10 Things To Do Before Writing an Article on your Blog

Before writing an article on your blog you must concentrate only on writing to get success. While writing, you may be disturbed from many things. I personally experienced this and i wasted more time on writing articles. One day i thought why i’m taking more time for writing a small article. I found the answer slowly. So i decided to help my readers how i got out from this problem. I felt any writer must know about some 10 things to do before writing an article. Those 10 things helps you to complete your work faster. Even they help to rank your site better on Google

Things to do

10  Things to Do Before Starting An Article

1. Select a well known topic

Writing about well know things is much better than writing about unknown things. For example if your are much familiar with cooking niche, Concentrate on writing cooking niche. In my case i always prefer to write about technology, because I’m addicted to it. After selecting a topic, memorize what you know about it and make a brief points in your mind. This is one of the 10 things to do before writing an article

2. Keyword Research

Spend some time in this Step. I recommend you not to write article blindly. Add some high ranking keywords in that article to add value to your writings. There are many tools to research on Keywords, among them Keyword Tool from Google is best one. Search keywords related to your topic with minimum of 5000 Global monthly searches and 1$ CPC. Once check the sites ranking on first page for that keyword. If there are any sites like YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia e.t.c i suggest you to leave that keyword. I think we can’t beat them unless if your lucky. As it is computer operated, luck doesn’t matter :P

3. Take Google Help

After sticking to a topic and selecting a keyword you must take Google help as reference. After completing above two steps you may decided the article heading. Search for your decided article heading on Google and check how people are presenting their articles. Study all those results, thus now you will get a clear idea to write your article. You are almost set now. You have completed 3 steps of 10 Things to do before writing an article for your blog

4. Avoid Social Media Sites

Things to do

While writing article close all social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc. I bet they will disturb you. Once you entered those site while writing you would surely waste 10 minutes. Yeah !! It’s true, i just tried it now and i took 13 minutes to come back :P

5. Avoid Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones play a key role after Social Media to disturb you. I know most of you enabled Facebook mobile. What I’m saying is your mobile is quite enough to disturb you from writing. You may get calls, messages and even you may be forced to play games

6. Be Single in a Closed Room

Always stay single while writing articles on your blog. Prefer a closed room with good air conditioner and ventilation. Don’t stay on dark places or in dim light while writing. Closed room with sufficient light helps your brain to think more about your topic

7. Listen to Pleasant Music

If you are a music lover, i bet you can do any thing while listening to music. Pleasant Music makes your mind relax for sometime. As a music lover, I’m suggesting you not to listen some horror music. It will totally disturb your mind and your article may turns from unique to horror. Just kidding ;)

8. Be Strong and Positive

Things to do

Stop Thinking about your personal life and your problems. Every common man has it’s own problem. We can’t do anything for them. Lets think only about your writing and your target. Don’t feel that your article is quite enough to rank on Google. I know you can write much better article. If you are willing to write 600+ word article you should aim for 700+ word article

9. Choose Perfect Time

Your Timing is most important while writing. Always choose a best time to start writing. I meant to say, if you are willing  to sit continuously for next 2 hours then start writing. Don’t write during Lunch, Dinner are College timings. You may fell hurry to complete the article. I hope you understand the point. You are awesome, you have learnt now about 10 things to do for writing a post on your website.

10. My Final Words

Follow all above points to complete your work in less time. You can also check your performance with a stop clock. Write an article in your own style and calculate the time you have taken to completed the task. Next write an article following all these points and check the time difference. Let me know how you felt about this article by commenting below

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Amar Ilindra an Entrepreneur and Designer by Interest. His Interest on Technology and Social Media made him an Internet addict and finally a blogger. Get in touch from Profile.


  1. Chandrakanth Adhikari says:

    all 10 points are awesome.especially the 4th one which is related to social media is the best one.thanks for your support and your suggestion for writing an article on blog.

  2. The phone part is true, I sit down for a while and find that I have 20+ notifications in 10 minutes or so. Google +, twitter, facebook, outlook.com, gmail . Man, the list is endless.
    And those daily annoying updates. Complete this week’s subway surfers challenge :P
    My posting frequency too was going down because of my new phone. Will concentrate more on writing now. Keep up the good posts!

  3. vipin says:

    I have been blogging since last 1 year but hadn’t made any significant success in the field. I think iam lacking in link builup. I like your articles about blogging, link buildup and stuffs. Learned a lot from your blog.
    Can u tell me some quick ways to build backlinks? I’ve subscribed to your comment.

  4. Komal says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing those helpful tips and the 4th point you made is very true ..

  5. Koundeenya says:

    Keyword research is really a must to do before starting a post. It helps us in optimizing the article and so do we get more organic traffic. Great points, Amar.

  6. mohan says:

    Nice article boss !enjoying your blog!

  7. Jeetu says:

    right bro, social media sites always distract me.

  8. Koundeenya says:

    Nice tips. My cellphone is one of the greatest distraction to me. One of my friend, Sandeep keeps calling me every now and then just to pass on his time. Even social media site too. He’s online all the day. These would be really helpful for strugglers like me

    • I can understand your problem ;) I use Facebook chat advanced setting to set offline for those funky friends

  9. That’s really informative article Amar…..
    You have made really great To Do list…..
    Thanks for sharing it…

  10. Naveen says:

    I like all your 10 points especially I love to follow 1, 4 and 9 th step since I stuck in these factors. I’d like to share my experience here that I didn’t following any of the steps and I write a 500 words article for 3 days due to some distortions like social media presence etc.

    I like your way that first we need to choose the topics and sub headings that what to write, by this way we can achieve half a way of writing.

    Thanks to the wonderful article.

    • When i started my blogging career, i almost took 2 days to write a 500+ word article. But now, i can write 2 article in a day that too with keyword research

  11. Ifham khan says:

    Nice tips Amar, Also dark chocolate help us to make our mind fresh. Usually I don’t write complete article at once. What I do is, I write one paragraph and then I shut my pc and move away to make mind refresh. Then I will back after getting more ideas regarding my topic.

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