How to Root Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 GT-I9152

Recently we published on article about how to root Samsung Galaxy Grand and few days later we published it, we got a mail requesting us to publish an article explaining how to root Samsung Galaxy Mega GT I9152. As we respect our readers request, without wasting time anymore, we’re today here to root Samsung Galaxy Mega. Actually there is a huge confusion for all Samsung buyers, whether to buy Galaxy grand or Samsung Galaxy Mega. But According to me Galaxy Mega GT I9152 is the best choice

Root Samsung Galaxy Grand GT I9152

Samsung Galaxy Mega GT I9152 comes with Android Jelly bean, 8 MP camera including 1.9 MP front facing camera. It is capable to handle up to 64 GB micro SD card along with 8 GB internal memory. Everything is better than Samsung Galaxy Grand, no doubt; Grand users feel bad for the purchase they made as both the mobiles costs almost same. However, few features are minimized in Samsung Galaxy Mega as well. In order to feel the hidden features in your mobile, you should root it immediately.


Rooting is not recommend as it voids warranty and even may make your phone useless if something go extremely wrong. This tutorial is only applicable for Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9152. Try this guide at your own risk; Neither Geek Dashboard Admin nor Developers are responsible if damage happens to your mobile.

Things to follow before you root Samsung galaxy Mega GT I9152

Root Samsung Galaxy Mega GT I9152 | 100% working

1. Download all required stuff for rooting process from below link. This rooting kit contains ODIN and a .tar file

 Download Rooting Kit

2. Now take your mobile and switch it off. Enter in to Download mode by press and holding Volume down button + Home button and Power button.

3. Run ODIN V3.7 as administrator and connect your mobile to computer using USB cable.

4. Click PDA button in ODIN and select I9152 JB 4.2.2 boot.tar file you have downloaded and extracted earlier.

5. Make sure you checked only F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot boxes in ODIN flash tool.

6. Once you done everything perfectly as mentioned above, Click Start to begin the rooting process.

That’s it rooting may take couple of minutes, once completed you will see PASS message in ODIN, then you can disconnect your mobile and reboot it.

Hope this simple tutorial about how to root Samsung Galaxy Mega GT I9152 worked perfectly for you and never ever feel shy to make get in contact with us in case of any difficulties.

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  1. Bunty Nagda says

    Hi Sir It Is Showing ME Success o and Failed ero In Odin Only Please Help Me Sir :'(

  2. tej says

    How to update mega 5.8 to kitkat after rooting ?

  3. Gary says

    i have play with this for days and can not get it to work it just say it doing it and the phone sat on the desk for 3 days and did nothing

  4. me says

    Link is dead?

  5. Carlos Melendez says

    Thank you, now I have rooted my Galaxy Mega :)

  6. says

    thanx 4the Root !!!!! but how to upgrade it in 4.4 kitkat

  7. alfredo says

    Amar thank you. I will let you know later how it went.

    • alfredo says

      Hello. I tried to root and followed all the steps, but I am not rooted. In Odin the message I first get is REBOOT then after the phone automatically reboots I then get the PASS message, but I am not rooted. Help

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