How to Root Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

This guide helps you to root Samsung Galaxy Y in few easy steps. Samsung has finally launched its low end Smartphone in order to compete with Smartphone having very low cost and supporting android operating system. This Smartphone by Samsung is named as Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.This Smartphone has 2MP camera, Android 2.3 OS, 832 MHz processor and 3.0 inch TFT capacitive touch screen.

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

However as this Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 was at low cost it has got some less features as well as low optimization on Operating System all in order to come to its low price. In order to remove the limited functionality of this device the rooting of the Smartphone is necessary. Rooting process is known to be quite risky but yes if followed properly you will be completely safe. Rooting is very compulsory step required for low end Smartphones. So let’s get started. But remember to completely charge your device as this is the starting requirement.

Safety First :

As you are going to do a risky job follow these safety measures before starting.

  • Your Smartphone should be fully charged or at least with 60% charged, in order to get ready for rootin. If you try on low battery your Device will crash and hence will get Jammed.

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  • Backup all your Data like Images, Contacts etc before rooting because all files will get removed during rooting of the device.

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  • Close all the background applications, especially antivirus and battery checkup utility.
  • If you a newbie, better Pray to god hoping everything would go fine :P
  • Before Starting, Enable USB Debugging on your mobile. This can be done as follows Settings > Applications > Development

Steps Required in Rooting your Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

  1. Download the Required Root Package HERE
  2. Connect your Device Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 to the computer only via USB. (Forgot about Bluetooth)
  3. No Extraction is required. Copy the Zip file to the root of the SD card and remember not to paste in any folder as it would cause an interruption.
  4. Never Unplug your Device Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 while rooting
  5. Switch off your Smartphone to enter into recovery mode
  6. Keep pressing The Volume Up Key, Home key and Power Button  to enter the recovery mode.
  7. Now, as you are in the recovery mode only Volume up and down would work to select the file. So use those  buttons and select .
  8. The rooting will start taking place after you have selected on It would usually take about 10-15 mins
  9. After rooting the device will automatically restart and then normal booting will take place. The rooting of your Phone is now done!

Congratulations! You have successfully rooted your Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

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 Now you can add any applications without any limitation as well as you can even install Custom ROM or Cyanogen Mod, if you wish.

Disclaimer: Neither Admin nor Geek Dashboard is responsible in case of any damage to the mobile. So, try this at your own risk.



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  1. stacey87 says

    Hi plz help me i want to root my samsung galaxy young ive tried everythin but nothin seems to work. I dont ave a pc so want to do it just by usin my fone. Is there any easy ways of doin this?

  2. arun says


    I rooted my phone, after i deleting sme application, bt nw my phone doest not access to internet.. please five me some suggestion……

  3. dharbs says

    can’t open /tmp/sideload/
    i try to root but its an error..does anyone knows how to correct it?

  4. aravind says

    Thank you so much..It worked great on my sgy s5360

  5. Era says


    • hamid says

      hi,can you help me?

    • bhaskar says

      can u tell the process plz

  6. aravind says

    My phone is not starting…….it just freezes wen i reboot……..tried removing battery and starting again…but this didnt work…plzzz help me asap

  7. ajmal says

    u r the man bro
    works like a charm

  8. Vaishak says

    Not able to use the USB cable,as the device won’t detect the cable when connected.Will it work if directly copied the Root file into the SD card and carry out the process?

    • yashaswee says

      I have the same problem please tell me the solution for this asap!!!!

  9. mehul says

    hey help me to out welcome screen i tried wipe out but still i m not out from my problem plz help me

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