TunesKit M4V Converter for Windows – Detailed Review and How-To Guide

Apple notoriously keeps everything under its watchful eye. Their system is close-ended, and they control all the rules of the game.

This helps them give the best experience to users and also secure their privacy in a far more effective way compared to other platforms like Android. This step has also helped them reap amazing profits.

One of the places where you can see their close-ended nature is in iTunes. If you download any content from iTunes, you can only play it through your account. You won’t be able to access the downloaded content through any other account. Be it the same device or the same required platform, it simply won’t work.

Apple creatively decided in the year 2009 that they wanted to zone in on privacy by implementing DRM. DRM stands for Digital Rights Management, and it is a set of protocols that restrict how files are to be stored and transmitted. It is interesting to note that Apple doesn’t call it DRM. Instead, they use their own proprietary term? FairPlay.

To incorporate DRM, they made a different video format called M4V format. It used to be really hard to convert M4Vs that are DRM-protected into common M4Vs that can be accessed.

That is until tools like the TunesKit M4V converter came to the picture.

What is TunesKit M4V Converter?

It is a third-party tool developed by TunesKit. It is a professional iTunes DRM removal tool, with the help of which you can remove DRM protection from movies and shows purchased from iTunes to more popularly known formats.

TunesKit M4V Converter offers you easy conversion so that you don’t have to compromise with the overall quality of the video. Once converted, you can play it on any device you want. Along with the conversion of videos, you are also provided with the features of adding subtitles, audio tracks, or other editing functions as well.

Features of M4V Converter

Let’s have a quick look at the features of TunesKit M4V Converter:

1. Convert DRM-protected M4V videos into other formats

It does its job in the most efficient manner. One of the best features of this tool is that it is quite straightforward to use. You are provided with a simple-to-use UI, and you can easily navigate around the tool.

With the help of the tool, you can convert videos, music, or movies easily to various different formats. However, it is not restricted to only converting it from M4V to other formats. You can also convert other video formats into one another.

2. Various convert options

Another important aspect of this tool is that you have tons of output options to choose from. So that at times when you want to convert it into another format that is not publicly used, you still have a tool with you that has you covered.

Not only various file formats like MP3, AVI, and MP4 are supported, but different device support like Google Nexus, Windows Xbox, and Samsung Galaxy devices are also available to make your converting job easier.

3. Edit videos

The creators have made sure that the tool is not restricted to converting M4V videos. Because people usually end up having multiple tools for different tasks unnecessarily. Taking that into consideration, they have also bundled together features that will help you edit not only M4V videos but also videos of other types as well.

Now, it doesn’t provide you advanced editing functionalities like Adobe Premiere Pro might offer. But basic features like trimming; adjusting brightness, color, and contrast; and adding special effects or subtitles are offered.

How to Use M4V Converter

Removing DRM protection from your purchased music is videos is legal until you use them only for personal use. You are not allowed to use the DRM-removed files for commercial use or earn money from them in any way. Using them for making money or for commercial use drags you into some serious legal troubles.

Here are the detailed steps to use M4V Converter software on your Windows machine:

Step 1: Load your videos

Visit the M4V converter website and download the free trial version. Once you download the tool, you will come across this interface with three options at the top: Library, Add Files and Converted.

Add Files to TunesKit M4V Converter

I. Library: Under this option, you can sync your iTunes library with M4V Converter so that you don’t have to manually add from your device. Instead, it gets dynamically added to the tool.

To use this option, make sure that Sharing iTunes XML Documents with Other Applications is ticked.

II. Add Files: Otherwise, you can add videos manually by selecting the path to the video.

Other than these two options, you can also simply drag-and-drop the videos you want to convert.

III. Converted: All your converted videos will be here.

Now that your videos are loaded into the tool, you are provided with the facility to add subtitles and audios of your own choice. If you want a visual-based video only, you have the option to mute the video.

Step 2: Choose output format, resolution and more

After loading the video, you are provided with the options to tweak the video to the appropriate format you want.

You will find a Format button at the bottom-left corner of the tool. Once selected, you will come across a pop-up window with many options like MP4, M4V, and so on.

Choose output Format in TunesKit M4V Converter

If you want to convert your iTunes video without any quality loss, you can select the M4V or MP4 (Lossless) option under “HD Video

Near every option, there is a Gear option provided, which gives you the option to adjust resolution, codec, etc.

This tool also gives you an innovative feature through which you can preset your devices, like an iPhone or Samsung.

Step 3: Trim video and add watermark, subtitles (Optional)

You also have the ability to further edit the video before hitting the Convert option. When you upload your video, you will see an Edit icon beside each track.

Edit Video in TunesKit M4V Converter

Once you click it, you are provided with options to edit it through features like trim, watermarks, subtitles, etc.

Step 4: Convert the video

Once you are done with all the three steps, you are good to go and you can hit the Convert video. Once done converting, you can see all the converted videos in the Converted panel, which can be accessed by clicking the panel option at the top.

Converted Videos in TunesKit M4V Converter

The converted videos in TunesKit M4V Video Converter are now DRM-free, and now you can enjoy your converted iTunes videos on any device.


M4V is a great tool to work with, and it can solve your problems of not being able to watch content from iTunes on another device. Not only does it solve the issue of DRM protection, but also it provides you an intuitive and easy-to-use tool.


Leawo Prof. DRM Review – Remove and Convert DRM-protected files to universally compatible Files

In this digital age, we deserve the full rights to the media we either download or purchase online. However, there are few security enforcements such as DRM that restricts the usage of a particular movie, song, or an eBook to a specific device. Despite purchasing the media from iTunes, you don’t get the full freedom to watch it on a device of your choice. Well, here’s where Leawo Prof. DRM comes into play. Learn how Leawo Prof. DRM can help you remove DRM protection from the media files on iTunes in this detailed Leawo Prof. DRM review.

What is DRM or Digital Rights Management?

For many of us, DRM is an alien term as we never come across the term directly. However, if you are iTunes user, eBook reader, or an avid movie or music enthusiast; then chances are that you have been restricted from consuming any of these media at some time because of DRM or Digital Rights Management.

The entire Apple ecosystem protects all their media files and documents under DRM. Hence, it is almost impossible to view, access, or open the same files on other devices such as Windows or Android. DRM is basically used to protect all the copyrighted works to regulate access. Many online vendors dealing in digital media such as iTunes, Amazon, Audible, etc. use DRM to ensure that the data isn’t compromised or distributed illegally without their knowledge. Hence, they use DRM to lock the media files within a single ecosystem linked to one or multiple user accounts.

DRM Removal Software Review

However, there are times when you wish to watch a movie that you purchased from iTunes on an Android device. Well, due to DRM regulations, it is not possible. You can very well use a DRM removal program such as Leawo Prof. DRM to disable such rights and convert the media files to a universal format like MP4 so you can access the file from any device of your choice.

About Leawo Prof. DRM

Leawo Prof. DRM is one of the multimedia tools developed by Leawo Software established in 2007. Leawo Prof. DRM is a complete DRM removal tool and a DRM media converter. While you can use the program to remove any Digital Rights Management protocols from the iTunes media files, you can also convert those files into a universal format compatible with all the major devices.

Leawo Prof. DRM Review

Leawo Prof. DRM is available for both Mac and Windows operating system. DRM mostly troubles those using either Windows or Android device. Hence, we decided to review the Windows version of Leawo Prof. DRM.

Leawo Prof. DRM Review

Leawo Prof. DRM is an ultimate DRM removal program which blends DRM video converter, DRM audiobook converter, DRM music converter, and DRM eBooks converter into a single suite. You can use this program to not only remove DRM protection but also convert those files to DRM-free formats for extended use.

Features of Leawo Prof. DRM

Leawo Prof. DRM is designed and developed considering a host of different utilities and demands of this digital age. Besides the DRM removal feature, the program features various converter programs designed to convert the DRM-protected files to DRM-free ones.

Let’s have a look at the features one by one.

1. Prof. DRM Video Converter

With Prof. DRM video converter module, you can easily convert iTunes DRM-protected M4V movies and TV shows into a DRM-free MP4 format. The DRM removal and conversion output maintain the 100% original quality. The exciting features such as Dolby Atmos 5.1 surround sound audio tracks and subtitles remain intact and selectable while playing on any device. The conversion is also 50 times faster than other DRM removal programs.

2. Prof. DRM Audiobook Converter

If you are fond of audiobooks but don’t want to restrict yourself within the iTunes library or Audible ecosystem, then you must try Prof. DRM Audiobook Converter. The Prof. DRM Audiobook converter module can help you remove DRM from M4B, AA, AAX files and lets you convert any Audiobook from iTunes, Audible, or Amazon into a DRM-free MP3 file for universal use. The output quality of the MP3 audiobook version isn’t altered from the original version. You also get selectable channels, sampling rate, and bit rate on the converted non-DRM MP3 file.

3. Prof. DRM Music Converter

Quite similar to the Audiobook converter module, Prof. DRM Music Converter module also removes DRM protection from music files downloaded from iTunes library and converts the DRM-protected M4P and non-DRM M4A music files into non-DRM MP3 files. You get the original quality DRM-free MP3 songs with selectable channels, bit rate, and sampling rate to enjoy your favorite music on any media player or mobile devices of your choice.

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4. Prof. DRM eBook Converter

eBooks and eBook readers have changed the way we read books now. Kindle and Kobo books are trending now and with an evolution in different eBook reading apps, the world is relying on reader apps rather than physical books to read some inspiring pieces from their favorite authors. However, if you are a Kindle user, you can’t read your purchased books on other device and the same applies for other eBook stores.

With Prof. DRM eBook converter module you can remove DRM protected Kindle, Kobo, or Adobe books and convert them into DRM-free eBook files. Prof. DRM eBook converter module is designed to remove DRM protection from a variety of different file formats such as MOBI, EPUB, AZW3, AZW, KFC, PRC, HTML, TXT and convert these files to DRM-free MOBI, EPUB, AZW3, TXT and other universal file formats. After conversion, you can read these books on your favorite eBook reading app or share them with your friends as well.

5. A quick tutorial to convert Kindle books to EPUB

To convert DRM-protected Kindle books to EPUB, you need Kindle books on your PC. If you don’t have it already on your PC, then install a free Kindle reader app on your Windows PC and download the book which you wish to convert. Launch Leawo Prof. DRM program and click “Add Files“.

Leawo Prof. DRM Review - eBook Converter - Select File

You will automatically find the Kindle books already listed in the Kindle section of the program. If they aren’t, then simply hit the Refresh button near the “Kindle” section under Library. Select the eBook, you wish to convert and click the “Add” button.

Leawo Prof. DRM Review - eBook Converter - Edit File

Once the file is added, you can click the “Edit” icon on the left side to choose the right format for the output file. You can either choose EPUB, MOBI, AZW3 or TXT format as output. Next click “Convert” at the bottom.

Leawo Prof. DRM Review - eBook Converter - Convert File

The program will now start removing DRM protection and convert the file to EPUB.

Leawo Prof. DRM Review - eBook Converter - Converted File

You will find the converted files in the Converted section. You can also choose the output folder of your choice.

You can follow the similar routine for DRM-protected ebooks from Kobo and iTunes. All you need is to install iTunes and Kobo app on your Windows PC and download the Apple books locally on your system. The Leawo Prof. DRM will automatically detect these files and list them in their respective sections. You can simply select and convert the files as per the tutorial above.

Download Leawo Prof. DRM

Final Verdict on Leawo Prof. DRM

Currently, there’s no DRM removal program which is as versatile as Leawo Prof. DRM. The fact that it is not just a simple DRM removal program but an ultimate software suite of multiple modules designed to help convert DRM-restricted media files such as videos, audios, audiobooks, and eBooks to universally compatible DRM-free media files without losing any quality giving a 1:1 output. Another amazing thing about Leawo Prof. DRM is the excellent feature where the program allows the user to select the subtitles, bit rate, and the sampling rate of the output files according to his/her preference.

In short, enjoy your movies, music, audiobooks, and eBooks on any device of your choice without worrying about DRM protection or quality loss.


How To Losslessly Remove DRM Protection From iTunes Videos in Windows

iTunes offers a splendid collection of digital content. However, this content is protected by Apple’s Digital Rights Management (DRM).

Subsequently, it becomes very a tedious task to view the same content on your Android device or TV.

If you still wish to losslessly remove DRM protection from iTunes videos and stream it anywhere, then this guide is for you.

We present you the simplest way of DRM protection removal from iTunes videos. While there are plenty of complicated ways available, we have an easy one lined up for you.

All you need to do is download Tuneskit DRM Media Converter software in Windows.

How To Losslessly Remove DRM Protection From iTunes in Windows

  • Firstly, download Tuneskit DRM Removal for Windows.
  • Secondly, download the DRM Media Converter free trial version or the premium version for a minimal of charge of $44.
  • Install and run the software on your Windows desktop.
  • Click on “Add Files” button to start the process.

losslessly remove DRM protection

  • Now Tunekit DRM Media converter will automatically scan your iTunes library.
  • It will display the list of media content available on your iTunes account.
  • Next, pick the media file in which you want to losslessly remove DRM protection.
  • Finally hit “Convert” button and wait for the DRM protection removal process.

losslessly remove DRM protection

  • And Done! Your media content will be free of any protection certificates. You will be able to view videos on any of your Android, Windows or Mac devices.

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Features of Tuneskit DRM Media Converter

Rather than wasting your time on the various tedious methods to losslessly remove DRM protection, Tuneskit certainly provides a best possible solution. Tuneskit offers a range of features because of which it is the best software for DRM protection removal.

iTunes DRM Protection Removal at 30X Faster Speed

Tuneskit DRM Media convert is able to losslessly remove DRM protection at 30X faster speed than any other software.

With the advanced algorithm, the files are converted at very faster pace giving you best results.

You can easily remove DRM protection on large video files because of highly intelligent processing algorithm.

Losslessly Remove DRM Protection From iTunes Movies & TV Shows

The Tuneskit DRM M4V converter helps you to losslessly convert DRM protected iTunes movies and TV shows at superb quality. Tuneskit doesn’t follow any re-encoding or touching algorithms. Consequently, you will face no loss in the audio quality.

Further, you can move the converted files to any non-apple device as well.

M4V To MP4 Converter

With 100% losslessly quality, no audio loss and full subtitles, Tuneskit DRM converter offer best M4V to MP4 converter.

The iTunes M4V converter supports converting DRM M4V videos to MP4 format in preset profile outputs. As a result, you will be able to enjoy the iTunes content on any of your Android device as well.

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Preserve Original Quality

The Tuneskit DRM Media Converter for Windows is able to preserve the original quality of the iTunes media file while conversion. The software is capable of keeping high-quality conversion with AC3 5.1 Dolby Sound, stereo audio, and captions.

Besides this, the premium version allows you to retain AD tracks and subtitles as well. Hence, Tuneskit offers a superb blend of quality along with speedy processing.

Free Lifetime Upgrades

Tuneskit also promises free lifetime upgrades to latest version of the software for the premium users. s as well. Tuneskit for Windows will get frequent updates whenever there will be a new version of iTunes launched.

This will allow you to losslessly remove DRM protection from iTunes movies and TV shows continuously without worrying much.

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Final Words

With so many features and capabilities, Tuneskit certainly turns out to be the best DRM protection removal method. 24×7 customer support, free lifetime upgrades, efficient DRM protection removal, M4V to MP4 conversion with 30 times faster processing speed, Tuneskit losslessly remove DRM protection from iTunes.

The minimal amount of $44 for premium version is worth every penny spent. With the 60-days money back guarantee, Tuneskit will be the best investment to losslessly remove DRM protection from iTunes videos in Windows.


How to Convert Apple Music to DRM-Free MP3 Files

Apple Music is an audio streaming service and Apple Music tracks are DRM-protected by default so they are playable only on authorized iOS devices. This stops users from playing Apple songs on all mainstream non-Apple devices and players, such as Android tablet, Windows Movie Maker, Samsung Smart TV, etc. Actually, to convert Apple music to DRM Free MP3 songs, you need converters like TuneFab Apple Music.

TuneFab Apple Music Converter is a professional conversion expert that comes with a series of amazing features. It is able to remove DRM protection from Apple Music playlists and convert M4P songs to more compatible MP3, so you can fully control the tracks. For instance, you are allowed to play the DRM-free files on any Android smartphones and tablets and set them as video background music. Better yet, the program offers many customizable options for you, allowing you to adjust audio parameters, conversion speed, converted quality, output format, and so on. Most importantly, converted music can keep the 100% original quality.

Converting Apple Music to DRM-free MP3

Prerequisite to convert Apple Music to MP3 (DRM Free)

Make sure you follow these prerequisites before you start converting Apple Music to MP3

  1. Upgrade iTunes to the Latest Version: Check whether the iTunes installed in your computer has upgraded to the latest version or not. If not, errors may occur during conversion. So upgrade iTunes to the latest version.
  2. Download Purchased Apple Music to PC: Before starting, you need to prepare Apple Music songs that you want to convert. Please download the purchased Apple Music to PC.
  3. Download and Install TuneFab Apple Music Converter: Get TuneFab Apple Music Converter installation package from the official website. Then install the program on your computer following the prompts. Both Mac and Windows are supported.

Step 1: Run TuneFab Apple Music Converter

Launch TuneFab Apple Music Converter on your computer. Once TuneFab Apple Music Converter is launched, the iTunes program will be activated automatically. You are advised to use the full version of this tool so that you can enjoy more features and have a better user experience.

Apple Music Converter Activation

Step 2. Select Apple Music songs to convert

TuneFab Apple Music Converter is so intelligent that it can detect the downloaded Apple Music tracks and albums on your computer. And it will load the files automatically. You can select the playlist category containing the target songs in the left pane and check songs you want to convert. TuneFab Apple Music Converter allows you to batch select the entire album.

If TuneFab Apple Music Converter fails to load local songs on your computer, you can click the “Refresh” button to reload files.

Apple Music Converter Main Screen

Step 3. Adjust output settings and conversion speed

After selecting tracks, go to “Output Settings” menu, where you can select output formats, customize output folders, modify file name, etc. To convert Apple music to DRM-free MP3 files, please select “MP3 – MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3” from the drop-down output format list.

Optional: Click the “Options” button at the top-left corner to activate the “Preferences” window. You can drag the bar to adjust conversion speed. Adjusting the conversion speed won’t impact the converted file quality.

Select output format

Step 4. Convert Protected Music to DRM-Free MP3

When adjustments are finished, it is time to convert your Apple Music files to DRM-Free MP3. Click the “Convert” button in the top-left corner. Do not close the program until conversion is completed.

Converting Apple Music to DRM Free Music

When the conversion is completed, selected tracks are decrypted and converted into DRM-free MP3 files.

That’s it! Additionally, encrypted M4P Apple Music files can be converted to M4A, AC3, AAC, AIFF, etc. Conversion is just a piece of cake thanks to the versatile TuneFab Apple Music Converter.


DRmare M4V Video Converter for Mac – iTunes DRM Removal Software [Review]

iTunes is the best online hub to watch favorite movies or TV shows at the greatest quality. That said, every video you purchased on iTunes is DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected. In simple, you can’t watch your favorite TV show which you purchased on any other devices (Apple family is an exception). To simplify our life simpler than ever, we are going to introduce you a DRM removal tool called DRmare M4V video converter for Mac machine from DRmare.

iTunes DRM Removal Software

Amazing things that can be done only by DRmare M4V video converter for Mac are listed here

  1. Removal of DRM decryption from the purchased movie rentals from iTunes
  2. Lossless conversion of DRM M4V files to DRM-free M4V, MP4, MOV, AVI, MPEG, MKV, H264 etc
  3. Customized output settings for DRM-free iTunes movies
  4. Preserve multilingual subtitles, closed captions, and 5.1 audio jacks
  5. Conversion to readymade preset for various popular devices
  6. Crack DRM at blazing speed of 30x with high quality

These are the unique things that can be done by DRmare M4V video converter. Let’s get back to basics and see what it actually contains to deliver such a magical performance.

User Interface

DRmare M4V Video Converter UI

First things first, so there come the look and feel of DRmare M4V. It looks pretty decent and gives crystal clear space to drag and drop files that need to be converted. Working on this tool is a child’s play. Everything looks so simple on the UI. Just drop the required file, select output format, and destination (to save the converted file). On your marks, you can get your desired output in a flash.

Core Functionality

DRmare M4V Video Converter Formats

As discussed earlier, it works well in removing DRM for iTunes videos. But there a slight edge for Mac users in using this software. The windows version of DRmare M4V mainly focussed on converting the DRM protected file to lossless M4V and MP4. But Mac users enjoy converting the DRM file to many formats as MP4 (lossless), M4V (lossless), HD MP4, HD M4V, HD AVI, HD MKV, HD MOV, HD MPG, TS, and TRP. That’s what we mean by Mac users having an edge. These are only HD Video categories. But you can convert them based on Devices you use, to Web videos, do Editing, General Video and General Audio.


Performance metrics speak that DRmare M4V works slightly faster on Windows compared to Mac due to complex Fairplay encryption. When tested on Mac, it works literally 30X faster than other video converters. That said, the latest DRM decryption algorithm does perform well compared to previous ones. Even though the performance depends on many other factors like RAM, CPU, GPU etc, we took the same benchmark systems for comparing it with other software. As anticipated, DRmare M4V works like charm (to be frank, more than expected). Taking everyone to surprise, the lossless conversion catch hold of original subtitles, closed captions and 5.1 audio tracks. You feel no difference between original iTunes video and converted video (apart from DRM).

How does it work?

With the decent and robust UI, it is a cake walk to convert your DRM protected iTunes videos. DRmare M4V Video converter converts the DRM protected videos to DRM free videos in 4 simple steps.

  1. Select the video you want to convert
  2. Select the output format
  3. Select the destination folder
  4. Click Convert

Navigate to destination folder to watch the converted video.

Minimum Requirements

For the smooth functioning of DRmare M4V video converter, the minimum requirements should be as mentioned below.

  1. OS – Mac OS X 10.8, 10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12 (including the latest 10.12.3)
  2. Processor – A processor with processing speed of 1 GHz and above
  3. RAM – 512 MB and above (Better go with 1 GB of RAM)
  4. Monitor – 1024 X 768 px or higher
  5. iTunes – 12.7 or below (Updated iTunes works more smoothly)
Note: DRmare M4V video converter supports multiple platforms. Don’t worry if you are a Windows user. A seperate Windows version of DRmare M4V video converter is also available.

Supported Output Formats

DRmare supports various output formats for Videos as well as Audios. Widely used and highly supported formats are listed here.

Video Formats – M4V, MP4, MPEG, MKV, AVI, WMV, ASF, 3GP, HEVC, MOV, FLV, OGV, DivX, WebM etc

Audio Formats – M4A, MP3, AAC, OGG, WAV, WMA, ALAC, FLAC, M4R, M4B, AIFF etc

Trial Version – Must Try

All these features we have discussed here are part of the premium version of DRmare M4V video converter. But to find the essence of it, make sure you try the trial version before heading towards premium version. We bet you will never regret the data you had spent on downloading this software. Moreover, you would like to get the premium version as soon as you start using trial one.

Final Words

In short, DRmare M4V is the best in market video converter to remove DRM protection. It comes handy in converting DRM protected iTunes files to high-quality M4V or MP4 videos. Enjoy the greatest picture quality of the original purchased on iTunes as well as device of your choice with DRmare M4V Video Converter. The actual price of DRmare converter for Mac is $54.95. Grab it now at a discount of flat $10 i.e., $44.95. Sounds like a great deal, right?