How to Send and Receive WhatsApp messages from Computer

WhatsApp is latest Smartphone messenger available for Android, Nokia, iOS and Blackberry mobile platforms. It is just as a mailbox where there is no cost for messages and the same comes with Whatsapp. One can send unlimited messages, Images, Videos and many more using a WhatsApp. We know, that you might have dreamed of using WhatsApp on computer as we does the same and found a way to send and receive WhatsApp messages from computer.

It’d be more easier to send and receive messages on computer rather than a mobile.  So, We are sharing the way to send and receive WhatsApp messages from computer.

Steps to send and receive WhatsApp messages from computer:

Installation of Bluestacks App player:

send and receive whatsapp messages from computer

Bluestacks App player is an awesome Android emulator which lets you use all Android apps on PC. We can use Android operating system on Windows using Bluestacks Emulator. But, one cannot feel the experience of Android phone, touching the screen and swiping the screen using games and applications.

Steps to install Whatsapp on Bluestacks App player

1.Download Bluestacks app player Here>> And install it following the manual installation process.

2. After the installation process starts, the app fetches all the required files from the web and it takes some time to install all the files. Maintain patience until the download completes.

3. The Bluestacks app opens automatically and now the emulator is ready to install Whatsapp in it. You have to sign up for an Android play account or you can login with own account, if you have any.

4. Now search for the Whatsapp in the store. You can find different providers of the Whatsapp. Just select the Android market and you can continue with the app installation.

send and receive whatsapp messages from computer

5. After the completion of the installation click on the Whatsapp and accept terms and conditions to access the features of the App.

6. Now You have to add your mobile number and get verified by the Whatsapp. Just after accepting the terms and conditions, a page opens which looks some thing like below image. Choose your country and enter your mobile number which is active.

send and receive whatsapp messages from computer

7. The Whatsapp verifies the phone number entered for a while and its sends a verification message with secret PIN in it. Or else we can choose an option to make a call. Listen to the PIN and enter in the app to get verified.
Finally, you are done. You’ve installed Bluestacks to send and receive Whatsapp messages from computer.

What’s new on WhatsApp?

I think, you are ready to send and receive WhatsApp messages from computer. If you have already used WhatsApp on your Android mobile, you can access all your groups and create new groups.

We know, the cost per SMS is increasing day by day and the only solution is using the Whatsapp with which you can millions of messages per day. There is no limit for messages sent through WhatsApp.

The app stores the messages sent to you when the phone is switched off or when you are offline. The app doesn’t lets you miss even a single notification from your buddies.

Cost of the App:

There are no hidden costs for using WhatsApp. We just require internet connection to access the app via mobile or computer. The app is provided for free only for first year of usage and later it just costs $0.99/year. The cost doesn’t even matters when compared with the standard SMS costs in these days.

Final words:

We hope, You’ve enjoyed the tutorial to send and receive Whats app messages from computer. And we are sure that the tutorial helps you a lot. We would like you to suggest you to make use of Bluestacks app player to install and use your desired Android apps in it.

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  1. g d murthy says

    Bluestacks does not install on my lappy. It asks for a 2GB space. It is not the hard disk space, I guess, since there is plenty of space on HDD. What then is this 2GB space demand? What should I do to achieve successful installation of Bluestacks? Would be thankful for guidance.

  2. SRAVYA says

    just i installed whats app on my lappy , but how i’ll send messages to my contacts

    • says

      Double click whatsapp icon or open bluestacks and enjoy messaging

  3. john says

    i cannot receive message that my friend send to me …but i can receive message through group chat only…why??

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