How to Invite All Your Friends to like Facebook Fanpage in One Click

No matter, how large your company is; one of the working awesome best way to promote a business online is by making use of Social Media. No doubt, best one among all social media sites is Facebook and next comes LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+. Facebook fanpage is the most extraordinary thing developed by Facebook. Every company have their own official Facebook page and even Geek Dashboard has Facebook Page. First immediate thing you need to do after creating a Facebook page for your business is to invite all friends to like Facebook fanpage. Unfortunately this will become really a headache is you have a large list of friends on your account. Moreover, Facebook has no official “select all” button to select all friends in the list. There is no other choice, you have to manually invite everyone.

How to Invite All Your Friends to like Facebook Fanpage in One Click


This is really a hard task and take hours to compete. Luckily today we had a working JavaScript code to invite all friends to like Facebook Fanpage in just one click. This trick works on all Facebook pages, no matter whether you’re admin of that page or not. You can even invite your friends to like a page even if you’re not owning that page.

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Invite all friends to like Facebook Fanpage in one click

Currently this trick is working on almost all best web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firebox, Internet Explorer, Safari irrespective of operating systems. All you have to do is just copying and pasting. It is just few steps task which can get completed in less than 30 seconds. Okay lets invite all friends to like Facebook fanpage easily in just few simple mouse clicks.

Before proceeding, make sure you are using latest version of web browsers on your computer. Out dated browsers may not give the results as expected. You can download latest version of browsers below

Code to Invite all friends to like Facebook Fanpage in one click

Below is the working JavaScript which will help you to Invite all friends to like Facebook Fanpage in one click. Copy below provided code and proceed to next step

javascript:var inputs = document.getElementsByClassName('uiButton _1sm'); 
for(var i=0; i<inputs.length;i++) { 

Once copied, open the Facebook page from which you want to send invites and click “Invite Friends” Now scroll down till the end of the list and depending up on your browser type; follow steps mentioned below.

Google Chrome Users

  1. Right click any where of the page and click “Inspect Element” or simply press F12 and Go to “Console” tab.
  2. Now past the code at the end just next to the > and hit “Enter”.

Invite all friennds in one click

That’s it, leave it a side for sometime and it will automatically invite all friends

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Mozilla Firefox users

  1. Press Ctrl+Shit+k (Windows users) Cmd+Option+K (MAC users) on your keyboard
  2. Now paste the copied code at the end just after the >> and hit “Enter”

It will now automatically invite all friends to like that page automatically

Internet Explorer Users

  1. Press F12
  2. Click “Console” tab
  3. Paste the copied code and press “Enter”

Safari Users

  1. Go to “Preferences” in menu, then click “Advance” and check “Show desktop menu in desktop”
  2. Now click “Develop” and then “Show error console” and just press “Command+Option+C”
  3. Paste the copied code at the end after > and hit “Enter”
It takes time to send all invites, time depends on total number of friends in your account and partially on your internet connectivity.

Hope this guide about how to invite all friends to like Facebook fanpage helps you to grow your business and let us know if you face any problems during this process.

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  1. Jasa Pembuatan Website says

    I’m using the code almost every day on pages, it works great. But be careful as long as my experience you only invite at once to group approximately only 800 friends on group. I have question how many friends we can invite at once to page so we not get banned by facebook?

  2. sahil rinpa says

    Thanks bro for JS code it works fine, it helped me a lot.

  3. Fbook Fans says

    Not sure why but I have 5,000 friends on my personal profile (fans rather) and I want to get them over to my already established fanpages (3 of them) – I have done this exact script in Chrome the correct way and it tells me that the invitations have been sent and all turns golden/yellow color as if it sent… but then I go back and it shows open friends for invites (most of the ones I just invited) – Is it a bug on facebooks end in still allowing to invite? As far as I know even if lets say they all denied (which isnt what seems to be happening) it wont allow you to re-invite… so I am guessing it just isnt working after it says it has??

    Please let me know!

  4. Tech Audible says

    Works just fine. Thanks a lot for the JS code man. I’ve been searching for it, just made my work easier. Thanks again :)

  5. Nizam Khan says

    Hi !

    I tried the code, but it didn’t work. Then I search online and got the same code and it worked. Just need to remove javascript: from the code. Thanks for sharing :)

    • says

      Thanks for mention Nizam Kham, we updated above code and now it is working properly

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