wpshit review

Fame Themes Review | Premium WordPress Themes

famethemes.com is one the best WordPress themes provider today. Even tough there are many theme providers like Studiopress, Mythemeshop etc, this Fame themes is unique in nature mainly for its awesome themes. I have personally tried their themes and … [Read More...]

recover sd card lost password

How to Recover Lost Password of Micro SD Memory Card

Password protecting your files in micro SD card is a smart choice to protect your private data in case it is stolen or lost. But this protection leisure may turn out to be a really big problem in case you forget the

convert pdf files

How to Convert PDF Files to Word, Excel and PowerPoint

According to stats on Microsoft’s website, more than 1.2 billion people use MS Office for work or private purposes. The popularity of Microsoft’s software for data analysis, creating presentations and word processing is

whatsapp web version

How to Use WhatsApp Web Version on Your PC or MAC

Finally the most awaited web version of WhatsApp is live but with lot of limitations. After Facebook acquired WhatsApp, lot of rumors went viral about this small yet powerful messaging app. Couple of such viral rumors

optimize mobile app

Useful Tips To Know for Optimizing Mobile Apps

Optimizing mobile apps and steer clearing performance related issues is a significant step one can take to get their app noticed in the major app store. There are times when you have a great app in your hand but could

Best applications from Play Store

7 Best Android Applications On Google Play Store

Android being the most powerful OS, has wide range of applications showing up in the store everyday. There are many developers who are interested in developing Android apps as it is an open source OS. So, out of all the

safe online payments

How To Do Online Payments And Transactions Carefully!

These days most of the payments are done online, as internet has made it convenient for us to shop, pay bills and do lots more with just a click of a button! But, how sure are you when you do online payments? Right from