How to Setup Google Authorship Markup Using WordPress Plugin

Every Blogger including a Pro Blogger tried several methods for Google Authorship. There are two methods for getting Google Authorship for your site or account. But many bloggers are still fighting to acheive it. Recently we tried to get this Google authorship in another way. we used a plugin which adds rel=”author” tag in all posts automatically. This method works for us and we have seen the result in just hours. So, idecided to share my experience to all my fellow bloggers.

google authorship

What is Google Authorship ?

Google Authorship is an identity from google. It display’s your photo on left side of the search result that belongs to your site. Google crals your photo from your Google+ Profile. So, there is an urgent need to create a Google+ account

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Use of Google Authorship Markup

Google authorship helps to increase search engine traffic. Recently a survey proved that 60% of people are interested to click the search result with an image on its side. So, Google Authorship helps us to show our Google+ profile photo in search results. Recommanded to use a photo with clear face and light background google authorship

Step by Step Tutorial to get Google Authorship Markup

It seems you are ready to show your photo in search results. So, let’s go to the main topic

1.Create a Google plus account with the email ID you used for your blog or website 2.Now, let me explain how to edit your user profile in WordPress blog 

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  • Add your Google+ profile link in Google Profile URL  (optional)
  • Add Google+ profile link in your author bio with anchor text My Google Profile+ and also in About US page. In About Us page add rel’”author” tag

Note: You can know your Google+ Profile link by checking this image.

google authorship 3. Generate a Google+ button here and add it in your footer as we done on our site

Link: Create a Google+ Button

4. Now move to Google+ account and click edit Profile in profile page. Go to contributer to section and add your home page URL as shown here (Important)

google authorship

5. It’s almost over. Now Download and Activate this Plugin. This plugin will do the remaining job. It will add rel=”author” tag in all your published articles

LinkGoogle Authorship WordPress Plugin 

How to check whether you have done everything Perfect

Go to Rich Snippest tool and check your Google authorship by entering some of your published article URL’s. If you see your photo in Rich Snippets Tool. You are awesome, and only one step remaining for you

Google Authorship

Inform Google about your Authorship

If you feel everything is perfect with you it’s time to inform Google about your authorship request from HERE. Enter your email address you used for Google+ account and for your WordPress blog and click Signup for Authorship. You will get a  conformation link to your mail to conform your request. Once Google verified your request and approved you are done. I got approved within 2 hours while using these steps.

Hope you too get benifited from this. Leave us a comment if you have any quires and we are always avaliable to help you

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  1. Sohan says:

    This is the good way to find the owners of the blog.Actually great sharing. keep it up.

  2. Really Great Post Amar. This is the reason why I love your blog than mine. Really informative and Useful

    Started Follwing steps

  3. Kuldeep says:

    A really useful guide for all the bloggers that will help them to get more traffic from Google. And also, I didn’t know that we can use Rich Snippets tool to check whether it works fine. :-)

  4. Umer Rock says:

    very nice article about google authorship.. i like it

  5. Nick Ortiz says:

    Thanks for the instructions on this. One thing is that it was not easy to figure out how to customize the Gunner Technology plugin. Otherwise, good outline on how to start Google authorship.

    • If you’re using Yoast SEO plugin, then there is no need to use Gunner Technology plugin

  6. Prasanna says:

    thanks a lot for this method. love this. i got authorship in just two days :) thanks again

    • Congrats Prasanna, I’m happy now to see success smile on one of my reader

  7. hassan says:

    thats gr8 buddy all works fine :)

  8. This is a really helpful post for bloggers. I strongly believe that Google authorship has some importance in rankings as well. This is because when you claim your website through this option, it gives an indication that the website belongs to a real person and not spammer.

  9. blogeins says:

    keep up the good work I found your blog interesting & informative

  10. saad naeem says:

    there’s a plugin also to do this , you should mention that as some people are scared toch there php files.

    • Amar says:

      i think you didn’t get the point. this article clearly mentioned the use of plugin with download link. we are playing with html but not with php

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