Top 5 Best Android Tablets under $200

As Android based Gadgets come in Affordable rates many are running behind them. Those days of damn boring. Nokia mobile phone were gone. I still remember the days when People all around the world are just running behind the Nokia smart phones. But after the entry of Android mobile phones in to the market within few years Nokia’s mobile market graph started leaping down. In recent days Nokia came up with windows based Operating system in their mobiles to compete with android mobiles. Battle between them is still going on. Android tablets are also one of the coolest gadgets in the market. Now they come in different rates. Even they are many android tablets under $200 (10000 INR)

tablets under $200

In the article we will list out the Top 10 android tablets under $200 (10000 INR). For all the teenagers and people who can’t afford costly gadgets, this post will be useful to pick on Android tablet with their range of 200$

Android tablets Under $200

1. MicromaxFunbook

Micromax occupies the first place in the Top 5 Android under $200 (10,000 INR).These days many are going with this Micromax as it has few attracting features. As it has 1.22 GHz processor it can perform better than other cheaper tablets.

Micromax Funbook tablet under $200

Here are the important specifications of Micromax Funbook
Android version: Android 4.0.3 ice cream Sandwich
Processor: 1.22 GHz Cortex – A8
RAM:  512 MB
Memory (external/internal): Expandable up to 32 GB / 4GB
Camera: No primary Camera, VGA front Camera
Weight: 350 grams
Display screen: 480 x 800 pixels and 7 inches
Battery: 2800mAh battery

Cost- $199

2. HCL Me 

HCL ME grabs second place in Top 5 Android tablets under $200 (10,000 INR).Even HCL me has an 1GHz processor with android version of Ice cream sandwich and this makes us to feel better while using it. It is not provided with a primary camera but is has a front cam just above the screen.

HCL-Tablet under $200
Here are the important specifications of HCL Me

Android version:  Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Processor:  1 GHz
RAM:  512 MB
Memory (external/internal): Expandable up to 32 GB / 4GB
Camera:  No primary Camera, VGA front Camera
Display screen: 800×480 pixels, 7 inches
Battery: 3600mAh battery

Cost:- $159

3. Zync Z-990 Tablet PC

This tablet Zync Z-990 holds third place in Top 5 Android under $200 (10,000 INR).With attractive look and good processor and RAM capacity this can work better while operating multiple applications on your Tablet. This has a Low quality primary camera, this come in 7 inches.

ZYNC under $200

Here are the important specifications of Zync Z-990 Tablet PC

Android version:  Android v4.0 ice cream sandwich.
Processor:  1.2GHz
RAM:  1 GB
Memory (external/internal): Expandable up to 32 GB / 4 GB
Camera: VGA camera
Weight: 380 gram
Display screen: 800 x 480 pixels, 7 inch
Battery: 3600mAh battery

Cost:- $179

4. Kindle Fire HD 7 inches

Kindle fire Tablet is allotted fourth place in the Top 5 Android under $200 (10,000 INR).This has a HD front cam and 1.2 GHz dual core processor, and as we know dual core can perform better than the normal processors.

8.9-kindle-fire-hd-press table under $200

Here are the important specifications of Kindle Fire HD 7 inches
Android version:  Android V4.0 ice cream sandwich
Processor: 1.2GHz dual-core
Memory (external/internal):  16GB memory
Camera: HD front camera
Weight: 394 grams
Resolutions: 1280x800x10.3

Cost:-  $199

5. Beetel Magic 2 Tablet PC

Last but not the least Beetel Magic Tablet PC occupies 5th place in Top 5 Android tablets under $200(10,000 INR).This lacks in speed with 800 Mhz processor and even the android version in 2.2. But it has both front cam and primary camera both are 2 Megapixels.

beetal tablet under $200

Here are the important specifications of Beetel Magic 2 Tablet PC

Android version:  Android V2.2 Froyo
Processor:  768 MHz memory processor
RAM:  512 MB
Memory (external/internal): Expandable up to 16GB
Camera:  2 Megapixel Camera / 2 Megapixel front camera
Weight: 500g
Display screen:  800×480 Pixels, 7.0 inch
Resolutions:  209mm×108mm×15.5mm
Battery:- Li-ion 2200mAh

Cost:- $190

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  1. Jeremy says:

    I’m a huge fan of kindle fire coz I love reading books and browsing for anything to shop. It has been really a big part of my everyday activity and I have no complaints with its performance. It’s certainly a tablet under 200 that you can really depend on.

  2. Don’t forget about Google Nexus 7. 8GB model price is under $200 and the most important it is quad-core Tegra 3 tablet. Google Nexus 7 – the best 7-inch Android tablet of 2012

  3. shubham says:

    i was looking to but a new tablet for me and as my budget was low this article as help me to know which i should but , so i will be going with the HCL ..thanksss

    • Welcome Shubam. Let us know your experience about it after using it

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