10 Best Fitness Apps for Android Smartphone

People have become very conscious of how they look. Of course with changing life styles, this is very important. And so have the face of the smartphones changed. Developers are constantly trying to get the most out of a mobile platform and entice the end consumer to use the software for his own good. One such venture by the developers has been into fitness apps which has become a huge hit on the android market. With millions of end users downloading and developers vying for the top spot, here’s the list of the best fitness apps from the android market.

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10 Best Fitness Apps for Android Smartphone and Tablets

Here is our list of best fitness applications for Android devices. Keep your health in good condition and stay healthy by making use of these fitness android apps.

1. Calorie Counter

Tracking your calories as you burn it may be more assuring for quite a many people. The features of the app are very useful and the user interface is simple enough to get a first timer into the groove.

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2. Adidas MiCoach

MiCoach is the official app of fitness major, Adidas. The app features extensive workout regimes for the user. The user can also customize the workout schedule according to his/her personal needs.

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3. My Tracks

Google launched this app a while ago. Of late, it got a major update and is finally fully functional. This app uses the Google Maps and tracks the distance you have covered. The methodology can range from walking to cycling. You can also define a route and use the phone to race through that route for the fastest time! Yes, the app records time and give you options to break your own lap times. So, strap on and ride!

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4. Run Keeper

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This is basically a Jogging app and is useful for the early morning joggers. The app records the steps taken and the distance covered. The app also uses geo location via your phone’s gps. You can record lap times or challenge yourself with your own configuration.

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5. Fooducate

Enlighten yourself with the food around you. This app tells you about food, what you should have during an exercise regime and how to lead a healthy life. The app gives you vital information about a nutritious diet. You can also record the amount of food intake and accordingly calculate the calories gained.

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6. Endomondo Sports Tracker

This is one of the best-selling apps on the android market. The app features various exercises and customization. This app is helpful if you are already enrolled in a gym. Try the free app. If you like it, then move on to the paid version.

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7. Jefit

Plan your work out and record every minute’s data on this app. This app is specifically designed for the fitness savvy consumers. You don’t need to be enrolled in a gym. The instructions in the app are sufficient enough to help you out with your work outs. If you want to track every minute detail of your work out, try this app.

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8. Sports Tracker

Improved user interface and various modes make this app a sure try out one. You can record the distance you have covered and update the same in real time on social networking websites. One of my best fitness app in sports category. You must try this application if you play sports very often.

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9. Instant Heart Rate

Get real time updates on your heart rate with this app. The app calculates your heart rate while the course of a work out. This is my best fitness app to monitor my hear beat rate.

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10. Noom Cardio Trainer

This app is a good outdoor trainer. With the most essential features, and voice output, this app is fun to use. With geo location enabled, you can also compete with your friends during workouts comparing the results in real time.

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With the android market full of fitness apps swelling in such a short span of time, it’s hard to point out the best. Try out the apps from above and you’ll surely find the one which suits you the most.

About the author – Andrew is a freelance writer who recommends you to checkout free conference calls.

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  1. says

    Thanks for this post. In this modern world we have no time to concentrate even on our health. We are running behind our work that restricts us to spend time. Apps like this would definitely help us in saving our time and helps to be more conscious about the health.

  2. Cole says

    Calorie counter looks good!
    thanks for the link!

  3. Smith says

    Thanks for sharing this post on ’10 Best Fitness Apps for Android Smartphone’. People are more conscious about their health these days. So definitely fitness apps will be more helpful for those who are concerned about their health. My favorite one is Run Keeper as it records my steps which I have taken and the distance I covered.

  4. Rajkumar Jonnala says

    HI Amar,

    Thanks for the awesome resource of fitness apps. Since my dad is very found to health app i would give him all these apps.

  5. says

    Among these apps i consider using the Outdoor apps to help me when i’m out of station.
    Great share.

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