How to Create Free Email Account with Your Domain Name

I have seen many blogs using email accounts from Gmail, Yahoo etc. I told some of my friends that we can create free email account with your domain name, they started asking me how? I helped many of them from team viewer but now i decided to write about how to create free email account with your domain name. Actually we will create free email account with your domain name and then we have to root it to one of the mailing services. In this article i’m writing about how to create free email account with your domain name and link it with your original Gmail account. In short, you will use an email account like 

Create Free Email Account with Your Domain Name

Use of Email account with your domain name

  • One think i can say about it, an email account with your domain name makes your site looks professional while promoting your website 
  • When ever you mailed someone with that email address, they feel you are the owner of the site. Most of the webmaster check the email address when ever they got a mail regarding advertising or for any other offers, if that email address is not with your domain name, most of them including me thinks that mail was SPAM and simply trash it
  • Full control in our hands

How it works?

Working principle is quite simple. Before knowing about how it works, you should know about email forwarding.
Email forwarding is nothing but all emails your are receiving to your account can be simply forwarded to other email account.

Now, you will create a new email account (in my case and link it to your present gmail account (like From now you have to give your new email ( to everyone. When ever some one sends any email to, you are able to see that email in Simple logic

When ever you send an email from Gmail account ( to others, they will see your email address as new address (

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Create Free Email Account with Your Domain Name

Well, Lets come to the point, here i will show how to create free email account with your domain name and integrate it with Gmail account. So when ever your friend or client receives an email for you they will see the email address with your domain name. This task is simple one and even a newbie can do this. All you need is hosting. This tutorial to create free email account with your domain name is divided in to two parts for clear understanding

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1.  Email account with your domain name

  • First log into your hosting provider and go to cpanel  
  • Under mail tab, click Email Accounts 
  • Enter the details for your new email account (Check the screen shot for reference)free email account with your domain name
  • After seeing Successful notification, go back to cpanel again
  • Click Forwarders in mails Tab and click Add Forwarder
  • Enter details as shown in the image and click Add ForwarderAdding farowrders to domain email address

2. Integrate new email address with original Gmail account

  • Log into your gmail account provided in above step
  • Then click wrench tab on top right side and click settings
  • Now click Accounts and Import tab
  • Under Send email As click Add another email address you own 
  • In popup, enter desired name and new email address your created from your cpanel and click nextChanging in Gmail account
  • Click Send verification for verification link to your email, once you got the email conform it and enjoy your new email address

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Hope this educational guide to create free email account with your domain name works well for you and in case of any difficulty comment here and we are happy to help you at any case

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  1. Vishnu says

    Nice was finding it only to make my site look more official.Thanks good work sir.

  2. says

    Good tips as cPanel based emails often goes to spam folder when I send an email to anyone. I miss the old days when Google Apps used to allow free emails for domains.

  3. mohit rajwani says

    wow..its just awesome…and simple too..i have created one for my blog..thankss

  4. says

    You may be wrong bro, but i’m not sure. But all mentioned steps works perfectly for me

  5. Pradeep says

    Bro. This tut needs a small change. First you need to add your official email ( to your Gmail. After that it will send you a conformation mail. If you first forward the mail to your Gmail. Then you won’t get a conformation mail. [That’s my experience )

  6. Nizam Khan says

    Really awesome and wonderful guide, especially the part where you showed how to integrate new email address with original Gmail account. Thanks for sharing this excellent info :)

  7. says

    It looks a bit official if we use Email id as instead of using id’s from third party providers like Gmail, Yahoo etc. And thanks for well explained tutorial

    • says

      Yes! Main aim to do this is to change our email looks professional

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