13 Fun and Interesting Facebook Facts you Must Know

Do you know about Facebook birth and amazing Facebook Facts? Well, we are here to write some mind blowing Facebook facts which makes you to feel “wahh! Awesome”. Facebook was established on February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. He may don’t know that it would rule and entertain this entire world while starting it. Till now there are many changes in it and achieved many mile stones. At beginning this site is available only for students studying in Harvard university. Later on he managed to extend this wonderful social media site to this entire world. He started this Facebook with the help of his roommates. In 2009 January it is ranked as #1 among all social media sites available on web. If we go deep in to Facebook analytic’s, many interesting and amazing Facebook facts can be discovered. We have collected some of those Facebook facts and helping our readers to know about them

Facebook facts

Amazing Facebook Facts Everyone must know

 1. Revenue

Do you know how much did Facebook earned last year ? It’s more than $1 Billion. One billion dollars is their net profit out of $3.5+ billion dollars. When compared to 2011, income almost becomes doubled

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2. Population

Facebook users are increasing tremendously. According to last year stats there are more than 900 million users registered on Facebook. No matter how many of them are fake accounts :P

 3. Friends

How many friends do you know personally in your friends list? 80% of friend requests are accepting by users. By the end of December 2011 there are more then 10 Billion friends connections. This is one if the interesting Facebook facts i have listened till now.

4. Updates

250+ million new photos are uploading in to Facebook everyday. 2.6 Billion Likes and comments by users everyday

5. Time Spent on Facebook

More than 50% of active users log in to Facebook everyday and they spend 55 minuets everyday on average. cool Facebook facts right? But i spend more than 6 hours everyday

6. Facebook on Mobiles

Users using Facebook on their mobiles are 50% more active than non mobile users. More than 200 Network providers over 60 countries are working to promote Facebook mobile products

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7. Traffic

In United States, Facebook has more traffic then Google. Currently Facebook in available in 70 Languages

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8. Facebook Applications

More than 7 Million Apps and websites are integrated with Facebook

9. Age

Everyone is joining Facebook including old people and even kids. It is estimated that age of Facebook user is 38 years on average

10. Reborn of Facebook

At starting Facebook is almost closed due to some court issue. Client yelled, Mark Zuckerberg steel his idea of Facebook. But this issue was closed on court for undisclosed amount

11. Top 5 Pages

There are millions of Pages on Facebook. Among them Facebook official page stands first followed by Texas Hold’em poker, Eminem, YouTube and Lady gaga

12. Poke

There is no Specific explanation for the phase Poke from Facebook.

13. Evolution Of Facebook

There are many updates happened on Facebook from 2004. Some of them are listed below

2004– Facebook Started

2006– Facebook Launches News feeds, Profile of Users and their activities

2008– Facebook Applications released

2009– Facebook pages are started. (Don’t forgot to like my page :P)

2011– Ticker

2012– Time Line

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Still Many Facebook Facts are remaining with us and we will cover them in upcoming article. Till then try to recover from those facts and subscribe to our feeds and leave a blog comment below, how you felt about them. If you know more Facebook facts, please let us know about them and we will try to add them in next update


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    Social Network is a really awesome movie that Facebook lovers should watch. It explains “Reborn of Facebook” really well.

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    Facebook is definitely one of the greatest online inventions and a standalone phenomenon. It has become an important part of our daily life. It changed the way people communicate and share information. But the most important thing is that Facebook offers online marketers an enormous marketing potential.

  3. Itender Rawat says

    Great facts that I never gonna know! Thanks for the info Bro. You have added many awesome posts on your blog.

  4. Lokesh Chauhan says

    Hey Amar i am also a Facebook Geek i used to spent 5-6 hours a bay on facebook but I was nood that when facebook was discovered :P
    but i have to say you have nicely explained the facts.
    Lokesh Chauhan

    • says

      yes lokesh, i heard about facebook on 2010. Between i used to sped up to 8 hours on Facebook

  5. Gautham Nekkanti says

    Awesome Facts about Facebook, Thanks for sharing these. Subscribed to your blog, hope you do the same

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