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  • Published on: August 30, 2012
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  • OIOpublisher is an awesome plugin to make some money with your blog via selling ad spaces. Except twitter tweet option everything is fine with the plugin.

Why do you wait for Buy Sell adds approval message. Why don’t use manage your own ads on your WordPress Dashboard. A couple of days back, i discuss about this with my friend and i found a premium plugin named OIOpublisher. Immediately i bought that plugin and installed it on this Geekdashboard. After installing OIOpublisher, i yelled WOW! I found a plugin what i exactly need. Do you know, i worked about 2 hours to configure the plugin.

Now you may understand the quantity of options in it. This plugin is best and awesome one to make money by selling ad spaces on your blog. Don’t waste your time by reading and replying to mails from advertisers. Allow advertisers to register an ad space directly with paypal or other method without even contacting you. OIOpublisher not only helps your income but also helps your blog looks professional. I strongly recommend all my blogger friends to use this plugin. As this plugins is very useful i decided to write a review on it.


Please note this is not a paid review. All things mentioned here are from my heart and every point is genuine one.

What is OIOpublisher

OIOpublisher is an premium WordPress plugin which allows to create our own ad space on our blog. Using this plugin you can make and design ad spaces in all sizes. You can place those ads at any widgets in your theme.

What does OIOpublisher contain?

OIOpublisher contain tons of options to configure it. Among them most important and useful options are mentioned below

Easy to install and Use

Installing OIOpublisher is same as all other plugins. Once you registered at OIOpublisher and paid them, you can have access to the download link. After downloading it, install at your WordPress dashboard and configure it

Payment Options

OIOpublisher allows to add 7 payment options. They include

  • Offline payment [Bank Transfer]
  • Paypal
  • Alertpay
  • Google Checkout
  • 2Checkout
  • EntreCard

Ad Size and type

Any type of ad with any size can be created using this plugin. You can even add nofollow tags to them. Adding nofollow is mandatory thing while publishing the ad. It may save your site from various penalties.

Theme customization

Whenever any client decides to advertise on your site, it will take them to payment page. OIOpublishers have some themes for this payment page. By default there are 3 themes for that page and even you can design your own using CSS and PHP

Advanced Settings

Advanced settings contain many security options to set

  • Whether advertiser is able to modify the ad after publishing it
  • Whether advertiser can upload images to your server
  • Whether ad should be opened in new tab or new window or popup
  • Whether payment should be done after publishing the ad or before publishing the ad

Ad stats

Ad stats column helps to tack clicks and impressions on ads. This is useful when you published any ad on basis of clicks or impressions

How to use OIOpublisher

Using OIOpublisher is not a geeky task. This can be done easily but need some dedication and patience to configure it.
OIOpublisher review

Get Started

In get started tab you can get some links for Help center, Tutorials, forum, Advertisers URL and much more. It even contain trouble shooting option. If anything stops working in the plugin, you can troubleshoot from this Get Started tab


In settings Tab you can find on and Off switches for the plugin. Using settings tab, configure Site Name, Email, Affiliate ID, Payment options, Advanced settings (mentioned above), payment Currency etc.

You can select Theme, Language, Coupons too

Ad zones 

Using this ad zone you can create ads likes Text ads, Banner ads, inline ads and even you can create your own ad with any size

Create an ad zone with your some name and set things like cost per day, cost for click and cost for impression.

Work with Widgets

You can see extra boxes from OIOpublisher on theme widgets page. Drag and drop OIOpublisher ad spot box in widgets like Primary sidebar (as i did), Header, Footer, After Post content e.t.c

My Final Review

OIOpublisher is best plugin to earn money from advertising. Almost all features are available in the plugin and we can customize it up to peak. One backlog i found in this plugin is absence of twitter tweet option. I hope they will add this one as soon as possible. Other than this tweet option everything is perfect and in short Must use plugin

OIOpublisher is an awesome plugin to make some money with your blog via selling ad spaces. Except twitter tweet option everything is fine with the plugin.

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  1. PrIyAnGsHu says

    It’s a great plugin to sell ads on our WordPress sites and make more money out of our blogs. Gotta try it out soon.

  2. Antonella says

    Great article there! I really enjoy reading you and Thank you so much for the great info you provide us. I’ll stay tuned! Please, keep the good work up! =)

  3. says

    I haven’t tried this plugin yet because I was using Quick AdSense to manage ads. Gotta give it a shot :) Thanks for the share Amar.

    P.S, I don’t know why but my comment is showing as duplicate comment. If you see a same copy of my comment in dashboard, then please delete this one. Thanks.

  4. says

    I haven’t tried this plugin yet because I was using Quick AdSense to manage ads. Gotta give it a shot :) Thanks for the share Amar.

  5. K Bharath says

    Very Useful Plugin instead of selling ads using 3rd party sites like Buysellads etc we can sell the ad space directly without paying commission for the 3rd party and we can earn the full money. i will definitely buy this plugin once my blogs traffic and popularity rises.

  6. says

    great plugin, i wanna use it on my blog. i may feel happy if a giveaway starts for this plugin

    • says

      I recommend you to use this plugin on your site and we will try hard to start a giveaway for this plugin too but i’m not sure about it

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