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  • MaxCDN is one the best CDN which helps to load your Website faster. You can use the coupon "MAX20" to get 25% off on your total billing

It wasn’t that long ago when people would patiently wait not just seconds – but a full minute or two for a webpage to load. The interesting thing about it is that if the page was slow to load, we blamed it on our connection or Internet provider. So, how did it all flop around? Why is it now that the website owner is the first to be blamed when a website is slow to load? Actually you might think, your Internet is slow and plan to improve internet speed but in fact website is loading slowly due to lack of a best CDN’s like MaxCDN

Website Loading Slow

The same barrier – latency – remains in place. And although the speed of the web for most of us is much faster, our planet hasn’t gotten smaller. So, you can get there faster but you still have to traverse the same physical distance. Again, how did this end up being your fault?

It’s certainly a question to ponder – but really, who has time? You’ve got people pounding on you and demanding that your website work faster for them! What you need to ponder is how you can compensate for the distance that separates you from your customers and adds time to getting your website to them.

What you need is the services of a CDN.

The CDN: A Website Turbocharger

Much of today’s web content is delivered not by a company’s single web server, but by Content Delivery Networks (CDNs). These are services that take a website’s images, JavaScript, and CSS (the data-intensive elements of a webpage) and clones these files across a network of servers around the planet. This provides a solution to the physical distance that causes latency – the three types of files named above (which often are the largest in size) are delivered from a server that’s closest to each of that company’s customers.

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While the primary objective of a CDN is to reduce page loading speed, there are various types that specialize in distributing specific kinds of web media. The most common is the HTTP Caching (Origin Pull) CDN, used by thousands of WordPressJoomlaDrupal powered sites that run this popular website software.


There are also CDNs specializing in Origin Push (File Upload and Storage) activity, which means they are optimized to handle massive downloads via FTP or sFTP for things such as software updates.

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Other CDNs may focus on Media Streaming and Demand, distributing audio or video files on behalf of companies that want this media to look as if it’s streaming from their respective websites.

Finally, there are Live Media Streaming CDNs, which come into play when there’s a global need to push out a live event. (Yes, you were most likely watching Steve Jobs unveil the latest i-Whatever courtesy of a CDN.)

Regardless of its specific function, a CDN allows you to clone and distribute your content so that it’s accessible from multiple points around the world, instead of a single point happening to be wherever your single server is located.

It’s viral, baby!

Not Your Fault, but You Still get Blamed

If your website’s page doesn’t load within seconds on a customer’s browser, they think it’s because there’s something wrong with your website – regardless of the high likelihood that the real reason for the sluggishness is the true and unfortunate fact that the Worldwide Web is slow…and the planet we live on is big.

Okay, transmission times occur in milliseconds – making the total amount of time it should take to load a page about two or three seconds. However, that’s a perfect scenario which depends on a the website viewer being in close proximity to the server. And when are things ever perfect?

In real life, your customers are more likely to be separated from the physical location of your server by thousands – or even tens of thousands of miles. That will tack on full additional seconds for a webpage to load. If the website conducts e-commerce, pushes out video, or engages in social networking, the lag is even more noticeable.

how cdn works

A CDN solves this problem by putting the elements of your website in multiple places.

Up until recently, only the big players could afford the services of a CDN. Today, it’s an easily affordable investment that puts the power of many servers in many locations creating a large number of short connection points between your content and your customers.

It solves the problem that isn’t your fault – but for which you still take the blame, anyway.

MaxCDN – Over 13,000 Customers Can’t be Wrong

Say hello to MaxCDN. This Content Delivery Network has a global distribution of 500 peering partners that establish a direct reach into over 90 countries. The benefit to your customers is that they’re to you with just a single network hop. What happens? Page load times can decrease from hundreds of milliseconds to only tens.

MaxCDN Review

MaxCDN also is highlighted for it’s usage of Anycast DNS.

Anycast allows multiple, identical, globally deployed DNS servers to use the same IP address. It provides the ability for content to exist in dozens or hundreds of places simultaneously.
? Your customers look up your domain name after you’ve secured the services of MaxCDN
? They get the Anycast instance geographically closest to them
? Latency is vastly reduced because in most cases MaxCDN has whittled down delivery of your website to just a single hop.

It’s no wonder that companies such as Black & Decker, TNW, StumbleUpon, and Nissan use MaxCDN to accelerate their websites.

What might be surprising – but in a good way – are the affordable costs involved to secure the services of MaxCDN. Monthly pricing starts at only $9 for a basic package. Depending on your bandwidth, this $9 package really may be all you need. The new lower monthly fees for what MaxCDN calls, “Instant Awesomeness,” are proving to be very attractive to anyone who needs to watch their budget.

Buy MaxCDN Now – Best CDN

It is pretty awesome. The MaxCDN solution speeds up your website, helps to increase conversion rates and higher Google rankings – but best of all, it’s a painless upgrade for you…and a welcome improvement for your customers.

MaxCDN Coupons – 25% OFF

You can get 25% off on total billing while purchasing MaxCDN. During checkout, Just use the coupon MAX20 to make use of this discount.

MaxCDN is one the best CDN which helps to load your Website faster. You can use the coupon "MAX20" to get 25% off on your total billing

$$7/month (Starting)
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    Absolutely agree. I can’t imagine a fast work of a site (especially media) without a help of CDN. For example, I prefer this one .

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    CDN is really a great invention for the website owners, our website also applied this great technology, thanks for your introducing, may have a try for my own blog.

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    Hi Amar,
    I have never used MaxCDN for any of my website because I never got any issues in the load time. As Kuldeep said, that if a site has many images or videos then the load time can increase a lot and at that time using a CDN service like MaxCDN would be a very good decision.
    Great review, BTW :)

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    Well CDN is really important for the websites/blog’s which has lot of images or content. CDN can easily make our blog faster. I have tried MAXcdn once for my wallpaper site.. it was great.

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