpressor Pros

  • Easy to install and use
  • Life time access to updates and Multi Site license is is available
  • Cheaper in price
  • Saves lot of time or work
  • Easy way to rank top on search engines and drive tons of organic traffic
  • More than 15 millions users are using this plugin. A good sign to trust SEOpressor

SEOpressor Cons

As other plugins, this plugin helps to optimize our article with a keyword selected by us. It can’t find some high ranking keyword for our article. We have to select a keyword manually.

How much it costs ?

As i said earlier, it was a premium plugin and we have to pay some $ for them. To our goodness it costs not more than S47

  • If you are going to use SEOpresser only on single site, you can buy SEOpressor Single Site License  Here
  • If you want to use it on unlimited sites and domains, you can buy SEOpresser UNLIMITED Here

My Final Words about SEOpressor

No doubt to used this premium SEOpressor plugin. i have personally used this plugin and experienced great results on my sites in little time

Consider Sharing your views and commenting about your experience on SEOpressor 

Know more about SEOpressor and Download it now

Best WordPress site to optimize your site. This Plugin helps to increase SEO score and to increase organic traffic. In short you can do on page optimization for your articles using this SEOpresser
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  1. Raja says:

    I read about SEOpressor but it is you making us sure to use. Let me try and tell you my experience!

  2. An amazing review of SEOpressor!! I just enjoyed this informative review :). I’m being using this plugin last 30 days and already finding positive results in ranking score. This is truly good for SEO workers and I recommend others to utilize it for better SEO working experience. Thanks.

  3. PrIyAnGsHu says:

    SEOPressor is also one of my favorite SEO plugins. I have been using it for a while now, and have so far been pretty satisfied with it. This plugin has certainly helped my posts to get ranked higher on the search engines for certain keywords. Thanks for this detailed review buddy!

  4. Prtibha says:

    Great Review Amar. I’m using SEOpressor from few months Now. this is great plugin I will also recommend so as Amar.

  5. Thank you for sharing this post. I think it is extremely important to increase your ranking on search engines so that you can get more traffic and people commenting on your blog, this way you will be very successful in your business. I think SEO is great, I start using it recently and think it is worth every penny.

  6. I have been using seopressor plugin for few months. I found it very helpful for SEO.

  7. Sai Kumar says:

    Hi Amar Ilindra, Great Review about SEOPressor. I have won this plugin in TechMaish. This is really an Wonderful plugin which helps a lot in SEO and also increases the blog’s traffic. Thanks for Sharing a great review bro :)

    • Welcome Sai Kumar,
      Congratulation on winning this great plugin for free. This plugin really worth.
      All d best for coming days

  8. WordPress is a Content Management System that has evolved straight out of the box and has all affix to embrace the search engines (especially Google). It supports the search engine (SE) crawl all your sites easily with its features and functionalities through posts, pages and categories.

  9. I used seopressor alternatives in the past and found seopressor to be the best plugin in its market. I hire lots of content writers. Especially, international content writers like this plugin thanks to its easy-to-use interface.

  10. WordPress SEO is a bit better for me since it is free and I get all of the advantages of having my articles linkdexed and scored prior to publishing.

    • You may be right man, but not 100%. Earlier i though same thing and i continued with WordPress SEO. Later i tried SEOpressor and i updated all articles using it and i observed my traffic is increased by 70%. Spending some $’s on these kinda plugins is mandatory. I think you have to try this plugin once

  11. Kundan Bhardwaj says:

    I have read about SEOpressor and the reviews are good but the only problem is that it is paid. So ideally its not for beginners like me.

    • You are completely wrong Bhardwaj, We are paying for Hosting, Domain etc and this one too comes under that category. While starting a blog we will invest some money on hosting, themes and many more and you should spend some money on this plugin too. SEOpressor is awesome to rank your articles on Google and other search engines, so you will get tons of traffic and that traffic turns in to money.

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