Facebook introduces # HashTags just like Twitter

Facebook started losing its uniqueness. It started stealing ideas from other popular social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ etc. Couple of weeks back, Facebook started verifying Fan pages just like twitter and today it started clickable hashtags. Though these hashtags (#) are quite useful to search for particular keywords, most of the online users started whispering that Facebook is stealing others ideas. In fact, the concept of Facebook is also stolen by its owner Mark Zuckerberg from his one of the friend during his college days.

facebook # tags

Recent Facebook Timeline design is found to be similar with Pinterest layout, later it started verifying fan pages to reduce fake pages and to make the Facebook users to know about genuine and real pages. This concept of verifying pages is also similar to Twitter. Twitter used to verify the accounts of Celebrities. This makes the Twitter users to follow the real person

verified accounts in facebook

Hashtags is the most awesome and unique feature in twitter. These hashtags in twitter is used to target the specific keyboard. Facebook seems to think they need this feature too. Frankly speaking, these hashtags functionality in Facebook is more helpful to people when compared to twitter as many internet addicts are involved in Facebook but not at Twitter.  But if Facebook had thought something different instead of this hashtags, people would have loved it a lot. But 50% of fb users feels, it is stolen from twitter and Facebook started copying others.

Hashtags in Facebook

What are these #hastags?

If you’re frequent user of twitter, then you might me familiar with these #hashtags. These # tags are used to target the specific topic. These #tags are clickable as well.

To search for the specific hashtag, just make use of the search box, search in this format “#your_topic” without quotes.

For example, if you want to see the status updates of your friends on particular topic like cricket, the type #cricket in the search box.

Uses of hasgtags

  • #Tags are used to search for the particular topic in no time
  • People can discover what others are saying in public conversations
  • If Facebook is planning to include trending topics feature in Facebook as well, then these hashtags plays a vital role to pick the trending topics.

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What Public is thinking about these hashtags on Facebook ?

No doubt, haters gonna hate and Facebook lovers gonna love these #tags. Most importantly Twitter is going to face huge competition. Long live twitter, Facebook is just copying all your ideas.

Have a look at some interesting and funny tweets by twitter fans and Facebook lovers.

Watch this video 

[youtube width="602" height="350" video_id="osZvpYalHyQ"]

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  1. Using hash tags is definitely a smarter move taken by Facebook and will definitely be beneficial. Although, it has been stolen from Twitter but who cares about this. Thanks for sharing this post.

  2. Pramod says:

    Thanks for sharing this information dude ! Facebook will surely benefit from this move ..this move might be the beginning of the end for twitter …


  3. Nizam Khan says:

    Nice post. Well, this is awesome update from Facebook, it will be very useful to link to topics/sites. Thanks for sharing and tweeted :)

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