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  • Published on: September 9, 2013
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  • Long Tail Pro is one the best Keyword tool i have used and it helped me a lot to find best profitable keywords for my micro niche sites. It is very easy to use and install and regular free updates makes it even much better.

Google Keyword is no more. It’s almost dead. New UI of Google Adwords tool is not as easy as old one to handle. Each and every blogger and webmaster surely need a keyword tool to find awesome keywords to rank their websites at top in search engines. In case if you’re in an idea to develop a niche site, Keyword Research is very important to find profitable keywords and to make money online. Here is a Long Tail Pro review and Giveaway. Here you can get a copy of Long Tail Pro for Free of cost. Yes, we’re back again with an awesome giveaway. This time we have managed to provide 2 Long tail Pro copies for 2 winners.


Before saying about giveaway details, i would like to give a short Long Tail Pro Review. During recent pasts, most of the newbie bloggers make keyword research using Google Keyword tool and later when they stared making money, they will realize the importance of some premium tool and will make a purchase immediately. Long Tail Pro is also one among them. But many think, it is over priced. Time has changed a lot, and everyone need a best keyword research tool with the dead of Google adwords tool.

Long Tail Pro Review

We have already published a detailed review long back and here we’ll provide a short review in few words. Long Tail Pro is one of the best Keyword tool to find best keywords with just few simple keys. It will do hell lot of work in short span of time. Filters helps to get accurate results easily.

You should install Adobe Air, before installing Long Tail Pro on your machine. Firstly you should create  a campaign and name it something. later you can add maximum upto 10 keywords in your mind.

If needed you can add filters according to your need. Filters in Long tail Pro include

  • Monthly Global Searches
  • Local Global searches
  • CPC
  • No of words in Keyword
  • Advertisers Competition
  • Domain Availability check

Long tail Pro Review

Once all required filters are applied, you can hit generate keywords. Within few minutes, thousands of keywords will get displayed on your screen meeting all your filters and status about domain availability.

Once you got a keyword, you can analyze the first 10 results for that keyword at Google. It shows DA, PA, No of backlinks etc in single click.

Get Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro for Free – Giveaway

As we did for our previous giveaways, we’re again using PunchTab widget. Using this widget you can earn points daily to stand first in the race. Using below widget earn points daily by completing the given tasks one by one.

Total Winners = 2 and Each winner will get a Copy of Long Tail Pro

Be social and get your free copy of Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is one the best Keyword tool i have used and it helped me a lot to find best profitable keywords for my micro niche sites. It is very easy to use and install and regular free updates makes it even much better.

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  1. Arpan says

    Long tail pro i one of the best keyword research tool in market right now and after saying bye bye to google adwords keyword tool its the only reliable option for keyword research in my views.
    Apart from that its best to work on some microniche sites…..
    so, i need it

  2. Amal Rafeeq says

    Hi there Amar,
    First of all great idea to roll out a Give-Away of a product which we bloggers really need to survive these days. And I see that you’re gaining much results as you targeted too. Congrats.
    And about the review, that’s just awesome. You really know how to put things up in shape. Way to go.

    Ops! I DO need to answer the question too. Right?
    Long Tail pro is a great and let me say the greatest keyword research tool to research and dominate specific niches. The maker of the software DO really know how to roll out an awesome stuff. I’ve seen many people skyrocketing their online business with LTP. But I’vent used it yet.
    Thanks to your give-away, and even though there is only one day left, I hope to win and will struggle for so. Cheers :)

    Thanks again.

  3. says

    Wow..Gvieaway is over.. Waiting for the result. Hope I win it. :)

  4. Anish Shah says

    Long tail Pro is the tool which we hardly find as a give away … So thank you for that,
    and I have not seen as great as long trail pro tool for keyword search & research.
    So, will be great to use in my existing or new blog.

  5. Sunil Shah says

    I will long trail pro as keyword finder.
    Plus I have not used it before. So it will be great to experimentally learning SEO too.

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