How To Install or Download Instagram for PC

Instagram for PC

Instagram does it need any introduction! It’s is one of the most downloaded application in all categories on all mobile OS platforms which includes iOS, Android, Windows Phone etc. To all those who don’t know about Instagram, Instagram is a photo sharing application where users can share pictures they shoot or came across it’s like […]

How to Fix Operating System Not Found Error

Operating system not found

Operating System not Found is one the most common error for every Windows operating system user either when automatic updates goes wrong or when hard disk fails badly. Operating System not Found is the worst error one will face while starting their PC. This error keeps displaying Operating System not Found message on the black screen with […]

Best Computer: How to Choose a Computer or Laptop

best desktop buiying guide

For the really tech savvy amongst us and I mean REALLY tech savvy, the “humble” desktop has given way to extremely lightweight advanced laptops, best tablets with revolutionary technology, and some prohibitively expensive smartphones that are like mini-computer themselves. But there are many amongst us who still swear by desktop PCs and who usually have […]