40 Ways to Increase Website Traffic

Creating a blog is one phase and driving traffic to that well established site is another important phase. Newbie Blogger, General Blogger and even a pro blogger dream to increase website traffic. They enjoys a lot when there is an increase in website traffic. Traffic plays a key role while blogging. Getting more traffic indirectly says that you are going in rite track. Traffic can do miracles on your website. More traffic is equal to better ranking for your blog. Better ranking helps you to earn money in all possible ways via blogging

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There are many ways to drive traffic to your blog or website. Google is not only source for traffic. There are thousands of ways to increase website traffic. You can even increase website traffic with the help of your routine life. In this article traffic is divided into online traffic and offline traffic. Those two ways helps you to increase website traffic

Increase website traffic

Proven Online ways to Increase Website Traffic

1. Write Quality Articles

Quality articles increases your blog ranking in search engines. As a result quality articles helps a lot to increase website traffic. While writing articles you must follow 10 things for better quality. Quality is king 

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2. Guest Posting

Never think guest posting won’t helps to increase website traffic. In some cases guest posting is better than writing on your own blogs. Guest posting helps to increase backlinks to your site. Choose only well developed sites for guest posting. Posting on every small blog won’t work for you. You must be clever enough while making guest post. Blindly guest posting on each and every site is waste of time

3. Blog Commenting

Commenting on other sites is one of the best way to increase website traffic. I suggest you to comment with some useful information instead of Thanks and all. Comment with at least 2-3 lines. Only add your photo with clear face for gravatar. If there is a photo with your own face beside your comment, it looks professional

4. Forum Posting

Help your co-bloggers in forms. I mean to say, add your links at bottom of that thread ;) You are helping him and in return you will get some traffic + backlinks too. This is called helping chain :P

5. YouTube

You can get traffic from YouTube as well. Upload your own video related to your published article and add a link to that article in video description

6. Facebook

Yeah! Never forget this Facebook. Make as many blogger friends you can on Facebook. Help them if they are in need of help. Message them about your new post or else tag them. Create a Facebook Fan Page and help your friends to like your page. Facebook ads too helps to increase website traffic. Attract Facebook friends using funny and professional Timeline Covers

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7. Twitter

Twitter is next to Facebook. Make some good followers who are active on twitter. Tweet your newly published posts with some description about it

8. Google+

Same thing happens with Google+ Create your profile and mention your complete details in your info. Create a circle with name Blogger friends and add all bloggers to that circle. Post your articles mainly to that circle

9. Pinterest

Pinterest helps to increase website traffic mainly form US and UK. Traffic from US and UK helps to increase Adsense income

10. Emailing

Place a subscription box in your blog and ask your readers to subscribe to your mailing list. This helps them to know about your blog updates directly from their inbox

11. Yahoo Answers

Select one of your published article and search questions related to that article in Yahoo Answers. Answer them as a friend and at last drop your link as Source. 

12. Redirecting

This one may not work for all bloggers. 90% of bloggers including me start their blogging life with a trail blog. Don’t let that trail blog go, redirect that blog to your newly started website. Simplest way to increase website traffic

13. Stumble upon

You many don’t know the power of Stumble upon. I know it because i personally experienced it when i was fighting with my old blog. You don’t believe it can drive 40000 views in single night. To be frank that traffic is useless. I never tried SU on this site. But still hats off to Stumble upon

14. Run a Giveaway

A single giveaway can change your blog life. You should manage it well with strict rules. As a part in giveaway ask participants to like, follow, tweet, subscribe etc because they helps to increase website traffic in future

15. Write Honest Reviews

They are many premium themes, plugins to write reviews. Write a honest review from your heart with not less than 1000 words. Honest reviews have more chances to rank on Google’s first page. If that review is ranking awesome on search engines, add your affiliate links ;)

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16. Recheck your Published articles once a month

Updating your articles with some keywords helps you to increase website traffic. You may find some grammar and spelling mistakes on old articles. Edit them for better quality

17. Alt Tag

Never think about Images on your site ?? They can also increase website traffic. Use “alt tag” (your keyword in the article). This alt tag helps to drive traffic to your blog via image search

18. Create a Site Map

Help your visitors with sitemap. With this sitemap you can show clear route of your blog. Visitors can see all published articles at one place. They may feel comfort to pickup the article they need

19. Concentrate on Loading Speed

Page Loading speed is very important. If your site is loading slowly, visitor may feel irritated and leave your blog. Thus, you lost a valuable visit.

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20. Linking previous Articles

Linking previous articles on your site helps to increase page views per visit. These extra page views reduce the bounce rate. The less bounce rate your site have, the more income flows to your pocket

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21. Choose a best Platform

They are many platforms to start a new blog. Each blogging platform has special feature. You Must be quite enough to select a perfect a right platform. For example if you are concentrating on SEO, go with WordPress

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22. Try hard For Google Authorship

Google Authorship shows your picture beside search results. I have read somewhere that it can increase SERP results too. Still don’t know how to get ??

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23. Choose Best Commenting System

Discuss Commenting system using blogs would have less spam comments. People prefer to comment on comment luv enabled blogs. So what’s in your mind ? Choose a best commenting system

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24. Use SEO Services

Hire some SEO experts to SEO your blog. Better SEO blogs are more capable for getting more traffic

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25. Mobile9.com

If your site contains any mobile related stuff you can get huge traffic from mobile9. Login to your account, select a mobile (Not an Android mobile), Then go to applications and comment with your links on all applications. Do this for first 5 pages. Have a nice sleep and check the boom in your traffic stats on morning

26. GSM and Phone Arena

We have already mentioned to write reviews to increase website traffic. Write reviews on popular mobile phones and search that phone on GSM and Phone Arena. Now comment with your links on those pages

Proven Offline ways to Increase Website Traffic

Till now we mentioned how to increase website traffic using online methods. As we promised, here are offline ways to increase website traffic

27. Advertising –  Advertise small ads on daily newspaper

28. Public Toilets – Write your home page link with a black charcoal on white walls

29. Trains – Paste some colorful templates on railway wagons

30. College Benches – I know you are a good carpenter. You can sketch your site name on wooden benches

31. Dusty Car Windows – Go to some parking area and write on those dusty car glasses

32.  Sea Shores – You can show your designing skills on sea sand. Build some castles and place a beautiful flag with your site name on it

33. Currency Notes – Currency notes travels all over country. Write your blog link on currency notes and see the magic. Your site link is now ready to travel all over your country

34. Internet Cafes – Best way to increase website traffic is internet cafes. Change the default homepage to your blog link ;) If possible make your logo as wallpaper and screen saver

35. Mobile Bluetooth – Change your mobile phone Bluetooth name to Site name. Whenever you are in public places turn your Bluetooth on. But be careful about your battery life while Bluetooth is switched on

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36. T-Shirts – There are some online sites, where you can design your own T-shirt. Design your T-shirt with your logo and Site name and donate them to your friends ;)

increase website traffic

37. Cricket Matches – Make a Funny board while going to a International Cricket match and add a QR code in it. Also add a small tagline like “Scan this code to know the mater behind this” Just imagine if this was caught on any camera, what happen to your traffic. This is cool enough to increase website traffic

38. Business Cards – Design a Good looking business card and pass it in all possible ways.

You can Hire Me for Business Card Designing. Contact me from Facebook

39. Exam Centers – After completion of board exams, Every college would distribute their catalogs for students. Advertise on those catalogs

40. Use Your Vehicles – Attach some shining stickers and number boards with your logo and site links

My Final Words

Still there are many ways to promote and increase website traffic. Let us know if you have made any other attempts to increase website traffic.Please fell free to comment below and subscribe to our updates

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