How to Convert PDF Files to Word, Excel and PowerPoint

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According to stats on Microsoft’s website, more than 1.2 billion people use MS Office for work or private purposes. The popularity of Microsoft’s software for data analysis, creating presentations and word processing is unsurpassed even by OpenOffice, one of the most popular open source alternatives to MS Office. As we know, MS Office suite is […]

How Can You Run Database Tuning Through The Workload Process?


Tuning the database signifies that particular cluster of activities where the optimization can take place regarding the performance of the database. The Workloads can be used for database tuning by the Database Engine Tuning Advisor or by the DTA Utility. The transact-SQL statements oppose the database that needs to be tuned. You need to follow […]

[How To] Remove/Uninstall webssearches ( Malware On All Browsers

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A very frustrating thing that we would ever experience is Virus or Malware on PC or Browsers. As the Internet era has been advancing rapidly, many users have been exposed to it. More the users, more will be the opportunity & interest for the geeks to spam the internet. Such spam is a headache to the users. […]

How To Take Care Of Gadgets With Computer Accessories

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Spending just a little on protecting your gadgets can help avoid you having them repaired or replaced in the future. This is especially true if you are travelling and your gadgets will be kept in a suitcase or bag. Computer accessories like cases covers and other stuff can be purchased at affordable prices and provide utmost […]