How To Unbrick/Flash Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

The worst situation is when you bricked your Samsung mobile and got struck-ed at Welcome logo. You may start blaming yourself for your mistake and for that foolish thing. Although you know Flashing, Rooting, Installing custom ROM etc void warranty and they’re risky tasks. Once you flashed with wrong ROM on your mobile, you’re out! The only use of your mobile is to use it as a Paper weight. Sorry, it seems i scared you, No worry’s from now, you can make use of Odin to get back old official Gingerbread on your Samsung Galaxy y S5360.

Unbrick your mobile

If your mobile stopped working and got badly struck at Welcome Samsung logo screen, then follow this tutorial carefully and at you might end with a perfectly working mobile.

Inspirational words: No need to worry at all, you can use your mobile again without spending a single penny. I’m sure and i won’t make you to rush in to a nearest mobile service center.

Unbrick/Flash Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Before entering in to the tutorial, let me clear you some fundamental things and required stuff to unbrick your Samsung Galaxy Y.

Required Stuff to unbrick the mobile:

  • Of-course Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.
  • USB connectivity cable.
  • Desktop/Laptop with Internet connection.
  • 1% Luck
  • Some patience and common sense.

Required Tools:

  • Odin Multi Downloader v4.42 –> Download
  • Cooper V1 –> Download (Link Updated)
  • –> Download (Official Android Gingerbread)

Awesome, now you have downloaded all required stuff. Save them on your Desktop and leave them for a while. We’ll make all arrangements required for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 from now.

  • Charge the battery completely or at-least up to 75% to be on safe side.
  • Remove both SIM card and Micro SD card from the mobile.

Let’s enter in-to Tutorial

Before starting this tutorial, i wanna say you something, Neither Admin nor Geek Dashboard is responsible in case of any damage to your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

1. Open the downloaded .zip file and extract S5830DDKQ8_S5830ODDKQ7_S5830DDKQ8_HOME.tar.md5 file on to your desktop.

2. Double click and RUN Odin Multi Downloader (Run as Administrator, if you’re via Windows vists/7/8)

3.  Double check whether you have checked One Package, Auto Reboot and Protect OPS boxes, if not check them immediately

4. Single Click on OPS and load the Coopver V1.ops file downloaded earlier.

5.  Click on One Package and load S5830DDKQ8_S5830ODDKQ7_S5830DDKQ8_HOME.tar.md5 file extracted from

Unbrick your mobile using Odin One Package

6. Leave all remaining columns as default. (Never change other options even for fun)

7. Separate your mobile from charger (If attached to charger) and switch it off (Ensure, Memory card and SIM card is removed) and switch to Download mode. In order to switch to download mode press and hold Volume down button, Home button and Power Button.

8. Immediately after shifting to Download mode, Connect the mobile to computer using USB cable.

9. If Odin displays CONNECTED message, you can get your mobile back for sure (I mean 99%)

If Odin failed to connect your mobile, it mean; Odin version is not contactable to your mobile. Try downloading other versions of Odin (Here we have provided v1.7)

10. Once Odin displayed connected, Click Start and wait for 5-10 minutes until you see a message PASS.

Odin Pass message

11. You’re almost done except clearing cache. You should enter to Recover mode now (Press and hold Home and Power buttons simultaneously)  and select Wipe data/factory data and then select Wipe cache partition using volume keys.

12. Just reboot your mobile now. If everything goes well and good; according to my sense your mobile should work properly from next boot

Congratulations! for getting back your mobile to perfect condition. Just in case of any difficulties or for any query’s; feel free to comment below


  1. Tirtha Raj Poudel says

    I tried to update my Samsung galaxy y and I downloaded all required files then I entered into the steps but after I installed the recovery file my mobile showed that I don’t have root. What to do?

  2. Jay says

    On my galaxy y the boot menu opens for 2 sec and the phone starts automatically ! Due to this i am not able to flash the phone. Please help me

  3. sanjay says

    i have followed the above all steps correctly but unfortunately while flashing USB cable is disconnetcted form my pc, and then my mobile is blinking with white screen , when try it again bring it to download mode it is not responding and even it is not detected by odin , it is blinking with white screen only, I have tried it on all versions of odin also what to do know plz help me

  4. manmohan says

    My phone Samsung galaxy y stucks on welcome logo then goes back off.
    I even tried Odin but it didn’t get completed becoz phone gets off after 4-5 sec
    I also contacted Samsung customer care they were saying that the motherboard needs to be changed .

  5. Anne G. says

    hi, Why is it not working? I’ve downloaded Odin Multi Downloader. I did Double click and RUN Odin Multi Downloader. but aftr that, Utorrent always poped up. and it says Download and install.what should i do? having a hard time here. thanks

  6. Pratamesh says

    my device in not getting connected…
    i am using windows xp sp3.
    my pc is 7 years old n not has be upgraded since…

    (my samsung galaxy y and samsung s 4 both r not getting connected in download mode)

    help !

  7. srikanth says

    it not work in my mobile sir

  8. somesh says

    if i press volume+home+power key it get me to cwm based recovery. I can’t go back. plz help me.

  9. asad says

    Our phone is not connected to pc
    P/z help

  10. Jennifer says

    hi i cant download Odin Multi Downloader v4.42.. the link directs me to donload utorrent..
    plz help/

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