The Future Look of Facebook [Concept of Redesign]

Major update in Facebook is on the way. Yeah! Facebook is updating soon and it will change it’s style completely. No doubt, upcoming look will surely amaze you since it looks dam Awesome. The Blue color still continues and everything is updated including Home Page, Login Page, Fan Pages, News Feed, Profiles and much more.

Here are the images of New Facebook layout concept and how it looks in Future.

The new concept of Facebook interference is simply awesome and looks clean, darker and easy to navigate. Profile section, Comments and everything looks great in new style and user friendly too.

facebook redesign 2013

There is no clue on how it looks on mobiles till now. This concept of New Facebook style is trending all over the internet and everyone is happy and waiting for the update including me.

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Have a Look at Facebook Re-Design Concept

1. The Login Page

Everything starts with Login Page and this time Facebook seems to go simple. Login Page is quite simple one and used lot of gradient as it is new trend now.

new login page of Facebook


2. News Feed

The most important and viewed thing in Facebook is News/Activity Feed and developers concentrated a lot on this and ended with new stylish, good looking, easy to navigate, User friendly dark look. Have a look at this screenshot and know how news feeds looks after update.

New News Feed


3. Dashboard of your Profile

Next important this is your Profile and it is an art to express yourself to this world and your Facebook’s profile page will surely helps to complete your task of presenting your style and this is how profiles look like.

new Profile page Facebook


4. TimeLine (TL)

Few month back there is a major update from Facebook and introduced Time Line and it was super success and this TimeLine(TL) still continues in this new Facebook layout and TL looks even better now.

Facebook new TimeLine


5. Photos and Albums

Layout for Photo viewing has been completely updated during this update and it looks super cool now. This is how it look

new photo viewing in Facebook


6. Finding Friends is made even easy

The main moto behind joining Facebook is to make new friends online and to create some healthy relations. For this kind of activity Finding Friends tab is only thing available on Facebook and it is made even easy now. Message option is directly included on this page which helps to make our work even easier.

Find  Friends on Facebook

7. Events

As everyone is regular on Facebook these days, All users are using Facebook as a personal dairy and creating many events and to-do list on Facebook as it helps to poke them regarding the event in exact time. So they won’t miss any single event in their life. Events page looks interesting and good looking too.

Events Page on New Facebook


8. Pages

People started using Facebook Pages to promote their business and blogs. Even they stated spending $$ on their pages for getting likes and to promote the threads.

New Facebook Pages

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This is new concept of Facebook Redesign and i hope you liked it. Almost everything has changed and everything looks super cool and awesome. But till now there is no information about the date of update.

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  1. Sammar ali mirza says:

    nyc style

  2. Sammar ali mirza says:

    change my facebook style

  3. Akhil says:

    This design is not from Facebook Inc, Fred Nerby is the designer.

    Have a look at his website

  4. Nice redesign graphics of facebook, everything is flat design now-a-days. But i don’t think so facebook is going to completely redesign its website to flat.

  5. Rajesh says:

    Truly impressed! This is simply superb design by Facebook. Thanks a lot for the great news. Awaiting eagerly for the next Facebook edition! +1d!

  6. Isaac says:

    This excellent conceptual design will not be used as a redesigned official interface of facebook, it is simply a proposed design of a conceptual designer. But this is an excellent idea, I like!

  7. mohit says:

    Its seriously looking too cool,and yes next Generation is going to experience something out of this world.

    Love you Facebook.

  8. Koundeenya says:

    I don’t know how much of truth is behind the redesign. But yes. If Facebook’s gonna really use this design, I’m sure, people will use it more and more.

    This is just an uber cool design.

  9. vivek says:

    Hmm nice work,,,,,This facebook design will make facebook more easier for new user and friendly too.

    • shubham says:

      I also thinks same,hope to see this update in upcoming months.

  10. shree says:

    Really awaiting for this revamp looks great nice post Amar Ilindra

  11. Sai Kumar says:

    Hi Amar, Awesome look bro. This New Facebook Design will surely gonna rock :) Thanks for Sharing!

  12. Saikrishna says:

    It gonna be awesome if this goes to be the facebook design ;)
    It’s really a great share buddy ;)
    Thank you.

  13. Ajay says:

    Facebook gonna change its appearance totally in coming days, its an amazing thought. The upcoming design of the facebook has an official look with attractive design.
    Waiting for it …

    • 101% Agreed with you Ajay, Yeah New Layout seems to look very attractive and professional. Waiting for this major update

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