Win 32 GB Memory Card and Ear Phones

Welcome to Geek Dashboard Giveaway 9; Till now we arranged many giveaways and many of our readers won premium tools and gadgets for complete free of cost.

Geek Dashboard Giveaway

We’re back with one more Giveaway and this time we decided to giveaway one 32 GB Memory Card and one awesome ear phone set to winners.

How to participate and Win

Well! Let me give you clear details about this giveaway

In this Giveaway we’re giving 32 GB Micro SD card to this first winner and Ear Phones set to second winner. Your product will get shipped directly to your address.

Win 32 GB Memory Card for free

win free

You can enter into the giveaway either with your Email or with your Facebook Account. In case if you’re participating via Email; make sure you’re active on that email; we’ll contact you via email for address and other details (If you won)

Your main aim is to earn more points from below points earning machine. You just need to like our Page, follow us on Twitter and should tweet about the giveaway to earn more points. At the end of this giveaway we’ll announce two winners with highest points.

Points Earning Machine

Make use of below widget to earn points daily

Tips to win this content

Bookmark this Page and visit daily

Share and tweet about this giveaway on your social media profiles with your unique referring URL (You’ll get this URL for above points machine)

Tweet this page daily without fail

If you have a blog; write about this giveaway and send us your article link (125 bonus points)


This Giveaway is sponsored by; one the best online shopping site to get all kind of stuff.

Gifts:1st Winner: 32 GB Memory card + Adapter2nd Winner: Earphones (White)


We’ll ship these stuff directly to your home address and we’re not responsible for any physical damage during shipping.

Winners Announced

1. Ishan- 32 GB Memory Card + Adapter Winner
2. Aashank – EarPhones Winner

Winners Announced

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  1. Ishan Patel says

    Thank your for 1st prize. I am very much happy to be reader of Geek Dashboard. Also thanks to TMart!

  2. Ishan Patel says

    This page is showing – Days Left =1 from past 30 hours…! Why extending giveaway?

  3. Pankaj Jangir says

    I bought samsung core this month and it support 32gb card and i can’t buy it now just becuase i bought the new phone. Hope to win this giveaway.

    Thanks for this :)

  4. Rakesh says

    I play with my computer all the time. I install several applications and test them frequently which include some dangerous stuff that even damage my hard work around here including some important files. Thanks to cloud drives that make my work stay safer. But accessing that is only possible in areas where internet is available. In case of winning the card, I will use the card for my files and other important data which will help me in order to tweak many things and learn them at the same time. I am really excited about this idea which I can not afford. In either case, I am a music addict and I use Nokia ear phones to listen songs from my computer. Getting the ear phones might make things in a much soothing fashion.
    Thanks for this. At least for bringing in some hope.

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