5 Ways to Make Money Online From Home

There are Many ways to make money online. But, there are best working 5 ways to make money from home without investing more money. If you are able to adjust for something, you can even make money online from home without investing a single penny. To be frank Making money is a hell difficult task. I still remember my fist money from online. Though it is a small amount, it made me happy and i felt like a boss :P From there i decided to make money from home in all possible ways. First i thought we can make money online directly in 2 ways. Later realized there are hell awesome ways to make money from home. Then i tried about all ways to earn money and i found some working 5 ways to make money online form home. Those 5 ways helps you to earn money as well as fame.

5 ways to make money

Well, here is an awesome guide for 5 ways to make money online directly from home

1. Blogging

Young generation is now showing huge interest on blogging. As blogging not only helps to make money but also to strengthen your knowledge. Blogging is almost addictive job. Once entered to it, it’s hard to come out form it. Blogging can be done in different ways. It includes Auto Blogging, Micro Niche blogging and many more. There are many sources to earn money from blogging. If you are into blogging, you can earn money in different methods.

Again Blogging is divided into 5 parts to make money. Here are 5 ways to make money online from blogging

  • Creating a Blog 

Create a blog in blogger or wordpress to establish a new blog. They are different blogging platforms to start a blog.

Check: 5 Best Blogging platforms to start a new blog

After making a well established blog you can money via

Adsense  - You can earn money from ads displaying on your site

Text Links – You can sell texlinks to earn money while blogging

Paid Reviews – You can earn huge income if you got a chance to publish a paid review on your site

Buysellads – An awesome site, where you can sell different size ad space to earn money

  • Affiliate Marketing – Register as a affiliate on Premium Themes, Hosting and Domain providers to earn some handsome money. Through this affiliate system you can earn money easily. Place some affiliate banners and links in your site and content to increase the change to earn more income form affiliate
  • Content Writing - If you are good at writing, you can work as a content writer or else write some high quality articles and sell them in bulk. You can earn up to 200 INR for 600+ word article. Even you can write some articles to blogs which pay’s for guest posting. By this you can earn some quality back links and money
  • Blog Commenting - There are many pro-bloggers who need some good blog commenters who can comment behalf of his name. Those pro-bloggers are not able to find time to comment on other site to increase back links. Those bloggers always need a commentator to comment on some huge PR sites and Pages. You can even work as a blog commentator and earn up to average of 7 INR for each comment.
  • Finally selling - Selling blogs with good reputation is best ever thing to earn money online in less time. Concentrate on you blog and create another site within 3 months. It should contain at least 50 articles and good traffic. Later you can sell that blog for handsome revenue.

2. Web Designing

web designing

Graphic Design is one of best 5 ways to make money online without investment. If you are good at Webdesign, there are huge chances to earn money online. Create some awesome websites using HTMl, PHP and CSS languages. Recently HTML5 and CSS3  are gaining huge popularity on web. Luckily if you are familiar with those languages you are awesome enough to make money. Even you can make small widgets which are made using HTML with professional look and sell them in websites like Fiverr, codecanyon etc.

If you are willing to spend money on your talent, you can hire some web designers to design premium themes. With those premium themes create a blog to sell those themes. Again Step one repeats

3. Graphic design

Graphic Design is one of 5 ways to make money online without investment. If you are a professional designer you can earn thousands of dollars every month. You can earn by designing logos, Banners, Book covers and many more. Create an account on fiverr.com to earn instant cash. Even you have a chance to earn by selling your designing on graphic river.com.

Photoshop is most important tool in graphic designing. I have learnt Photoshop in just 2 hours from an ultimate guide.
Well, Are you too interested in learning Photoshop in just 2hours? Good! Don’t waste your time and Learn Now!

4. Converting Junk into Cash

You may don’t know how cash is hidden in junk materials. There would be old junk thrown away in your home. You can sell them online on sites like ebay, OLX to earn some money. For example you may have old mobile, computer or any other which you won’t use. You can sell them for good price on those sites.

 5. Write and Sell E-Books

Show your entire writing skills on creating an awesome e-book. Write a book with good cover design and attracting title. Cover your topics completely with good and professional looking images. Write a minimum of 50 pages without any grammar and spelling mistakes. With that book you can sell each copy for 10-20$.

My Final Words

Well, I think you have enjoyed this article on 5 ways to make money These are slow process. You need enough patience to get success. Any of those 5 ways to make money methods would work for you. Even there are chances to become millioner  in just months. If you are really satisfied with this article, please feel free to subscribe to our feeds and leave a comment about your experience

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Amar Ilindra an Entrepreneur and Designer by Interest. His Interest on Technology and Social Media made him an Internet addict and finally a blogger. Get in touch from Profile.


  1. What do you say about affiliate marketing and social networking?

  2. K.S.Ajay says:

    best article! it is a valuable information to those who believe in hard work but not in easy money….great

  3. Rajkumar Jonnala says:

    great i have been searching for it since a long thanks for the share

  4. OMG Machines Commission Conspiracy says:

    I have read your post! I would love to try some of your ideas in business marketing. Thank you so much for this wonderful blog.

  5. Of all of these, Blogging is the easiest.

    So everyone goes for this

    And inevitably fails.

    Why is this?

  6. from my point of view Graphics designing is only one source that can make big amount of money at a time.

    • yes, you’re right. Graphic Designing can make you to earn more in no time

  7. Kapil Dev says:

    These all are the wonderful ways, i like this. But Internet marketing is also an easiest way for make money from your home easily.

  8. pradeep says:

    I loved the article. It inspired me to get to work on my own blog. Keep the blogs coming and much success to you.

  9. Shan says:

    A very interesting article that I think my wife would be very interested in! She is a fairly new mum and would be interested in doing something like this to stimulate her mind now she is at home and also potentially bring in a little bit of money with some thought out strategy.

  10. Mukesh says:

    I think blogging and affiliate marketing combined is the topmost way bloggers are earning online. Earning through blog commenting is a new thing to me. I’ll definitely do some more research on it. Thanks for the post!

  11. Bharat says:

    Thanks for sharing such nice posts

  12. Smith says:

    One more way is to earn more income from home is just go to Global Domains International GDI Income for Life you can earn Unlimited income while sitting the homes and without affecting your current business- Free Training – Join GDI Global Domains International Here
    Use username webincome5 as access code to see the presentation …

  13. Edward says:

    Hey Amar, It was really awesome reading your article and yeah Blogging really helps us to increase and sharpen our knowledge also rather than making money.One need to read a lot first and in tat way one can easily enrich their knowledge and make money online.the 5 ways you mentioned are readily accepted by anyone reading.Recent trends in internet marketing also find its way in making money online.
    I loved ur article jus as lik your other posts and would like to bookmark it for you as it would of great use to the newbies who are making money online.

  14. Making money on Internet may become a good idea, really. There are various advertising networks become helpful to you earning money online.

  15. Blogging is certainly the easiest way to make money online, but selling your own e-book or product is much more profitable. You can try to build reputation and audience through blogging and sell your products to your readers! Anyway, thanks for the great tips Amar :D.

  16. I like your post as I also used to do the same thing. Blogging is nice way for social interaction, increasing contacts, earning money and all but now a days I came across one new technology also that is online video advertising and what I found that you can not only entertain yourself but also can earn money only by watching videos which you admire the most and this can also help to increase website traffic if you upload your video to that site…………..

  17. Victor Steel says:

    The 5 Ways to Make Money Online From Home which you have given in this blog is really good and which is very useful and helpful .. Thanks…

    • Blogging and Affiliate marketing works well, if you are lucky you can earn something huge every month

  18. Jeetu says:

    Converting junk into cash is a good option :)

  19. Hi Amar….
    Finally I find something new with same title…. many people have written on this topic but you have covered some new options like Web Designing and Earn from Junk…..
    It is really nice article Amar

  20. Md Sohail says:

    Nice informative post, since blogging is the best way to earn some good income from money but we need to word hard to get success.

  21. MNB Achari says:

    Excellent article! I do agree with you. Yes! Blogging rocks! And blog commenting is a good idea for those who can’t spend time writing content.

    • Yeah! Blog Commenting is best way to earn money online from blogging. Through this a newbie can earn up to 100 INR in just 1 hour

  22. Pavan Somu says:

    I am already into the first stream :) Blogging rocks :)

    • Totally Agreed with you Pavan, Blogging always rockzz. I think blogging is best way to earn money online


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