6 Best Premium and Free Photoshop Alternatives

Photoshop alternative

Every designer, either a graphic or web designer might have used Photoshop at the least once during their work time. Designers can’t accomplish their work without using Adobe Photoshop. Graphic designers mostly depends on Adobe Photoshop and Web Designers use it for designing layouts, icons and simple backgrounds. Miracles can be done using this Photoshop […]

Top 7 Best Free MAC games

Free games for MAC

Apple’s MAC is known for its productivity as I heard from many people that if you want to be more productive then go get a MAC for yourself. MAC is a combination of beautiful design and hardware, they are light and portable and also offers great battery life they are more than just normal laptops. You […]

How to Turn Off Laptop Screen manually

Turn off LCD screen of laptop

The number of Laptop users are increasing daily as they offer the same features similar to Personal Computers and portable too. We can enjoy the productivity on the go while travelling too using laptops. The biggest concern of laptops now a days is battery life. Battery Life on majority of laptops is a disaster. High end […]