How to Run All Android Apps on the Surface Pro

If you purchased a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet, keeping applications in mind; then you might get disappointed. As it works on Windows operating system, applications are not available in huge numbers when compared to Android. Only few applications are possible to install on Windows Tablets. You’re Lucky somehow as Surface Pro is Windows 8 tablet, more applications can be installed when compared to Windows 7. After seeing Android tablets and apps on it, you might think you made a wrong purchase. Badly Android and Windows are completely different operating systems and it is impossible to install android apps in windows mobiles/tablets. However you can run all Android apps on the surface pro using third party application Bluestacks

Bluestacks for  Surface pro

Actually Bluestacks let you play android applications from your mobile on windows and MAC in full screen. It is a windows 7 application but today that company developed an app separately for Windows 8 10.6 inch surface pro tablet. Badly Bluestacks may won’t work on RT devices like Surface RT. Without Applications, it is impossible to imagine a Tablet. Am I right? Make use of this Bluestacks and run almost all Android apps on your surface pro, which is running on Windows 8 operating system.

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Earlier Bluestacks is optimized for only Windows and MAC OS but today, it is specially optimized for Windows 8 Surface pro. You can download it from the official Bluestacks website.

To run all Android apps on the surface pro, First, Download the Bluestacks app win8 optimized for Surface Pro using this link  and install it on your tablet. Once installed, open the application and browse for your favorite application within the installed bluestack and enjoy running Android applications on Windows tablet.

run all android apps on Surface pro

I hope, your surface pro gets a value now. Always remember, This app is still in beta and the android applications which are not perfectly optimized to work on larger screens looks dull in your tablet. In brief, you may not take full advantage of the application.

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  1. anwar hussain says

    I think bluestack in not going free in future date… But the application is good enough for the Windows lover who actually love android apps…

    • says

      Are you sure, Bluestock will go premium? Any source for this news ?

      • anwar hussain says

        I am not exactly sure but i have read couple of articles from trusted source suggesting that don’t be so happy because the software will not going freeware….

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