How to install Custom Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Long wait is over, Now you can install and enjoy Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360. No doubt Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 is one of the best phone phone Samsung. This mobile suits perfectly for budget minded people. It costs not more than $120 now. After the release of Samsung Galaxy Y S5360, it got huge response. Sales of Samsung increased increased all of a sudden. Even developers concentrated more on this mobile and earlier Android Ice Cream Sandwich is released for it. Now it’s time for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360. This educational guide helps you to get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Features

  • Folders look exactly like ICS
  • Custom ROM which looks like Nexus
  • Fast and Beautiful
  • Link2SD Application
  • Animations looks like ICS, you have to activate them via settings (By default, they’re disabled to save battery life)

Things to check while Installing Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

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  • Cross check you have enabled USB Debugging on your mobile. To do so, go to Settings > Applications > Debugging
  • ClockwordMod recovery should be installed on your mobile

 Screen Shots of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Screenshots

Step by Step Tutorial to install Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360


  1. Root your Samsung Galaxy Y (Mandatory Thing) (Rooting guide)
  2. Install ClockWorkMod on Samsung Galaxy Y. Failed to follow these steps ( Step 1 and Step 2), your mobile is not eligible for installing custom ROM and finally you will end with bricked mobile.
  3. First of all you have to download Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM for your Mobile (86MB). Once you have downloaded it on your desktop, immediately proceed to Step 4
  4. Now connect your mobile to the computer via USB. Now copy that custom ROM on the root folder of the memory card. I mean to say to don’t copy it inside any folders
  5. Now Switch off your mobile and you should enter to Recovery mode. To enter in to recovery mode Press and hold Volume Up key, Home button and Power button at a time.
  6. Using volume keys select apply update from Micro SD card and click Skin-1980 In CWM you have wipe out entire Data and cache in it
  7. Now select Install ZIP from memory card and choose and finally hit enter
  8. Once instillation process completes, reboot your mobile manually. After reboot you can enjoy Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

Cheers…Now you have using Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM on Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 and enjoy awesome look and new features.

Disclaimer: Neither we nor developers are responsible in case of any damage in your mobile

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  1. Ranjit says:

    is there any way to uninstall this…and get back to my gingerbrad version???? plzz reply fast

  2. emman says:

    it can be work for gt-s6102 (Samsung galaxy young duos)

  3. ketan says:

    i upgraded the software but its showing cyanogenmod and then black screen then again same cyanogenmod and repeating it again an again

  4. charlie says:

    Cyanogenmod Keep Loop???? Need HeeeeeeeeeeeeeeLLLLLLLLLLLLLLppppppppppppppppppp………………

    • MichaelTotz08 says:

      same here :((

  5. dilip says:

    Hi amar , this apps use in samsung g. Dous 6102?how

  6. Steve says:

    hi dude :) .how to download clockworkmod recovery?in google apps store there’s only “ROOM MANAGER” and “THETER”
    help ,please

  7. yeswanth says:

    hi anna i install jb in gt s5302 its working anx theres small problem usb is not connected pls help i instll another rom

  8. Alex says:

    Would this work on my Galaxy Y GT-S5360K??
    And for the rooting it used to throw me an error that said “Installation aborted”, but then i used a “” package instead and it worked! Will it affect on using this room?? Thanks as always!!

  9. diwahar says:

    doest this works in my samsung galaxy y duos young GTS6102 ??
    plz reply

  10. sai karthikeya says:

    link of media fire is not available now…pls resolve it

  11. kumar says:

    unable to dwnload jelly bean d file s blockd.

  12. idham says:

    having eror
    “complete action using”

    there is two application i need to choose, but its cannot be selected becouse the touch screen wont work

  13. Buddy says:

    perfect, I am now enjoying jelly bean on my samsung galaxy y 5360

  14. alok says:

    thannnnnnnnnnnnnkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssss a lot it worked for me great !!!!!!! and for others, have some patience let the procedure complete!

  15. tryndamere says:

    hey bro can you give me a link on how to decrease the font size of samsun galaxy y. thanks because when i’m making sms the font is to big. thanks bro

  16. nalin says:

    I followed all the steps . it shows the galaxy y page but after that when some stars come and make the Samsung logo it repeatedly forms a S does nothing

    PLS PLS PLS PLS help me
    I don’t know what do dp

  17. vishal says:

    how to update to jellyblast v3.04 cause now my phone is jellyblast v3.0.0 in galaxy y s5360!!!!!plzzz reply fst……

  18. Vishal says:

    how to update to jellyblast v3.04 cause now my phone is jellyblast v3.0.0 in galaxy y s5360

  19. nayan says:

    does it work for samsung duos….

  20. tryndamere says:

    Your the best bro. thanks for the links and instructions. it,s working. thanks bro

  21. Sebastian says:

    This is a super site, informative, beneficial, simplistic & most of all, fruitful…

    Thank you

  22. MAYUR says:

    plzz tell how to download CWM.ZIP

  23. Vishal says:

    dude link 2sd is still not working can i root the fone once again cause i want to move apps to sd

  24. siddhant says:

    does it work on samsung galaxy y duos?

  25. Kevin Gonzales says:

    Hello, my screen displays “S blue” then disappears, comes back, disappears, normal?

    • It seems, you bricked your mobile. try below link to get back to perfect condition

  26. vipul says:

    the zip file is not downloading if u have other link plz give it

  27. ariatot says:

    is this works on samsung galaxy y duos gt-s6102? im using techno duos rom

  28. raj dhaked says:


  29. Vishal says:

    dude i finally entered 4.1.1 but i think i lost my root access because when i tried to move apps to sd through link2sd application it is telling there is no request of super user su should i root once again

    • Just Switch off the mobile and remove battery and reinsert it after 10 mins and try again

      • Vishal says:

        dude link @sd is still not working can i root the fone once again cause i want to move apps to sd

  30. anaya says:

    hey i m really new wid dis stuff i wnt 2 upgrade my galaxy y……
    bt i m nt undrstndy ny of dis thing cn u make itin a bttr way.4 me plz

  31. Vishal says:

    due my phone is already rooted then shud i install clockworkmode recovery and pls reply fast

  32. rishabh says:

    many things dont work after installing it like we dont recieve messages even if someone has send……

  33. syam says:

    what all files need to b backed up?

  34. TriCK says:

    THIS IS MOD ? IF NOT SCREENSHOT OF PHONE INFO ? let me see the version of android .

  35. abhishek bnv says:

    it worked fine 100%,first time it was restarting several times bcoz i didnt wipe data&cache before installing jellyblast after wiping it worked for me………..

    • Christopher John L. Cruz says:

      Sir when your cellphone restarting several times you have just repeat the procedures?my cellphone samsung galaxy y duos is restarting when i followed the procedure?

  36. adam says:

    I am much worried abt it. why my phone is not working after blinking S ………..???
    tell me plzzzzzzz

  37. Darshan says:

    Thanks a lot buddies..!!! this was realy very helpful.. it perfectly got installed.. i m very happy..! u saved lots of dolars.. feel fre to ask abt ur issue..

  38. Dhiliban says:

    Hey thanks for the tips.. but i have a problem i got everything right but the thing is it doent recogonize the sim card or the external card.. What can be done to it. please reply ASAP

  39. Towsif T-Mobiles says:

    Nice……… great working thk 4.1.1 is nice

  40. gina says:

    why my phone doesn’t working after rebooting it… how long it takes?almost four hour im waiting to recover it.:(

  41. Saman says:

    Thank you., It is working properly.

  42. Jherico Tiu says:

    hey bro thanks a lot.. it totally worked out… finished the set up within 5 mnts. I think the problem is that you should have included in the instructions to download the ClockWork. after downloading the ROM and CWD , first you should apply the updates and install the file. then using CDW you should clear the cache and data and then follow the steps provided above.

  43. angelo says:

    i did rooting, downloaded Jelly bean ROM, installed, installation successful but when i rebooted, my phone hanged steady on Samsung Galaxy Y logo. Help me please…

  44. angelo says:

    hi, it doesn’t work pls help me, my phone hanging, steady Samsung Galaxy Y..

  45. mreshane says:

    Hey i’ve tried your step by step tutorials but seems something is wrong, i mean everything’s are ok the only problem is when the logo is appeared and took sometimes arounf 2-3 minutes to enter the “S” logo then dissappeared and nothing shown.. Can you help me with that?


  46. divey says:

    Unable to download any rom n nither this jellyblaste for my galaxy y duos tried loads of sites but all the sites show either 4shared link or the mideafire linkbut i m unable to download this file from any of the links provided is it necessry to download this .zip file of jelly blast on pc i m trying to download it o.y phone itself i hav space n a good 3g spped but it show download unsucessful n unable to get the file i hav rooted my phone but unable to get the file

  47. shahjahan says:

    i have downloaded update zip from mobile . so i need to connect pc trough usb cabel for rooting samsung galaxy y??

  48. harish says:

    hi brooo…me also had a same problem samsung logo is appearing even if i hade installed sucessfullyyy…its not working what to do????plzzz help me

  49. harish says:

    i have followed the steps u said to install it…it has been installed sucessesfully and displayed installation complete enjoy..but after i reboot it only displays galaxy y series…and thats it…its not workinggg.what to do?????plzzzzz help me

  50. lakal says:

    i installed it on my galaxy y ……bt aftr dat it dosnt reboot….only displaying ‘galaxy y’ nthing mor dan dis…& cnt start also in recovery mod…..

  51. Manish says:

    this is superb yar…….it works very new experience
    Is the android pacman jellybean 4.1.2. for galaxy y if u hve
    thn jst upload tht also……


  52. nante says:

    sir how can i back to stock rom…im using creeds3.5 now..can i flash ur rom even when i used creeds rom…or i want to back n stock rom?/?

  53. Utkarsh says:

    Sir,how can i revert back to gingerbread after installing jelleybean as i had installed a wrong software on my phone??

  54. matthew says:

    hi why i need to root my phone?????

  55. ajay says:

    hey only s series logo comes again and again

  56. Fox says:

    Your description is missing a step that is why ppl are unable to make this work. You need to download Clockwork Mode (your step 4 is ambiguous. It doesn’t mention how that Skin-1980 came into existence. Its not part of the download in step 1). You can download a CWM zip file (on your PC) from: ( The mediafire or dropbox links in the page are the ones you need download. Either one. NOT BOTH.

    In case you are not able to boot your phone and are stuck with the ‘S’ flashing, switch off your phone. 1) Pull our your micro SD card, connect it to your PC using a card reader, and drop the zip file which you’ve downloaded from the above link I mentioned above.
    2) Put the m-SD card back into your phone, and power up Recovery mode by holding VOL UP + MENU + POWER.
    3) Apply that CWM package, which after installation, will immediately launch a similar menu called Clock Work Mode.
    4) Here, 1) WIPE DATA and 2) DELETE CACHE Partition (I’m recalling from memory, I don’t rem the exact terms, but you’ll know which two to wipe/delete.)
    5) Once this is done, NOW go ahead and install the JellyBLAST zip file that you got from step 1 again (assuming you still have it on your SD card).
    6.) Once installation is complete, click POWER button to go back to main menu in CWM and ‘Reboot System’
    7.) Will take around 10 – 15 min for the first time after which you’re phone’ll be working on JellyBLAST ROM.
    100% working!!

    Hopefully mods will update the step mentioned here. Appreciate your time.

  57. jino says:

    calm down…the first reboot take a hell lot of time. dont keep stairing at the screen ,it seems like its taking decades.
    but nothings wrong the only thing is it takes time

  58. devang says:

    hey i ahd been installed tht rom but the error is tht the doesnt open only

  59. Nice, really like all the custom roms, and 4.1 on a $120 phone is great!

  60. Cor says:

    Thanks for the tips, works fine for me…

  61. jino says:

    nothing is wrong…the 1st reboot takes a lot of time…just wait…n you all fine

  62. hemant says:

    dear i have done everything you told here carefully step by step but when i reboot my phone after all above mention steps its now on and after samsung galaxy y 3560 welcome screen i big S is coming shattered into pieces and rebuilding thats all happening with mine. plsss help me. my phone is being usless now. plsss help me..

  63. viper says:

    There is a little problem sms is not working

    • Can i know the exact error ?

    • Dhiliban says:

      Even i have the same problem my sim is not working.. and i get a black screen when the phone unlocks do you know how to solve it ???

  64. kevs says:

    I dont find in the Recovery mode help please..

    • You might see a file named “Skin-1980” while you’re at recovery mode

  65. sofi younis says:

    successfully executed the operation on my samsung galaxy young GT-s5360.

  66. metalheart says:

    what is ClockwordMod recovery?

  67. Bipneet says:

    when i click on install jellybean
    it says installation aborted

  68. udoy says:

    can i install 4 galaxy y duos :?

  69. hunterlaar says:

    please help me

  70. hunterlaar says:

    my phone not working . how can i uninsall it and back to gingerbread

  71. jino says:

    dude i know how to unroot…i just want to can i uninstall d ics aura rom and get back on gingerbread…

  72. jino says:

    i hav installed ics aura rom on my galaxy y..but now i want to get back to gingerbread…
    pls can do tat…and i am even thinking of unrooting my phone…but for that i am having its file
    pls help

  73. joms javier says:

    i really am excited about this… but my phone is not opening… its just the updated logo of samsung s series “S”. how i wish i can get it correctly… btw, procedure number 4 , where is skin update file? where can i download it. thank you… im really really looking forward to your reply… thanks and God bless…

    joms samsung galaxy y s5360

  74. naveen says:

    This is not working correctly ………… my mobile is not opening

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