How To Root Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S6310

Do you wanna root Samsung Galaxy Young? It is a very popular Android Smartphone.What made Samsung Galaxy Young the most preferred Android Smartphone when it was released, was that it offered very good hardware, software and user experience for the price it was selling for.  Well, its not the most powerful or the most lag-free Android Smartphone out there, but being a budget-oriented Android Smartphone, we can’t complain too much.

root samsung galaxy young

But, you’ll be able to speed up the performance and responsiveness of the Samsung Galaxy Young, once you root this device, and install a custom built ROM.

If you’re looking out for a well-detailed and simple tutorial to root your Samsung Galaxy Young, then you’re at the right spot. As today, we will guide you through a tutorial on how to root Samsung Galaxy Young.


Well, rooting has its own disadvantages. And it’s our responsibility to make you aware of some warning information. Like:

  • Rooting your Android Smartphone is a un-authorized process. Hence, you’ll lose the warranty of your Android Smartphone after rooting it. Hence, you’ll enjoy no warranty benefits over your Samsung Galaxy Young, after rooting it.
  • While rooting your Android Smartphone using our guide, make sure that you only use tools, that we mention here.
  • We are not responsible, if you brick or damage your Samsung Galaxy Young while rooting. So proceed at your own risk.
  • This rooting tutorial is solely meant for Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S6310, and should not be performed on any other devices.


Below are some prerequisite procedures to follow, before rooting your Samsung Galaxy Young Android Smartphone:

  • Make sure that your Samsung Galaxy Young has at least 80% of battery backup.
  • Make sure that your computer has USB Drivers for Samsung Galaxy Young installed. If not, then download it.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your Samsung Galaxy Young. Go through Settings>Developers> and enable USB Debugging.
  • Now, go to Google Play Store>Settings> and enable install apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Download the Root Kit for your Samsung Galaxy Young from here.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S6310

Make sure that you have read and followed the warnings and prerequisites sections, written above. If yes, then below is the simple tutorial to root Samsung Galaxy Young:

  1. First of all, make sure that you have downloaded the root kit, and that you have installed the USB Drivers of your Samsung Galaxy Young on your computer.
  2. Now, connect your Samsung Galaxy Young to your computer.
  3. Copy/Paste the root kit you downloaded earlier to your SD card.
  4. Now navigate to the file manager, and run the .apk Root Kit that you copy/pasted to the SD card of your Samsung Galaxy Young.
  5. The .apk file will only run if you enabled “Install Apps From Unknown Sources” from Google Play Store as written in the prerequisites section.
  6. Once you click the .apk Root Kit, follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. After finishing the on-screen instructions, click on the “Root” button.
  8. Now the rooting process will begin.
  9. Wait patiently for the rooting process to finish. Do not interrupt the process, or disconnect your Smartphone in-between the process.
  10. After the rooting process has finished, reboot your Samsung Galaxy Young.

And now, you have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy Young. Now you can install custom ROM’s or install CWM recovery !

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  1. smoortema says

    thanks for this post. I tried to follow your instructions, but I got stuck. I cannot root my phone. Framaroot app just says “failed”, or it just quits when I want to start the root process. Is there any solution?

    • says

      Go to Google Play Store>Settings> and enable “Install apps from Unknown Sources” and try again

      • smoortema says

        I did that, and I managed to install the app. The problem appears when i want to start the rooting process: the app closes unexpectedly, and nothing else happens.

  2. Mike says

    The root kit wont install on my device. it keeps saying im Out of Space and yet i have freed over 600MB on my internal memory and over 1GB on my SD Card. How much space do i need to install it

  3. Arjay says

    Hey dude im curious… can I just download the root kit on phone or really need to have a pc to attempt this process?

  4. karl says

    is there available custom rom for GT-S6310??????

  5. Alex says

    Hi. I followed everything on this list and it still fails to root. Any sugestions? I Do not have an external sd card. Is that the problem you thing?

    • says

      Can’t get you exactly. Is external sd card placed in your mobile?

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