Best Computer: How to Choose a Computer or Laptop

best desktop buiying guide

For the really tech savvy amongst us and I mean REALLY tech savvy, the “humble” desktop has given way to extremely lightweight advanced laptops, best tablets with revolutionary technology, and some prohibitively expensive smartphones that are like mini-computer themselves. But there are many amongst us who still swear by desktop PCs and who usually have […]

How to get Facebook chat heads in Google Chrome

how to Facebook chat heads for Google Chrome

This guide will show you how to get Facebook Chat heads in Google Chrome. Before you start to use chat heads on Google Chrome, lets see what is Facebook Chat heads and what we can do with it. Chat heads is an interesting feature introduced by Facebook on its official Facebook Messenger for Android and IOS operating systems. Facebook Messenger […]

How to Boot into Safe Mode in Windows 8

safe mode in windows 8

General issues related to hardware or software in Windows PC causes little trouble while start up. These issues can be either rectified or at least can troubleshoot with the help of the Safe Mode in Windows 8. Safe Mode only enables only the most basic drivers in Windows which are needed to start up the […]

How to Remote Shutdown your PC in LAN – EMCO Remote Shutdown

remote shutdown

Save electricity and save the future is the main motto of any given individual or any Multinational organization. Again implementing the same motto in ones own backyard is as tough as it gets. Switching off the workstation PCs in a large scale organizations is the most tedious job ever and takes ages to complete the […]

How to Take a Screenshot on Mac


People who communicate with others via internet usually like to use screenshots to better explain their meanings. The beauty of screenshots lies in the facts that they can show others exactly what you see on the screen. Many people who are using MAC still depending of third party apps to takes screenshots and they are […]