5 Can’t Miss Smartphone Apps Primarily for Kid’s Protection

Protect your kids from online traps

Want to talk, let’s Skype; want to see the photos, look at your WhatsApp! Let me welcome you to a new world of communication that is setting new norms in our lives. You can even call this norm ‘Technological Communication’. Though this communication has reduced the gaps, but as it has no defined limitations, it […]

How to Recover Deleted Photos, Messages, Memos from iPhone without Backup

recover lost data from iPhone, iPad and iPod

It is not uncommon to casually perform the wrong gestures on your smart phone’s screen and accidentally lose data that is very important. You must have lost a photo that means a lot to you, or the contact of someone very important and once that happens, they are gone for good. Not any more. Dr.Fone, […]

How to Take a Screenshot on Mac


People who communicate with others via internet usually like to use screenshots to better explain their meanings. The beauty of screenshots lies in the facts that they can show others exactly what you see on the screen. Many people who are using MAC still depending of third party apps to takes screenshots and they are […]

iOS 8 Release Date, Features and Review

iOS 8

The past few years have been a wonderful time for the smart phone devices. An incredible growth in the usage of smart phones has been noticed. And the companies providing this facility are working hard to bring better features to their devices. Apple has been one of the top companies in this business. Once started with […]