How to Send and Receive WhatsApp messages from Computer

WhatsApp is latest Smartphone messenger available for Android, Nokia, iOS and Blackberry mobile platforms. It is just as a mailbox where there is no cost for messages and the same comes with Whatsapp. One can send unlimited messages, Images, Videos and many more using a WhatsApp. We know, that you might have dreamed of using WhatsApp on computer as we does the same and found a way to send and receive WhatsApp messages from computer.

It’d be more easier to send and receive messages on computer rather than a mobile.  So, We are sharing the way to send and receive WhatsApp messages from computer.

Steps to send and receive WhatsApp messages from computer:

Installation of Bluestacks App player:

send and receive whatsapp messages from computer

Bluestacks App player is an awesome Android emulator which lets you use all Android apps on PC. We can use Android operating system on Windows using Bluestacks Emulator. But, one cannot feel the experience of Android phone, touching the screen and swiping the screen using games and applications.

Steps to install Whatsapp on Bluestacks App player

1.Download Bluestacks app player Here>> And install it following the manual installation process.

2. After the installation process starts, the app fetches all the required files from the web and it takes some time to install all the files. Maintain patience until the download completes.

3. The Bluestacks app opens automatically and now the emulator is ready to install Whatsapp in it. You have to sign up for an Android play account or you can login with own account, if you have any.

4. Now search for the Whatsapp in the store. You can find different providers of the Whatsapp. Just select the Android market and you can continue with the app installation.

send and receive whatsapp messages from computer

5. After the completion of the installation click on the Whatsapp and accept terms and conditions to access the features of the App.

6. Now You have to add your mobile number and get verified by the Whatsapp. Just after accepting the terms and conditions, a page opens which looks some thing like below image. Choose your country and enter your mobile number which is active.

send and receive whatsapp messages from computer

7. The Whatsapp verifies the phone number entered for a while and its sends a verification message with secret PIN in it. Or else we can choose an option to make a call. Listen to the PIN and enter in the app to get verified.
Finally, you are done. You’ve installed Bluestacks to send and receive Whatsapp messages from computer.

What’s new on WhatsApp?

I think, you are ready to send and receive WhatsApp messages from computer. If you have already used WhatsApp on your Android mobile, you can access all your groups and create new groups.

We know, the cost per SMS is increasing day by day and the only solution is using the Whatsapp with which you can millions of messages per day. There is no limit for messages sent through WhatsApp.

The app stores the messages sent to you when the phone is switched off or when you are offline. The app doesn’t lets you miss even a single notification from your buddies.

Cost of the App:

There are no hidden costs for using WhatsApp. We just require internet connection to access the app via mobile or computer. The app is provided for free only for first year of usage and later it just costs $0.99/year. The cost doesn’t even matters when compared with the standard SMS costs in these days.

Final words:

We hope, You’ve enjoyed the tutorial to send and receive Whats app messages from computer. And we are sure that the tutorial helps you a lot. We would like you to suggest you to make use of Bluestacks app player to install and use your desired Android apps in it.

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  1. Sameer says:

    Hi; I have installed whatsapp on my laptop using bluestack. Do I have to verify my mobile number everytime i log into it? Is there no one time verification? Pl. reply.

  2. Mohammadsaleem Dar says:

    i had installed Blue stacks on my laptop but it is showing an error stating: blue stacks not loading channels and some internet connection problem. Please help if anybody knows the answer.

  3. naveen parvani says:

    i am using whatsapp by laptop but i do not see video in my laptop

  4. Pritam Das says:

    how to get the pics and music I hv downloaded 4m whatsapp..? I’m using whatsapp in lappy.. I m not able to find those files in my computer.. plzzzz help me

    • Downlad and istall QUICKPIC app from bluestacks and go to C:\Users\Public\Pictures\Sample Pictures
      You can find entire whatsapp media

  5. Malama says:

    Is it possible for me to forward messages I receive on whatsApp install on my pc? If yes how do I do it?

    • Nishant says:

      1. Select Message which you want to forward,
      2. long press left click or double click on message then you will see on top 1 selected,
      3 Go to right top corner, there will be right arrow and press it,
      4 it will show contract list, select the contract and the message will forward to selected contract

  6. shilpa says:

    I am using whatsapp through laptop. but unable to forward the message recd on whatsapp. please guide me how to forward the messages, which key is to be used? and how to upload profile pic from laptop. please help me

  7. Paramjit says:

    Nice advise but I want to know whether I can see same msg both on my mobile as well pc. I mean to say if I receive a message I got on my mobile and on pc too and in case my pc is off on my mobile and when i open my pc i got all the msgs I got on my mobile.

    Can I also see and store past chat history which I have deleted from my mobile due to space constrain.

    Looking forward for your advise.

    With warm regards

    • Yeah! You’ll get messages on PC and mobile at same time

      • lovemore says:

        how can i receive simultaneously because its failing to verify both devices same number. pc android emulatorb and android itself

  8. teo says:

    tried to install bluestacks on my windows pro tablet and it wont because it says that its need to update ny video driver but all drivers are update, can you help please, you can email at


  9. nikhil says:

    Hi, I am not able to install Bluestacks as it gives me an error of “It requires 2gb of Physical Space. I already ave 3 gb free on my C drive. Any Solutions?

  10. Casper says:

    I have installed whatsapp on my pc. Is it necessary that my mobile in on for me to send and receive whatsapp message on my PC? How does the whatsapp message sent to my mobile appear on my pc?

    • No need, you mobile may run out of power. You can get all those messages in your PC

  11. rajabharthy says:

    Hello ALL,

    i AM using whatsapp from ma lap..its workin fine.. but i want to get added to one existing group.. eventhough owner of that group is adding me, i am not able to receive r getting added into that group… any suggestions ?

    • Sunny says:

      Initially I had whatsapp on my phone and I was added to one group. Now I am using whatsapp on PC thru bluestacks and I don’t know how to make the group visible on PC.
      Did you figure it out ?

      • It should show by default

        All contacts working properly? Are you facing problem only with Groups ?

  12. Prashant says:

    Hi, thanks for posting this. What to do about Whatsapp error “it can only be used on one device at a time”?

  13. Dharanidhar says:

    I want to send files from it. I mean my own files at desktop,etc etc
    HOw can i do that?

    i feel like finding the default path in windows directories(of the default images folder which is shown in the whatsapp)
    but am not getting that path :(

    ANy1 has any idea regarding this??

  14. Natylei says:

    Hi, I’ve been told that its possible to use a home number for whatsapp on pc. just wondering if this is true? if it is how do you do it

  15. syed says:

    Hi..i have little differnt situtation here..i have got to send an email on whatsapp…is there any way ..i could forward emaill on whatsapp?

  16. Kevin921 says:

    I installed it all but I don’t want Bluestacks to run all the time when I’m on my pc. Do I still receive messages even when BlueStack is turned off or does it need to be on all the time?

  17. Cantona7 says:

    hello bro.. Im using 1 mobile numbers but I cannot access my Whatsapp if im on laptop.. they cannot sync on both devices is it? mobile phones and laptop? im using android Alcatel OneTouch Glory 2S..

    please help me..:)

  18. ani says:

    just a simple nokia 1600.. i am able to use facebook by dialng *325# nd able to get notifications also.. is der any same kind of feature???

  19. ani says:

    hey is der any way to get whatsapp aler tmess to my mobie wic does nt support whatsapp instead i am using in pc through blue stack????

  20. dark knight says:

    hi im receiving an error whenever i try to install bluestacks on mine pc win7 64bit its show the the software not compatible with bitdefender but i dont have any bit difdefender install on my pc.

    • Have you ever installed Bitdefender on your PC ?

      • Anand Ranka says:

        sir i have bitdefender in my pc !! m unable to open bluestacks..!! help me out !!

  21. Jerry says:

    with skype and other messengers… this tools will surely get a good fight…

  22. Niks says:

    I am unable to send any files or pics thru whatsapp bluestacks.. i tried drag and dropping.. it doesnt go.. please suggest if there any settings i should do???

  23. Esau says:

    I have downloaded bluestacks on my pc and whatsapp is working fine, i would like to ask if it is possible to use two mobile numbers on my pc using bluestacks for whatsapp or its only limited to one mobile number?

  24. Thanks for this post. I hope in a easier online app soon :(

  25. Thanks for this post. I hope in a easier online app soon :(

  26. Johnny says:

    bluestacks app does not work previously it worked but all of a sudden it went off and refused to work even after re-installing

  27. sunil says:

    yes i can paste it on word or note pad or gmail but cannot paste it on whatsapp.
    for eg: i wanted to send my friend some info from wiki, i copied the matter from wiki but cud not paste in the whatsapp window

  28. sunil says:

    yes.i can copy from other pages but cant paste the matter in whatsapp

    • so, are you able to paste the same in other applications excluding Whatsapp ?

      • sunil says:

        yes..i can paste elsewhere but cant paste on whatsapp..

        • It seems this problem is same for everyone. I tried on my PC and i failed to paste in WhatsApp. All we need to do is trying it completely. I will ping you when i got any solution.

  29. sunil says:

    hi,i have installed bluestacks and can access whatsapp however i cant copy and paste on whatsapp..pls help

  30. sunil says:

    yes,whatsapp will work on ur pc n mobile phone too

  31. aggrey says:

    i have whats app on my phone…and i just downloaded bluestacks on my pc..i want to know whether if i use the same number i’m using on my phone for the bluestacks on pc….the whats app on my phone will still work as well as that for the pc

    • yes, it will work perfect simultaneously on both devices and yeah, you have to use same number on PC as well

      • Pete says:

        Whatsapp tells me it can only be used on one device at a time, so I have to go through the verification process every time I switch from PC to phone. Is there a workaround?

  32. sunil says:

    excellent..i installed bluestacks n got the whatsapp working..m very pleased with this app..cheers to your team…god bless

  33. BINISH says:


  34. Manoj Gadamsetty says:

    Hi Ajay thanks for the grate information really this software helps me

  35. Just installed and guess what it is working for me.Thanks a lot,now my favorite app is with me on my PC.

    • after installing it .
      does it effected the your PC’s processing speed ????

  36. my friend is there ant other way to use whatsapp on pc because this blue stack application is making my pc slow

    • Ajay says:

      I will research on it and post it soon.
      #Stay Tuned

      • yes, sure waiting for your next post related to this because if it is possible then you are going save my lot of time because it wastes my lot time to message on mobile..

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