How to Root Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

This guide helps you to root Samsung Galaxy Y in few easy steps. Samsung has finally launched its low end Smartphone in order to compete with Smartphone having very low cost and supporting android operating system. This Smartphone by Samsung is named as Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.This Smartphone has 2MP camera, Android 2.3 OS, 832 MHz processor and 3.0 inch TFT capacitive touch screen.

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

However as this Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 was at low cost it has got some less features as well as low optimization on Operating System all in order to come to its low price. In order to remove the limited functionality of this device the rooting of the Smartphone is necessary. Rooting process is known to be quite risky but yes if followed properly you will be completely safe. Rooting is very compulsory step required for low end Smartphones. So let’s get started. But remember to completely charge your device as this is the starting requirement.

Safety First :

As you are going to do a risky job follow these safety measures before starting.

  • Your Smartphone should be fully charged or at least with 60% charged, in order to get ready for rootin. If you try on low battery your Device will crash and hence will get Jammed.

Also Read 10 ways to save battery life and RAM in your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

  • Backup all your Data like Images, Contacts etc before rooting because all files will get removed during rooting of the device.

Also ReadHow to backup and Restore Apps, Messages, Contacts, Call log and Bookmarks in Android devices 

  • Close all the background applications, especially antivirus and battery checkup utility.
  • If you a newbie, better Pray to god hoping everything would go fine :P
  • Before Starting, Enable USB Debugging on your mobile. This can be done as follows Settings > Applications > Development

Steps Required in Rooting your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

  1. Download the Required Root Package HERE
  2. Connect your Device Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 to the computer only via USB. (Forgot about Bluetooth)
  3. No Extraction is required. Copy the Zip file to the root of the SD card and remember not to paste in any folder as it would cause an interruption.
  4. Never Unplug your Device Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 while rooting
  5. Switch off your Smartphone to enter into recovery mode
  6. Keep pressing The Volume Up Key, Home key and Power Button  to enter the recovery mode.
  7. Now, as you are in the recovery mode only Volume up and down would work to select the file. So use those  buttons and select .
  8. The rooting will start taking place after you have selected on It would usually take about 10-15 mins
  9. After rooting the device will automatically restart and then normal booting will take place. The rooting of your Phone is now done!

Congratulations! You have successfully rooted your Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

RecommendedHow to check if phone is rooted or not

 Now you can add any applications without any limitation as well as you can even install Custom ROM or Cyanogen Mod, if you wish.

Disclaimer: Neither Admin nor Geek Dashboard is responsible in case of any damage to the mobile. So, try this at your own risk.


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  1. Era says:


    • hamid says:

      hi,can you help me?

  2. aravind says:

    My phone is not starting…….it just freezes wen i reboot……..tried removing battery and starting again…but this didnt work…plzzz help me asap

  3. ajmal says:

    u r the man bro
    works like a charm

  4. Vaishak says:

    Not able to use the USB cable,as the device won’t detect the cable when connected.Will it work if directly copied the Root file into the SD card and carry out the process?

    • yashaswee says:

      I have the same problem please tell me the solution for this asap!!!!

  5. mehul says:

    hey help me to out welcome screen i tried wipe out but still i m not out from my problem plz help me

  6. pravin says:

    can u contact personally????
    waiting for ur mob no…

  7. pravin says:

    hey buddy the android version jelly bean was not able to install on my phone ..according to your procedure it shows four option
    1. reboot
    2.boot from sd card
    if i click on the boot from sd card …the mobile switch on within a minute with default version 2.3.6 android
    my cell phone is samsung galaxy y s5360

  8. Jason says:

    the link can’t use

  9. Kishore says:

    i’ve got the same pblm..
    when i simply click revise frm sdcard, that displays cannot mount sdcard
    an1 plz support me personally..

  10. wapflyer says:

    is there any custom rom for samsung galaxy y s5360 ?

  11. kb makwana says:

    never follow this type…….its always fluctuats and damage to ur cell….its an advise to all of you….its a very danger tricks

  12. Francis Santos says:

    Wow! Thanks to this! Works like a charm!

  13. Francis Santos says:

    Wow! Thanks to this! Works like a charm!

  14. Responsive says:

    Goodness, I left my SIII on my car just last week and the glass is smashed. Any suggestions on how to repair it without getting a new phone?

  15. KAMLESH says:

    HOW TO DOWNLOAD …………. android 4.0.4 ics (ice cream sandwich) galaxy y young s5360 … WEBSITE NAME

  16. haitham says:

    i have problem with mobile camera samsung galaxy y s-5360
    it not work
    camera fiald
    error message handler.handlemessage (-1)

    what can i do?
    and tell me if it soft wair or hard
    Please help me to fix this Problem!
    Thanks. Godbless

  17. George Cu says:

    Hey, what can I install when I finished rooting my Galaxy Young?

  18. jayesh says:

    i have updated my samsung galaxy y through the steps but my phone is not starting so please help me..

  19. try!
    download this

    1. turn of your samsung android galaxy y
    2. boot into recovery mode:
    press and hold volume up+powerbutton+menu button at the same time(the only button on the front of your galaxy y)
    3. use your volume controls to scroll up or down and choose update from zip and press menu button to select
    4. choose and select using menu button
    5. wait till finishes install and choose reboot phone.

  20. try this
    download this file

    1. turn of your samsung android galaxy y
    2. boot into recovery mode:
    press and hold volume up+powerbutton+menu button at the same time(the only button on the front of your galaxy y)
    3. use your volume controls to scroll up or down and choose update from zip and press menu button to select
    4. choose and select using menu button
    5. wait till finishes install and choose reboot phone.

  21. shahjahan says:

    Hello.. if we upgrade galaxy y to andriod 4.0 icecream sandwich so then can we install 3d games like real soccer 2013???

  22. shahjahan says:

    how to move apps to sd card after rooting my phone..
    and how to use chain fire3d???

  23. jane says:

    Is this applicable to Samsung Galaxy I9003?
    Firmware 2.2.1

  24. shahjahan says:

    i have downloaded update zip from mobile . so i need to connect pc trough usb cabel for rooting samsung galaxy y??

    • No need to connect now. Save the zip file in root folder of memory card

  25. shahjahan says:

    how we can root samsang galaxy y dues gt s6012??/

  26. veta says:

    thank you so much for this post. I successfully rooted my phone. so, now I can move my file to sd. your is such a huge help for me. I don’t need to buy from android market to upgrade my superuser app. Link2d can do its job after allowing superuser. Thank you. ;-)

  27. Harshith says:

    Hello Boss In My Mobile it is showing “sd card is removed unexpectedly” without removing again by tapping on that it is showing media scanner is running and completed

  28. Fox says:

    I followed all the steps exactly but the rooting took exactly 5 seconds! And it didn’t auto re-boot, I had to manually click on the reboot now on the menu. I downlded the root check basic software from GPlay and it DOES show that my device is rooted. (I had wiped and erased all data and cache partition while following another tutorial elsewhere which didn’t work). Is it possible that it’s not rooted properly or is it that rooting was fast cos I erased all data? (Even so, it should have automatically rebooted right?) Please advise. TY!

  29. Fox says:

    I followed all the steps exactly but the rooting took exactly 2 seconds! And it didn’t auto re-boot, I had to manually click on the reboot now on the menu. I downlded the root check basic software from GPlay and it DOES show that my device is rooted. (I had wiped and erased all data and cache partition while following another tutorial elsewhere which didn’t work). Is it possible that it’s not rooted properly or is it that rooting was fast cos I erased all data? (Even so, it should have automatically rebooted right?) Please advise. TY!

  30. jorel says:

    how to root galaxy y w/out the use of pc ???

  31. shahjahan says:

    after rooting samsung galaxy y can we increase internal memory?

  32. Sai Charan Reddy says:

    Hey, Would you provide the step by step process to root HTC Explorer

  33. Neil says:

    Hello , i would like to ask , WHERE TO PUT THE “UPDATE.ZIP” file ?
    Is it in the EXTERNAL SD FOLDER? reply plsss :( when im on recovery mode there’s no UPDATE ZIP on the list .. help thanks .

  34. ishit says:

    hey can i transfer it from bluetooth?

    • Just select the zip file and send it via Bluetooth

      • ishit says:

        as i enter the mode i select apply update from sd card and then but it returns to recovery mode what shoul i do

  35. Soumya says:

    Hey I am using samsung galaxy pocket duos. I can root my phone with the abive process?

  36. Akshay says:

    device is not showing extra disk

  37. harshit says:

    it is showing error something like e:/ and so on… what to do?

  38. shahjahan says:

    after rooting samsung galaxy y , can we update to android ice cream sandwich?

    • Yes you can, even you can update to Jelly Bean ROM too

      • jorel says:

        how to root galaxy y w/out the use of pc ?????

        • You can do it. Download the zip file via mobile and save it on root folder

  39. shahjahan says:

    hello.. after rooting samsung galaxy y , can we install any game or app??

    • I can’s assure you that you’re able to install all kinda apps and games. Conditions apply in this case

      • shahjahan says:

        thanks a loot

  40. Nitai says:

    This worked PERFECTLY. All data on my phone was still intact. Unlike other rooting files I used before.
    Thanks very much

  41. somildua says:

    works properly for galaxy y however if execution is imperfect is harmful to data

  42. mohit says:

    please explain about the hidden features, many people have doubt on this topic.
    how to install apps which were not compatible with my device before rooting. how to install them after rooting? i cant find any change in my device after rooting

  43. shaek says:

    when i update rom to ics eni problem with my sd card data delete or smting

  44. younis says:

    thanks for such uefull information worked sucessfully.

  45. Bogdann says:

    Where is root file on sd or i must create it?

  46. Bogdan says:

    Where is folder root on sd card or must create the folder..?

  47. Pratik oimbe says:

    Sir plz help me. Maine hbrid 5.0 rom install kiya apne samsung galaxy y me. Aur phone root krna bhul gya ab plz ap btao mai kya kru. Mera mobile restart nhi ho rha hai. Plz sir help help.

  48. syed musarraf says:

    plzzz tell how to root “sony xperia s” by this method.
    its android 4.0.4 ICS
    also firmware 6.1.A.2.45..
    plllzzzz reply…

  49. Sara says:

    Hello….i neeed ur help urgently!!! My samsung y-s5360 is not working!!! whenever im swtiching it on it starts till “Samsung” n den restrts again…ive tried pressing menu button+switch+vol n had rebooted…but stil m hving the same prob…pls give a solution

  50. theesbala says:

    hey friend only jelly bean version or any other versions released huh ?

  51. sahad pc says:

    dear rishiraj
    after rooting can me use memorycard as internal any pblm for removing card after rooting?

  52. SGYOe says:

    Why im rooting not take 10-15 minute but only 1 minutes

  53. pulkit says:

    i m not having d roor of sd card which u have mention in step 3,might be deleted??

  54. Uros says:

    Can you help me please i have a problem with my camerait says:
    Camera failed
    ErrorMessageHandler.handleMessage (-1)
    PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!!!

  55. vivek says:

    it says can not reach the network..
    plz help

  56. qwerty says:

    why the rooting is error….

  57. Aman says:

    Hey guys help me please it says not able to mount sd card what should I do :-(

  58. Harshith says:

    what do u mean by copy it to the root of sd card

    • just copy the file in the memory card. Don’t place it inside of folders

  59. VITTU says:


    Successfully rooting my mobile s5360. But i can’t find what is the use of this.Plz help me to re root my mobile.i want remove super user and all regarding applications from mobile.


    • So, you have to unroot your mobile now?
      We have also published a guide to unroot your mobile. but before unrooting let me explain some benefits after rooting
      1. you can enjoy some hidden features
      2. You can install more apps
      3. you can install custom ROM’s (ICS, jelly Bean etc)

      • VITTU says:

        How can I install Android 4.1 on my Samsung Galaxy Young S5360? Is this possible with my device.?

  60. Aaron says:

    I rooted my phone what do i do now??

    • 1. you can enjoy some hidden features
      2. You can install more apps
      3. you can install custom ROM’s (ICS, jelly Bean etc)

  61. Aaron says:

    I rooted my phone what next?

  62. vithal jeeturi says:

    Dear sir /madam
    i have galaxy y and i was installed jelly blast v3 it was installed successfully after then i was un update the root its successful then i was rebooted the phone but my phone is not booting its showing jelly 4.1 and blinking continues pls tell me what should i do and if i not un update the root my warranty is not claim pls help me
    thanks and regards

    • Can you explain me what you have did exactly in step by step manner
      So i can analyse your problem

  63. noe degorio says:

    thanks for the in4mation and hope u provide the step by step process on how to copy the to the root of sd card

  64. shail says:

    hey i hav gt dis thingi buh
    i want update ma phone iinto 3.0 or 4.0
    can u help meh in tht plzz
    i want to update can u say how to :)

  65. Hussain Rajkot says:

    Hey… After downloading the zip file … Can I just do it by phone.. Coz I dont have a pc as for now …can.i.just do it on all.. waiting for ur reply.. Thanks

  66. junrey says:

    hi sir…will it be possible to root my samsung galaxy y by just downloading the zip file directly via mobile internet and not pluging it to a pc?? and after rooting can i use a different sd card and is it safe??

  67. Rajnish says:

    how to root Samsung galaxy y duos lite plz reply ……..

  68. Eshant says:

    how can you put ics on galaxy y..plz tell me…

  69. Aman says:

    Hey it shows that not able to mount sd card

  70. mark says:

    How about galaxy ace duos? Please i need ur rply!! Gve me the link pls..

  71. akshay says:

    will of galaxy y work on micromax ninja 4??? if no , can u please make for ninja 4??? please bro !!

  72. mahesh says:

    successfully I had rooted my Samsung galaxy y s5360
    is it possible to install ice cream sand wich to my phone
    is it require any external ram are is it enough

    • No extra RAM is needed..You can install Jelly Bean now, check our recent article

  73. Abhisek Panda says:

    Thank you bhai .It’s working very well.

  74. mohan says:

    sam galaxy y s5360 upgradabl to jelly bean

  75. christopher says:

    hello my name is christopher lynch and i have a problem when rooting my samsung galaxy y it keep on saying error this is the error……….

    ice “) == “GT-B7510″
    galrprop(” ro.product
    product “) == ” GT-B7510″
    E: Error in / tmp / sideload
    ( status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    What is the problem why its not rooting and the solution….? And which is the best anti-virus protector would you recommend for this phone or phone in general?

  76. shruthi says:

    what changes roes rooting make to my phone? what better experience do i get?

  77. anu says:

    what are the advantages of rooting? how will it make my phone better?

  78. rogelio says:

    hey dude why i cant root my phone i follow all the steps…but nothing doing ok

  79. Giselle says:

    Hey! Thanks for this, i rooted my Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 quickly without any hassle, i am now seeing the Super User on my fon, that means my fon is perfectly rooted right? thanks again!

  80. Ivan says:

    Hi! If I do this, will I be able to play Minecraft pocket ed. That’s the thing I want on this phone the most but people say it can’t be done because of the processor so… Is it possible by rooting?

  81. YAC says:

    Dude my mobile is new ,
    Should i really root it.

    • It’s up to you. You will lose warrantey if your phone is rooted

  82. Milind More says:

    It works great thanks man

  83. Byju says:

    Hi, It works fine, and very easy to use.


  84. Ryan says:

    I had rooted my phone and download the,Bt after I click that file and reboot from the clockwork mod recovery,I lost the ssamsung status bar and and ntg shw on the top screen..I had factory reset and install the backuped Rom,bt it’s unsuccess,can u solve this prob? Thanks bro ;)

  85. Xavier Novella says:

    Brutal! It took me like 6 seconds to install the app!

  86. kshitij says:

    i m new to rooting my samsung galaxy y soo…pls tell the steps to root my device in brief…pls…

  87. Ishaant Chhabra says:

    is it a part of procdr to trasfr it frm pc cmplsrly?? i hv in my sdcard (coz i dwlded it thru mobile)
    thks 4 ur fast services here

  88. angie says:

    where exactly is the “root of my SD Card”? There is no root folder when i connect my samsung galaxy y s5360 to PC via USB Cable.

  89. Ishaant Chhabra says:

    can u please tell me why there is a need to connect phone to pc via usb??
    (i hv backed up my data)
    thnx in advance.

  90. Ronak says:

    Hey buddy thnx so much for this….
    but i hav one doubt….ive got the superuser app but all the data in my phone is intact….nothing is deleted????
    is the rooting done properly???
    n also the superuser app doesnt shows any apps in the list…plz help

    • Ronak says:

      i checked whether my phone is rooted by ur steps n it said that my phone has root access……
      nothing got deleted still my phone is rooted na????

  91. Someone confused... says:

    oh wait… i understand now………. sorry… oh and thanks :D i successfully rooted my phone!

  92. Someone confused... says:

    Hi,,, i have a question… when going to the recovery mode… like… when i long press the volume up key, the home key, and the power button altogether, does the phone restarts??? cause mine does and…. after restarting i can still touch the screen… i mean… what do you mean by saying that only volume key up and down can select the file?? the phone won’t respond to anywhere i touch except the volume keys??

  93. Mohan says:

    Successfully Rooted in few seconds.
    Thank you.

  94. rezek says:

    Weneva i wnt 2 root ma galaxy y gts 5360 it sayz cant mount dere iz no such file in sd card

  95. Shekhar says:

    my phone is under warranty. will i root it or not?

    tell me exact rooting the device is necessary or not… what are its advantages

  96. alex says:

    error rebooting when i reset

  97. Ali says:

    It roots in just 2 second but it does not reboot itself. It again comes on recovery mode. WHAT TO DO?

  98. viki says:

    heyy ! …i have a galaxy pocket nd i tried ur file it comes installation aborted i have tried everything still i cant get it right ……could u plss help me :(

  99. Syahid Din says:

    you know Amar…. if there are many guys like you… the world will be in peace… heeh

    P.S… thanx for the root… heeh ^_^

  100. Majid Akhtar says:

    Will the rooting cause any damage to the sd card.means like format or any other unusual behaviour.
    If i donot want to connect my mob to pc.can the rooting be done.
    PS: I have my contacts,messages and other phone memory backed up

  101. Gautam says:

    thnxx for this its a great article and thanks for posting it……..

  102. Harsh says:

    my phone didn’t connects to pc with the usb but with same usb my brother’s phone gets connected, can u tell what shall be the problem with my phone? thnx in advance. please reply fast!

    • There might be some problem in cable drivers. You can even download it from from your mobile (mobile internet)

  103. sonam says:

    i have samsung Y S5360
    when i try to import contacts from phone to PC using samsung kies, it throws an error:-
    invalid body size.”

    what should i do?? am not able to copy my contacts from my phone to PC.

  104. aadithya says:

    if we root means whether we could able to play temple run such type of games becoz its only 800mhz processor if we root means our phone will become dead slow

  105. aadithya says:

    its a perfect time for a perfect root

  106. arun says:

    thanks bro its worked thanks a lot

  107. Gan says:

    appreciate u so much .. i think i figure out how to use it .. ^^

  108. Gan says:

    sry ..could i ask .. i hv successfully rooted my phone .. but it did not change anything ..or delete any application or wat .. should i uninstalled the application 1st ..den go install agn ?? bcoz now it show my phone is insufficient of memory ..

    • we have mentioned a tip to check whether your mobile is rooted or not. Kindly use it

      • Gan says:

        yupe .. root checker basic verify root access and it has super user logo .. but still is insufficient of memory ..(internal memory )

  109. jeswin says:

    u hav said many times that rooting will help to use hidden features. but what are those hidden features??

    • Okay, i think you don’t got the point. For example,
      let’s say a game “X”. It won’t install on your mobile if it is not rooted. but after rooting, you can install that game

  110. nikhil says:

    wat is d use of rootin my fon??

  111. Abdur Rehman says:

    hi dear…………….i rooted my phone as said in ur steps… to check that my phone is rooted or not???

    • we already posted an article about it. link was provided at the end of rooting guide
      kindly go through it

  112. hey i just rooted galaxy y device but i found one problem after rooting my edge internet connection not working fine. Can you give me solution for this issue.

  113. Sahid Vaidya says:

    hey dude how cn i root my phone without using pc..?

  114. santhosh says:

    I Rooted my samsung galaxy y successfully and played 2-3 games….but in my gallery all photos comes as negative shade(not clear),i lost picture quality and gallery shows small fonts…what should i do??? is it a problem of rooting ??? Plz reply me..

  115. santhosh says:

    I Rooted my samsung galaxy y successfully and played 2-3 games….but in my gallery all photos comes as negative shade(not clear),i lost picture quality and gallery shows small fonts…what should i do??? is it a problem of rooting ??? Plz reply me..

  116. Mohit Kumar says:

    i hope we get the real official update of ice cream sandwich for Samsung galaxy y.

  117. Dave says:

    Well I installed the update and had to re-boot myself. Everything started up correctly. Rooting took all of 5 seconds. However, nothing has been deleted but superuser has been installed…even though I dont know how this work.

    • Yes, it will works fine

      • Dave says:

        Other than superuser being installed, what’s the point of rooting? I see no real difference and I cannot access my files to delete start up pictures for example.

  118. Rohan says:

    Will it work properly after rooting…. and update file will root my galaxy y properly??????

  119. Pallavi says:

    I am getting a problem here it is showing
    Installing su and Superuser.apk…
    Installing OK…
    by yodeput…

    Install from sdcard complete.

    so is my rooting over???

  120. amogh says:

    when my phone is in android recovery mode if i select apply update from sd card it shows failed to mount sd card\no such files or directory plese help rooting my phone

  121. Paul Schlater says:

    Hi Amar, all my games and apps are installed in my phone memory.. will all of those be deleted after rooting my phone? If so, how would you suggest to back it up to my sd card? thanks.

    • You will lose them after rooting
      I suggested a method at the end of the article for backing up our phone data. go through it and let me know for any help

  122. Immanuel says:

    After following all the listed proceses,I keep getting (Status 7) Installation Aborted.
    What do i do next?

  123. yoyosuke says:

    can u explain to me how to enter the recovery mode ? cos’ when i press volume up key , menu key and power button , it will switch on .

    • To enter in to recovery mode, press and hold The Volume Up Key, Home key and Power Button without leaving them

  124. Diego Nieto says:

    I had a probelm with the installer as my localized phone model was s5360L i took a shot modifyng the following file:


    adding this lines:

    getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “GT-S5360″ ||
    getprop(“ro.product.product”) == “GT-S5360″||
    getprop(“ro.product.device”) == “GT-S5360L” ||
    getprop(“ro.product.product”) == “GT-S5360L”||

    After that all went smoothly.

    Hope this helps someone :) great guide btw!

    • Great! Thanks for sharing

    • JP says:

      I also have the s5360L, and just added the missing “L” to the existing line and worked fine. Thx!!!

  125. Hamdan says:

    hello ,
    brother my samsung galaxy y does not gets connected to PC .
    when i connect it to my PC via USB port it just keeps charging
    please help me

  126. paul says:

    I rootes my phone and it didn’t delete data

    • It was impossible, check whether your phone is rooted or not.
      Link at the end of the post

  127. Shruti says:

    Hii Amar
    I am not able to download that file from the mediafire. Whenever, I click on the download button it shows that downloading will be start in few seconds but it never starts. :(
    Is there any other link from where I can download it?
    Thank you.

  128. heyy dude tell me to root my galaxy y does samsung kies neede or not?????
    also plzzzz tell the steps for rooting the samsung galaxy s I9003

    • We will write about samsung galaxy s I9003 rooting process in 2 days
      #Stay tuned

  129. Sourav Pakrashi says:

    I have rooted my phone (Galaxy Y) successfully. But I want to reset my phone . Will this be a safe work?

  130. kailash mallick says:

    i am a system administrator,i know very well about computer hardware and mobile hardware and also mobile dev. so i tried so many time to load ICS 4.0 and other package but had not done. but only Samsung original gingerbread 2.2.6 working with update properly. but others were failed

  131. romal jaiswal says:

    its not working.. i did what u wrote.. but when i selected file from recovery mode… it showed some text and brought me again to main menu of recovery mode… wat to du.. plz help

    • romal jaiswal says:

      n when i downloaded that root checker… it is showing that “congratulations! this device has root acess ! ” but is that mean that my phone has been sucessfully rooted… if yes then… i dont understood one thing… how can it be rooted in seconds ???/

      • romal jaiswal says:

        wat r advantages of rooting ?

        • Rooting helps to use your mobile is advanced way. It helps to use some awesome and hidden features in your mobile

      • Yes man, your mobile is rooted now. update file provided in this article is simple one and it will take only seconds to root the mobile

    • Can i know the error? I mean text on the screen

  132. Thanks a million sir… Works greattt :D

  133. samanth vaitla says:

    hello i have installed a new rom in my phone named jelly blast v3.0 the installation was successful but my phone izz nt starting uppp and it izzz stopping att samsung logo plzzz help me what to dooo broooo plzzz my phone izzz samsung galaxy y i have through u rsss blog onlyyy plzzzz help me regarding dizzz

  134. Herry says:

    i want to ask something
    if i change the sd card
    is it my android still rooted?

    • Yes

      • Manoj says:

        Bro Jst now i have rooted my phone i think its sucessfull done no prblm but am nt sure it is done r not. After the process is done i manually rebooted the device. It is not rebooting automatically. so i did it . Then i got the same as previous. No change but Superuser icon appeared newly thr. is it rooted or not.

  135. Harly Dave says:

    Hey dude… Does rooting the phone makes the paid apps for free?

  136. Devansh jain says:

    how superuser works?

  137. Devansh jain says:

    superuser is not working.why?

  138. Devansh jain says:

    my phone is not rooted???

  139. ram says:

    it working….Great!!

  140. Anbhuselian says:

    while rooting i got this msg.. “ice”) == “GT-B7510″ 11 getprop(“ro.product.product”) == “GT-B7510″E:Error in /tmp/sideload/ (Satus 7) Installation aborted.

    Any one plz help me to solve this…

    • rooting package updated. Download again and try now, hope it works

  141. Rohit says:

    Thanks bro! rooting done in less than a minute and it is working fine.Can you please tell me what are things I can do now to improve the performance of my phone?

  142. Rahul Samraat says:

    Hello sir,my problem is that i have done all process to the rooting for my galaxy y but and i also see superuser icon in my apps list,but i still cant update my su binaries
    when i go to updating it shows binaries download-legacy
    damn i cant root my phone

    • Your Mobile is rooted man. Superuser app is saying this. If your phone is rooted, superuser app is added

      Between we posted how to install ICS on your Galaxy Y S5360. You can even try it

      • Rahul Samraat says:

        But i was install an another app earlier.Name was ‘root checker’ which shows ur phone is rooted or not
        then it shows result “sorry” your phone is not rooted and even i see perfectly anything doesn’t change in my phone.No apps in the list,not working su binaries updater…bla-bla-bla!!!!!;-:-(

      • romal jaiswal says:

        wat r advantages of rooting?

  143. Prasanna says:

    if i select the option “apply update from SD card” in the recovery mode, its showing that “unable to mount such a directory”.. just explore me wats d problem.and also i disconnected my usb connection.since its showing>>????

  144. shubham says:

    is it work on samsung galaxy r that is anroid

  145. Dan says:

    When i choose install updates it says “cant mount sd card”. Can you help me? :|

  146. Tariq says:

    This is a safe process , no need to worry about rooting your phone !

  147. raghav says:

    cant i do without connecting it to pc means directly from cel ?? Iz er any risk or wat.. ??

  148. Jhon says:

    Sir. ill do that and thanks i installed that in 3 sec and success… but ill download a games and this is what they said “Your device isnt compatible with this version???

    • It depends on the game you are installing. That game is no supporting your device

  149. aby says:

    it says unable to mount sd card after entering into recovery mode…please help

  150. rheylyn says:

    Hi Sir!

    I do have my SG5360. I already rooted my phone. May I know please how to use the DroidVPN and Tun.ko? do you know this two? please help me,.

  151. vince says:

    sir i just wanna ask if i need to update the superuser? cause when i tapped the update it shows the update.

    please reply and waiting for it. thanks in advance man.

  152. avantika says:

    When I try to root my
    Samsung Galaxy Y, by
    using “update from SD
    card” option present in
    Recovery Mode, an error
    appears stating that
    “Can’t mount SD card”. I
    have tried using a
    different SD too but still
    no solution. How can I get
    my phone rooted ??

  153. Shiran says:

    hey bro pls help me out man…….
    i wanna know how to update ma contacts and all the songs n stuff pls reply ASAP……
    thankzzzzzzzz in advance bro…….

  154. kulasekaran says:

    i want to upgrade my galaxy y android 2.3.6 to 4.0 how i want upgrade ….

  155. Sam says:

    I keep getting the (Status 7) error. I tried disabling my anti-virus software, but it still won’t work…

  156. The Rock says:

    Thanks a lot. Successfully rooted my sgy. You have to unplug your mobile from the computer though before you go into the recovery mode.

  157. akshit says:

    i am not getting root folder. help!!!

    • There will be no folder with name “Root” in your memory card. Root folder is nothing but your memory card starting step. For example you memory card name is GeekDashboard, whenever you open geekdashboard it is you will enter to root folder And remaining folders like Music,Images are in Root folder

  158. Sandeep says:

    Firmware upgrade encountered an issue.Please select recovery mode in kies and try again.I am getting this problem in samsung galaxy y (GT 5360).This problem cause when i unplug the usb cable while phone was updating..plzz help me ….plz

  159. chris lynch says:

    im having a problem when rooting my phone it keep on saying error

  160. Raj Aryan says:

    Hi buddy gone good wit rooting . Took only seconds and none of my apps and data were deleted as u said . what can i find after rooting . And the use of rooting

  161. JazzyPerry says:

    how to know if my phone is rooted?

  162. John Cena says:

    Respected Sir,
    with due respects i ask you,that how can upgrade my galaxy y from gingerbread to honeycomb(if possible)

  163. Dharmatej says:

    done in a second… thanx a lot

  164. Yui says:

    Thanks bro. Just rooted my phone, but why is there no apps in list in superuser? :)

  165. brent says:

    what is root of the sd card mean?

  166. nash says:

    thanks ~ its easy n simple ~

  167. Mayank says:

    i hav folowd all process mentiond above n my device took 2 seconds to root….
    nw m havin the superuser app in my phne menu…
    bt dude cn u js tell me hw i cn make use of it bcoz wen i opn it it alwayz shows app list empty….
    ur exprt guidence needed…. plzz help me m waitin for ur rply….

    • We have already explained it on above comments. please go through all comments and you would get the solution
      as many of our readers are asking about Super user app, i decided to write an article about it.
      Stayed tune, i will post it as soon as possible

      • Mayank says:

        dude after rooting my phone my files are nt deleted…
        Does it mean my phone is nt rooted perfectly…??

        • are you talking about files in Phone memory or Memory card ?

  168. ronny says:

    i downloaded the file and its showing the name of file update+(1) is this right ???

    • It seems you downloaded the file second time. It should be

      • adrian says:

        hey can you tell me the steps in rooting a galaxy young plzzz

  169. Arham says:

    Hey can you tell me the unroot procedure for this phone?
    Thanks :)

  170. Joseph says:

    When I try root my phone I get a message E:Error in /tmp/sideload/
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    Why did I get that message?

  171. sepide says:

    I applied all steps mentioned above, but nothing happened!! IT just came bake to the firs menu of recovery and it is mentioned that Install from SDcard completed! but my cell phon didn;t restart automatically and also it just took 3 sec not 10 min!!what should I do? still do not disconect the cable?

  172. Aivar says:

    Hi Amar,
    For Me, it took just one minute only how can i confirm it updated.

    • If your are able to see Super user app on your mobile, you’re awesome and you’re done

      • James says:

        I can see it thanks!, also it took like 5 second to root :)

  173. vincz says:

    Hi i just want to ask if i rooted my galaxy y. The ROM and internal memory will expand? And what if i crush my phone. can i use it again thanks

    • Internal memory may not increase more. but you can save your ROM. Rooting with is such easy and no need to worry about you mobile. even if it fails (because of your back luck :P ) mobile can undo those changes. Your mobile will reboot manually it even it fails
      Cool! and which you the luck

      we are looking for your success replay here ;)

  174. atari says:

    is it the same as reformatting your device? because you mentioned that the files will get removed.. tnx

    • Hai Atari,
      Yes, it almost like formatting your device. Each and every file stored in your phone memory will be erased. So, make a complete backup before rooting

  175. Moin says:

    Will I get any problem in ma phone by downloading through mobile Internet??

    • Hello Moni,

      Downloading from Mobile Internet and from broadband connection is same. The only matter is download speed. That’s it. No problem you can download the file using your mobile internet

  176. Swanand says:

    hw to increase internal memory and proccers speed

    • You can’t do it. Use external storage in stood of internal memory

  177. Moin says:

    Can we download the update zip through mobile
    e Internet? Thanks

  178. sanath says:

    can u be mor clear?? what no need!??,

    • You made the rooting process successively. When automatic reboot doesn’t takes place, i suggested to reboot manually. you have done it. more over if you got superuser app in your mobile, it says rooting process is made correctly

  179. sanath says:

    i have follwd all above step an installation took hell lotz of tym…it took ovr 1 hr an dint reboot by itself so i manually reboot it…bt i got superuser app on my menu!! hav i got rooted proprly??

  180. Keiji says:

    will this process work for version 2.3.6?

  181. G-man says:

    THANK YOU !!! If it is all working i see superuser add is on it. I tried all day to load roots and they all failed yours worked so thank you, shame i wasted my time with other guides.

    Other guides dont say that you dont need to unzip which might have been my mistake so thanks, just to add I had to click reboot after clicking sd card – install update and it didnt take 10 minutes.

  182. karl says:

    do i need to extract the zip file first?

  183. Keji says:

    Yes the phone didnt reboot by itself so i did.How can i know if my phone is rooted or no?

    • If your mobile is rebooted, you can see the samsung logo on your screen

  184. Nis says:

    Bro , Can you do a similar tutorial on rooting HTC chacha ? Will be highly appreciated.

    • Well, We will post an article in about rooting HTC chacha in 3 days
      #stay tuned

  185. Keji says:

    I did as you had mentioned and it showed Install from sdcard complete but it took just 2 seconds for all this and my phone didnt reboot itself. And when i reboot it still shows everything as the same as old. What could be the problem?

  186. how to download fifa 12 free and about the rooting of the samsung galaxy y. how the super user get on the you download it or it just comes from the rooting of rhe phone? waiting for your reply

    • it comes along with rooting file. You can download many apps from Android store

  187. Harsha says:

    Dude, i been through the procedures and got the super user app. There is nothing inside the app. Please brief me how to use it and what does super user do. Waiting for your reply on this page or also u can send a mail to me if that would be easier for you.

    • Wan Zamir says:

      i have the same situation. we are waiting for your reply.

    • Superuser App is used to control your entire mobile phone. It can not be removed now

  188. bahma says:

    I’ve tried over and over and each time it says installation aborted………

    • May be one of your installed software on your computer is doing this

  189. sanjiv says:

    thanks for the rpl……
    can i reset my phone after root if yes then the manual root is there or it should removed automatically……..

  190. sanjiv says:

    where i can find conectivity settting in my phone. to set pc connection..thanks for rpl….

    • Menu > Settings > Connectivity settings

      • Lam says:

        Sorry I don’t see connectivity settings in Menu >settings. When I connect my phone to computer (macbook) I don’t see it mounted unless I open kies. Any suggestion? Thanks.

  191. sanjiv says:

    is this necessary to have kies in pc for rooting

  192. Sagar Hathwar says:

    Hey buddy, I need to ask one thing. Incase the rooting fails, show I throw the phone to the bin or is there any way to recover from the failure? Please help me regarding this. Thanks

    • Not Really, There are several ways to gain access again. We will sure write about it here ASAP

  193. Rohit says:

    That helped me a lot,thanks dude!

  194. jawdoe says:

    hey, got error installation aborted..i got to selected the update file started exacting then gives error..

    • Are You using any antivirus on your PC ? It yes, disable it and try again

  195. Animesh says:

    how 2 backup the contacts ….how 2 save contacta to pc from my phone and if contacts r deleted to regain contacts from that saved one ????

    • Use Samsung PC suite, Connect your device in PC mode and click restore. Then Select the backup file

  196. Byron says:

    Should I remove the SIM card too? I used Astro to backup all the data on the phone. My contacts are on my SIM. Will rooting be the same as doing a factory reset? Thanks in advance for your reply!

  197. ®FarKingBeach3s ™ says:

    Thank You Man!!!! I root my phone just like u do……i was so scare when i m rooting it but so damn happy when i saw d Superuser app……Thank you!!!!

  198. Aadithya says:

    Dude I have a doubt I installed kies in my system but if I connect my galaxy s5360 means it shows,only mass storage mode it didnt detect any modem help me

  199. bembem says:

    Hi.. You said in step 4 to Unplug the device..Then in step 5, “without disconnecting”..can you please make it clear when exactly to unplug/disconnect the device? And also, will it not cause damages to my other files or to my phone? Thanks!!

  200. kamal says:

    dude it is not working for s5360 ddlc2..
    Sd card unable to mount.

  201. Vinay says:

    That download link for package isnt working..

  202. Rajkamal says:

    ..i hv completed all steps,but superuser is not showing on my phone?wht shud i do…plz help

  203. Rk says:

    Hmmm.. Root showing error.. What I should do??

    • Amar says:

      What error ?? Let me know what is the error to answer your problem

  204. sajid says:

    i would like to ask u… can u explain properly how to enter recovery mode???

    • Amar says:

      Turn off your mobile, press and hold Volume Up Key, Home button and Power Button for sometime. that’s it

  205. farhan says:

    hi my question is we don`t have to remove the usb cable till the last step? and plz suggest me custom rom that will boost performance of my galaxy y s5360.

    • Amar says:

      Yeah, Don’t remove USB cable until your mobile restarts and showing Samsung Logo

      • harpie says:

        why installation aborted? :(

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