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Geek Dashboard started his life on 29th January 2012 and came to act from 24th march 2012. From it’s first day of journey, it tried hard to concentrate on content and always deals with Technology, Mobiles, Computers, How-to guides and some times on Blogging(on demand).

Guest Posting

Kindly note, you can’t post Gadget reviews as Guest Post and even you can’t promote your company/product via this Guest post section. Such guest posts are strictly rejected.

In order to promote your Company/product you can make use of our Review Page and order a review.

Today, Geek Dashboard decided to start accepting Guest Posts and we accepting guest posts related on above related topics(exclude Blogging)

Submitting guest post on Geek Dashboard is not a geeky task and it is easy as 1 2 3

Topics we’re accepting

You can Guest post on Geek Dashboard related to below mentioned topics:

  • Technology
  • Mobiles
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • How-To’s
  • Internet
  • Computers
We’re currently accepting articles only on topics related to Computers. If it is a How-To guide, more chances; your submission will get accepted.

Guest Posting on Geek Dashboard and it’s Benefits


We’re ready to give you a credit in author box. Your post will stay live until sun exists.

  • Affiliate Links are rejected
  • No credit is allowed inside or within the content.


We promote your Guest Post all over our social media; Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many more as we did for all our articles. No doubt, you’ll get lot of exposure and we won’t hesitate to give credits for contributor while promoting it.

Koundeenya Guest Post on Geek Dashboard

How to Submit the Guest Post ?

Register yourself as a Contributor

Register an account using this links (Registrations are closed currently). As registrations are closed currently, you have to contact us via link provided below (Check the bottom of the page). Once we got your input we’ll create an account with your email and username and we’ll mail the password to that same email. So, you can have access to your account now.

Submit the article

Once you log-in-to your account. hover your mouse over Posts on left hand side menu and finally click Add New 

Now, it’s time to present your entire writing skills. Write any article related to above mentioned topics and submit it for review

Before submitting for review, cross check that your article meets all these requirements:

  • Article must be at least 700+ words in length
  • Images speaks a lot. Try to add minimum 2 images (1 Image is mandatory). Never upload larger images, Image length <= 570px and no restrictions for Height
  • Make sure, your article is not published any where; even on your own blog. If we found article is been copied; it leads to immediate suspension of the account.
  • Article must be formatted properly with Bold, italic wherever needed and without grammar mistakes.

Once you submit the article for review, we’ll check it in all angles and let you know our final decision in less than 24 hours.

If your post is accepted, we’ll mail you the details about publishing data. (mean while don’t try to post it on other blogs)

If Rejected, we’ll mail you the reasons for rejection. You may correct them and resubmit it again. You have your all rights to publish the article on other blog, if we reject it

How to Submit?

Well are you ready? Visit our submission page and fill the required form.

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