iPhone Data Recovery Software to Recover Lost Data

iPhone data recovery for MAC

iPhone data recovery is made even easier now with recovery software’s . iPhone data can be lost due to several factors, including accidental deletion, damage caused due to water contact, locked device due to wrong password, if a sync has been performed on the device after virus attack, factory settings restore, IOS upgrade etc. 321Soft […]

5 First Impressions Of The iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S Colors

Apple released two new iPhone’s recently: the iPhone 5C, which is a lower-price repackaging of the old iPhone 5; and the iPhone 5S, which is the new premium model to supersede the iPhone 5.When you hold an iPhone 5S for the first time, you could be forgiven for thinking it is an iPhone 5. The […]

How to Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to iPhone

Transfer Contacts from Blackberry to iPhone

Annoyed with Blackberry phones? It’s time to jump from Blackberry; iPhone’s are waiting, go get one.  Don’t worry about the data transfer, it’s quite simple. Transferring contacts fromBlackberry to iPhone was a question ages back; but now it’s not the case. The process to transfer contacts from Blackberry to iPhone is so simple and can […]

Take care of your iPhone with Protective cases


Well! Being an iPhone user, i understood one important thing while using any products from Apple and especially while using iPhone’s. I still remember that day when i dropped my brand new iPhone 4 on a concrete floor, in just seconds it’s glass broken into pieces. Then i decided to use protective case for all my gadgets. Earlier […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5

Apple has finally launched the long awaited iPhone5 which has as always been launched with a bang. But this time Apple faces competition as the all new Samsung Galaxy S3 has been launched into the market too. The everlasting rivalry between the two worldwide tantalizing companies has taken new heights with the launching of these […]