5 Best Free and Premium WordPress Popup Plugins

Being a blogger i understood the importance of popups in my blog which helped me a lot to increase email subscribers and social media fans. I used many WordPress popup plugins for this task, but some of them worked perfectly for me. They include Email subscription popups and even social media promotion popus. Almost all internet marketers use these popup’s to increase their readers and sales. Even you can use these Popup’s to say what’s new in your blog or websites. They works well to promote your new E-books and all such kinda stuff. These popup can be made even by using code, but it was a hard task to customize those popup. I recommend you to use WordPress Popup plugins for this task. While you are using these WordPress popup plugins you will have tons of options to edit the popup. I tried many of such WordPress popup plugins, they include both Free and Premium plugins. I made a small list of 5 Best Free and premium WordPress popup plugins which may be useful for my readers to increase their subscriptions and social media fans

wordpress popup plugins

Premium WordPress Popup Plugins

1. Popup Domination 

Popup Domination is best among all Premium WordPress popup plugins which helps to increase your email subscribers by 300%. This plugins was used by huge famous blogger and great blogs/websites, owners of those blogs yelled that they have seen dramatic increase in subscribers.

Features of Popup domination

  • 7 Different themes
  • 8 Different buttons
  • Tracking popups on separate pages
  • Works with every email marketing service

2. WPSubcribers 

WPSubscribers is also a premium WordPress Popup plugin which was similar to Popup domination. When WPSubscribers is compared to Popup domination, WPSubscribers has more options which helps micro niche sites. Interesting option in WPSubscribers is Facebook integration, this one helps your visitors to subscribe to newsletter with single click

Features of WPSubscribers 

  • Exit Popup
  • Facebook integration
  • Tracking popups
  • Easy to add Subscription Opt-ins at any place of blog

3. Premium List Magnet 

From name itself we can say Premium List Magnet is best among premium WordPress Plugins which helps to create awesome opt-ins without programming skills. Using this plugin you can create simple and professional looking popups in less than 10 minuets

Features of Premium List Magnet 

  • Facebook integration
  • No designing skills required
  • Works on all CMS
  • Different popus for different categories

Free WordPress Popup Plugins

4. Facebook page promoter lightbox 

Facebook page promoter lightbox is free WordPress popup plugin which is capable of creating simple and small popup of Facebook like box. I’m are using this plugin to get lot of genuine Facebook fans. Because of this one of the best WordPress popup plugins, my Facebook fans increased from 500 to 800+ in just 2 month.

Facebook page promoter light box

Features of Facebook page promoter lightbox 

  • Custom CSS
  • Setting delay in Popup
  • Works with iFrame
  • No API key required

5. WordPress Popup 

WordPress popup is free plugin to make different kind of popups in WordPress blogs. This plugin is easy to customize and use. This popup is best one to advertise our mailing list.

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  1. Nice ! Thank’s :)

  2. Thanks for the tips. I’ll use WordPress Facebook pop box for my website, http://www.comicsgutter.com/

  3. Prafull says:

    I looking for a plugin that can show Twitter , facebook , Google Plus Follow Button as popup . I tried Social Popup Plugin to enable this to my blog but this is not working . I want a plugin that show all social site at one . Let me know any best plugin for me

  4. I am very happy with sharing a very good article and useful, hopefully Mr. Amar Ilindra increasingly successful

  5. abdullah says:

    i need plugin which show popup up at the end of page saying (thanks you for reading the artical ) is there any pliugin which remove on scroll up with out disturbing the whole page .hlep me getting this.
    thanks in advance.

  6. Nice post, Amar. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Abel Ligas says:

    Thanks you for sharing your thoughts on the best plugins available.

  8. vulap.com says:

    Thanks what else i want these 5 plugins will made my site good i will wait for the further updates.

  9. michelle says:

    Thanks for those recommendations. I have installed the Facebook Lightbox Promoter onto my blog!

  10. adoric says:

    this is a useful wordpress popup plugin

  11. Mahesh says:

    thanks it help me lot.can u just tell me which one is quick.So that my user experience doesn’t ruin

  12. WordPress PopUp is what I was really looking for… thanks Amar

  13. Thanks you for sharing your thoughts on the best plugins available.

  14. jotizen says:

    facebook lightbox promoter is easy to implement in wordpress I wonder if they also have a version for blogger

    • No, but there’re certain scripts available for blogspot blogs as well. will let you know soon

  15. thank’s for sharing , and im like your share :)

  16. alexey says:

    Thanks Amar for the list. I think this one deserves to be on your list too:

    • Seems good and great. Will consider it in our next update

  17. I use Facebook page promoter lightbox and it works fine on my site. I have been getting around 25 fans each day.

  18. Online Webmasters Forum says:

    @ Findertravel, the plugin does not build e-mail list but you Facebook likes.
    @ Admin, thanks for the post.

  19. findertravel.com says:


    I have one of these running on findertravel.com, I think it is going to help me build up my email list!!! Thanks for the awesome post.

  20. hotigi says:

    thank before, you can share me one of this?

  21. Pankaj says:

    I am looking for a wordpress plugin which give me access to change the pop up randomly with social plugin as well as email subscription.

    btw great list to use. thanks

  22. Rajesh says:

    I am using locker plugins and I guess popup plugins can prove more useful. Thanks for the plugin list friend.
    Great share!

  23. Hello Dear,
    I like all ur plugins.u r doing great work.
    I need your help.
    Can u give me plugin that u have installed that shows information(right bottom) for next post just like in your site.
    I shall be thankful to u.

  24. free download wordpress premium says:

    this is great post i like it very much thanks for share this important information

  25. Dude, your writing skills are fantastic. :D

  26. Thanks brother. This is just exactly what I’ve been searching for. Cheers :)

  27. yusuf says:

    hi Amar
    I was searching this plugin for long time and and you have solved my problem in minutes.Million thanks to you .
    Thanks bro.

  28. Foot Factory says:

    thanks for sharing bunch of plug in are useful and they will help me to ranked up on google nice content I like the layout of this site as well thumbs up to this post moreover I rate 8 out 10 to this article its impressive and informative

  29. teach says:

    great tips I used the facebook lightbox also great plugin

  30. Manash says:

    Hey Amar, yesterday I rooted my android phone after reading your post. It was done in just 1 or two seconds, and it solved my long lasting problem- of not been able to move the apps from phone memory to SD card. Now I’ll be a regular reader of your blog.
    Today, I have a question to ask. Maybe it’s too silly, but where do I find WP Content in my blog? Mine is a free posting. Do I need to upgrade it to WordPress Pro to use these plugins?

    Thanks, and keep doing the fantastic work.

    • Yes Manash! you need to buy a domain and hosting to use WP up to peaks. You can install plugins in free version as we won’t have access to our database files.
      you can contact me on Facebook (check links in About page) and i can help you in everything
      and i’m glad you likes my site
      Thanks man

  31. Evan says:

    Not on the list above but defiantly should be!

  32. facebook page promoter lightbox is a good plugin to get Facebook likes.
    I have used it earlier on my blog.

  33. i will be surely going to use free WordPress Facebook pop box for my blog,..it will help me to increase my likes on fb fan page..!!!1 thanksss

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