5 Ways to Download YouTube Videos to PC

This article is here to show you how to Download YouTube videos in different ways. YouTube is Largest Video sharing site by Google. Millions of Video clips are uploading everyday in YouTube. To maintain the popularity of YouTube, Google has decided not to provide Download option in YouTube. Even this option is disabled for registered users too. So, there is no official download option to download YouTube videos. There are many online and offline third party applications to download YouTube videos. Many of them may not work properly always and some of them would really sucks. A daily customer of YouTube only thinks to download YouTube Videos(Like me). So, I tried many software’s, Online sites to download videos from YouTube and feel these 5 are useful and works.

Download YouTube

What is the need to Download YouTube Videos ?

Some users may think why people show much interest in Downloading YouTube videos. They think so because, their internet may be lightning fast. Recent Survey says 80% of Indians are using Internet form Mobile connection. Such users always think to download YouTube videos and save them in their PC or Mobile. So, they can see their favorite videos directly on their computers without connecting to internet.

Here are 5 best tools available to download YouTube videos to your computer

1. YouTube Downloader

Best Software available now on web to download YouTube videos is YouTube Downloader. Don’t think about its name, I too confused first by seeing its name. Don’t think it will download entire YouTube :P

How to use YouTube Downloader

  • Download and install it on your Computer
  • Open it and paste Video URL from YouTube. Click Download

Benefits with YouTube Downloader

  • Downloading Videos with YouTube Downloader allows you to download required video in any format and resolution.
  • Another good thing is, it is available on internet for free
Downloading Videos from YouTube may transfer Virus and Spyware too. So i recommended you to read How To Protect Your Computer from Virus and Spyware

2. keepvid.com

Keepvid is an online site which allows you to download YouTube videos in just single clink. To Download just copy paste the URL of video you wish to download in keepvid textbox and click download. Most interesting feature is no need of software downloads and installations


One main backlog in this Keepvid is, it allows you to download any video only in .flv format and fixed resolution

3. Downloading with Plugins

Good news for Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox lovers. Now, Plugins are available for both browsers to download YouTube videos using plugins

For Google Chrome – Allows to download YouTube videos in any format like MPEG4, FLV e.t.c

For Mozilla Firefox – It is the easiest way to download videos from YouTube for Firefox users

Try this Plugin for easy access. This Plugin works on all browsers.

4. Adding Save YouTube in URL

Save YouTube is similar to Keepvid. Save YouTube has even simple feature to download YouTube videos. Just add save before YouTube in URL and click Enter

How To :

  • Open video in YouTube you wish to download
  • Now, you can see Video URL in your browser. It looks something like this www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXXXXXXXXX
  • Just add save at the beginning of URL and click go. It should be like this www.saveyoutube.com/watch?v=XXXXXXXXXX

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5. Your Choice

Fifth one is left for you. If you think there is another simple alternative to Download YouTube Videos you can share your toughs by commenting below. I will try to add your suggestion here in next update


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  1. AJ says

    Hi Amar, thank you for the resources above, I will try them out altho I usually use RP to download my videos from sites like Metacafe, Vimeo, FunnyorDie and other video sharing sites: http://www.real.com/realdownloader

  2. HAROON says

    The Best way in the address bar in video URL del www. and write ss

  3. J says

    With RealPlayer I easily download online videos I find and save them to my computer. If you’ve installed RealPlayer for free, when watching a video online you’ll see the “Download This Video” button appear at the top right corner of the video player. Click that button, and the RealPlayer downloader will download the video to your computer and store it in the RealPlayer library.

  4. karan bista says

    where i can download update.zip file?? is it downloaded through the mobile phone??

  5. says

    Hello Amar,

    Thanks for pushing my knowledge about YouTube little more. Till now i was using keephd and speedbit video download to download Youtube. Now going to use all your tactics… Thanks :)

    • says

      Romy Bro,
      thanks for your feed back and yes, speed bit video downloader works fine for me too

  6. Sumanth says

    I will tell you the 5th method. You can just watch the video once and the video will be saved in your cache memory. Just a cache video converter( i dont remember the name of the software exactly try googling) and it converts the cache file to viewable video. so no need to download it again.. It saves a lot of bandwidth..

    • says

      You are right Sumanth, i too heard about that method. But that method might be difficult for newbies. Any else, Thanks a ton for another awesome method

  7. says

    At this time i am downloading YouTube videos with IDM but these are also very good options.

  8. Bhavesh Gohel says

    There is another simple trick…read my aritcle @ibhavesh.in i’m not promoting my site…just helping.. :)

    • Amar says

      Thanks Bhavesh, I will add this one in “Downloading with Plugins”

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