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An awesome legit site to purchase accessories for your iPhone. If you're looking for Protective cases for Apple products especially for iPhone then i highly recommend you to buy them from this site

Well! Being an iPhone user, i understood one important thing while using any products from Apple and especially while using iPhone’s. I still remember that day when i dropped my brand new iPhone 4 on a concrete floor, in just seconds it’s glass broken into pieces. Then i decided to use protective case for all my gadgets. Earlier i used to think protective cases destroys the look of gadgets, but i highly recommend them to use it as they add value to our money.


After deciding to use protective cases for my gadgets, i started searching for best and quality site. I stumbled on more than dozen sites and i found awesome site named DealExtreme. They offer various kinds of accessories, say Head Phones  Chargers, Protective covers, Bluetooth’s and much more. If you’re looking for stylish protective covers, then DX.COM suits perfectly for you.

Use of  Protective covers for iPhone

I have already described above, why i stared using Protective covers on my iPhone.

  • They Protect your iPhone from breaking damages
  • They protect from scratches
  • Stylish covers changes the look of the gadget
  • and mainly they add value to your money

Why should you use DealExtreme ?

DealExtreme is one of the best site available on web today to by any genuine products. They act and perform as promised. Kindly check the benefits of using DealExtreme below

  • Legit site
  • Free to Signup
  • Free Shipping
  • No hidden Fees
  • Awesome 24X7 support
  • Reasonable cost
  • Easy to navigate within the site
  • Interesting Deals
  • Money Back guarantee

5 Best iPhone Protective cases i have seen in DX.COM

1. Pink Silicon Protective case for Ladies 

Pink Silicon protective case of iPhone

This protective cover is exclusively designed for ladies. Purely made from Silicon and it costs just $3


2. Flip open wallet style Protective case

Again this case suits foe Ladies. An awesome stylish red case with card holding slots inside. ATM card holders, this one is perfectly for you


3. Protective TPU case for iPhone

PTU case for iPhone

Transparent case for any kind of iPhone. This Protective case is available for all Apple iPhone’s. Light weight and Transparent.


4. Kiddish Protective Cover

kid cases for iPhone

Are you an Child using iPhone? then it’s time to remember old things and this protective cover make your iPhone look like olden video game.


5. Face Pattern Protective Cover

creative protective case




An awesome legit site to purchase accessories for your iPhone. If you're looking for Protective cases for Apple products especially for iPhone then i highly recommend you to buy them from this site


  1. says

    Nice review on iPhone cases. It’s better to have a real cool case which gives an extra protection and premium looks to the iPhone. The prices of these cases are also affordable and comes in vibrant colours

  2. lakshman Teja says

    It’s sad to hear about the damage caused to your iPhone. Recently i too dropped my device accidentally. Alas its survived time to buy a protective case.

    • says

      I’ve dropped my iPhone 5 more than a couple of times, and fortunately, nothing happened to it. :)

  3. says

    Indeed a handy list of iPhone protective cases. There are others by case mate also. Would you be updating this list later down the road?

  4. says

    i liked pink silicon and kiddish covers
    but whats the name of the covers shown at first ? black and white ! thats more better..
    anyway nice article and blog

  5. says

    Great post . All cases looking extremely well-built and highly stylish . loved this .

  6. says

    You have listed really cool cases for iPhone 5. However, as far as protection of iPhone is concerned, Otterbox Defender is my all time favorite case. It makes iPhone a little bulky but Defender case protects my iPhone from any kind of scratches, dust and damage.

  7. says

    The cases are looking very impressive and the prices too very reasonable.. All the thing is I don’t have a iPhone to use these cases :P

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