9 Proven ways to get more Email Subscribers

Who else won’t dream to get more email subscribers?

Everyone wants to grow their email list rapidly. But only few people know how to effectively get more email subscribers.

First off, why should you focus on increasing email subscribers on your blog?

Most bloggers don’t focus much on building a list for their blogs, but the blogging era has changed. With Google kicking bloggers on their their dream blogs with the crazy updates like Panda, Penguin etc you should be focusing on finding the alternatives to bring traffic to your blog.

If you solely rely on Google, your blog may not last longer!

It’s always a smart move concentrating to get more email subscribers.

get more email subscribers

Use these tips to get more email subscribers

Use optin crusher plugin (free):

This is one of the easiest ways to grab someone’s attention to get more email subscribers. The optincrusher plugin gets visitors to your website on your email list.  It’s different from other methods in that it doesn’t interrupt the user but it still gets their attention which decreases bounce and exit rates while increasing optin rates.

Download link

Use WPSubscribers

WPSubscribers is a great premium plugin for WordPress which works great to get more email subscribers. Unfortunately is was a premium plugin but i recommend you to use that plugin. Recently we have published a review on WPSubscribers, check it once before buying it.

Buy WPSubscribers now

Give your readers some incentives:

Why should someone subscribe to you? If they find something valuable or if you offer them some incentives.. then you’ll get others emails into your list. Without offering great content, freebies etc you can’t attract others to subscribing to your blog. So give them something for FREE which is worth paying for.

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Use a landing page:

Landing pages convert better than the usual blog pages. The main reason to use landing pages for growing email list is this: it can grab more people attention within less time, thus increases the chances to get more email subscribers. You should not worry about making some investment in creating appealing landing pages, in the long run it will generate more income for your online business.

Don’t give too many options:

Less is always more in conversions. When you want to rapidly increase your mailing list, give only one goal: subscribe or leave. This way you can attract more leads to your mailing system. But make sure your offer is so good that others can’t easily ignore subscribing you.

Conduct giveaways regularly:

Giveaways is the best and effective to  get more email subscribers. No matter what you’re going to giveaway, be relevant to your blog readers. No one will be interested to take participate in a giveaway, if your blog is about technology and your giving away devotional cd’s (joking!). But conducting relevant giveaways on your blog can effectively bring more email subscribers to you.

Use prominent buttons:

This is another important tactic to grow your email subscribers. Make it easy for people to subscribing to your blog. Use prominent buttons on your blog. And place them on the most visible places on your blog.

Some of the most visible places are:

  • Above the fold
  • Footer
  • Top of the sidebar
  • Under each and every post
  • About page

Use the best Email marketing service:

Instead of using Feedburner, MailChimp you can generate quality leads with AWeber. AWeber is one of the best email autoresponders out there which is used by many professional bloggers across the blogosphere. If you’re serious about blogging, then get an AWeber account. You won’t regret later!

Get more blog traffic:

This is no brainer. You’ll get more online visibility and email subscribers when you’ve more traffic on your blog, right? Keep your focus on building relationships with other bloggers and optimizing your contents for the search engines to drive more traffic to your blog. Don’t neglect your loyal readers, treat them as you treat your own family and convert them into email subscribers. Always provide great quality to them, they’ll be always faithful to you then.

Do you have any more tips to get more email subscribers? Do share them below.

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  1. Yogesh Mandge says

    Awesome Article Bro!
    Now i Really Think i Need this Kind of Article, Because I’ve only 1 or 2 Subscribers.
    But Now I’ll Use These Tactics and Build up my Blog’s Subscribers.
    Thanks For Sharing :)

  2. mohit rajwani says

    i have used Giving of a free e-book to my subscriber and it has work for my blog.

  3. says

    These tips are awesome i will be suing WordPress plugin and i am sure that it will help me….

  4. Naveen says

    Providing offers and Free E books would help us to get more readers, but making trust with these readers is a must factor in order to get huge success.

    • says

      Agree with you Naveen. Ebook works well but need lot of dedication while writing it

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