5 best WordPress security plugins to protect your blog

WordPress is ruling this blogging era. Blogging is a good open source to make money online. Now a days blogging is helping to pay our regular bills. Almost all successful blogs run on WordPress CMS. There are many blogging platforms to start a blog, but everyone prefers WordPress due to easy to use and because of the plugins. Taking this as an advantage, hackers concentrate on them. So, there is an urgent need to protect our blog. There are some best WordPress security plugins which can save our blog from hacker’s hand. Why the hell we should give our blog and our hard work unnecessary to those bloody hackers. Make use of some best WordPress security plugins to keep our blog on safe side.

best WordPress security plugins

In this guide, I’m trying to explain about 5 best WordPress security plugins and their role on your blog. Due to lack of security on WordPress blogs, many sites are being hacked. This plugins will surely increase the security of the blog.

Best WordPress Security Plugins

Here is the list of 5 best WordPress security plugins which increases the blog security by 400%

1. Bullet Proof Security

Bullet Proof Security ranks first in best WordPress security plugins race. The reasons behind them are many. First I should appreciate the plugin admin, as he is spreading it for completely free.

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This plugins helps to protect .htaccess from being hacked. This plugin simply protects the .Htaccess for all kinds of hacking attempts including code injection and XSS with just one click.

One more important thing is “503 maintenance page” if you are working on your servers, this plugin is capable to show Maintenance page to your readers

2.   WP Security Scan

WP Security Scan is also a good one among the best WordPress security plugins. This plugin is mainly to inform us about blog security level. It can make a complete security scan for our blog and give complete details about it. If any things go wrong within our site, it highlights them with red color. Also there is an option to correct them. Don’t think about site load because we can remove the plugin after correcting all errors. A mandatory plugin to secure our site

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3.  WordPress file Monitor

I have added WordPress file Monitor in best WordPress security plugins since it helps to secure our site easily. Whenever a change is made in our database  you will get an email about it. That email clearly says about the changes made with-in the WordPress Database. So, this plugins helps to monitor each and every file in our site.

4.  Antivirus for WordPress

Strange thing right? But not, Virus is always a virus in anything and even in WordPress. If you are installing nulled scripts or plugins, it may contain virus. So bloody hackers insert virus in such plugins, when you install these plugins, your site will get effected with virus. Antivirus for WordPress plugins scans entire WP for any virus, in case of any virus it helps to clean them

Never install any plugins for un-trusted providers. If you are installing any plugins out of WordPress.org  I suggest you to check reviews about that plugin. Never make the work of hackers hackers by such plugins

5. WP-DB manager

Till now we have tried to secure our WP blog. We have made all possible ways to secure our site. But for our badness, if our site is still hacked even after trying all possible steps, then we are helpless. But if you regularly use this plugin, you can maintain backup’s of WP database. So, those backups help to restore our site.

WP-DB manager is a best free plugin available till now which is capable to take regular backups of the entire database. One more important things in this plugin is scheduled backups. This option helps to create backups without spending single second.

Over to you

Hope this guide about best WordPress security plugins helps to secure your site. If you have any other steps in your mind, do let us know by commenting. Consider sharing this guide with your blogger friends.


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    Any plugin to scan your wordpress files on server for maliciious code because i have faced this problem in past. please reply and thanks in advance.

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