Geek Dashboard Traffic stats – September 2012

We are posting traffic stats of Geek Dashboard for the first time due to many requests from my readers. We always target organic traffic so, it takes time to write quality content. Keeping organic traffic a side, we also prefer to write useful stuff for our readers and for bloggers/webmasters.

Here are traffic stats for the month September 2012

We use Google Analytics  to check traffic as it was accurate when compared to all things.

Monthly Overview

Traffic stats of geekdashboard

Complete details

geekdashboard stats

Traffic Source

Traffic source for geekdashboard

So, what next month? 

  • Will work hard to increase post frequency
  • Will try to reduce bounce rate
  • Should concentrate on Affiliate marketing


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  1. vivek says

    Congratulations bro keep it up….:]

  2. says

    awesome stats dude keep moving like this….

  3. Davinder says

    awesome, i want my stats like yours

  4. mohit rajwani says

    wow…dude your blog is growing and i will be always praying for that..and you must deserve it also…. :) :) :) :)

  5. says

    Those are not the traffic stats, those are the stats of your hard work, i suppose.
    I hope to see the same with your site in coming days too.

  6. says

    Hey happy to see this stats Amar
    Hard work never fails
    i hope you keep up your hard work like this..
    When you share your stats like this it will inspire the bloggers who are new to blogging

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