Does Email Marketing Really Work for your business/blogs?

Email marketing is the process of maintaining ongoing communication with customers and potential customers through the use of email.  A question that often arises is whether or not email marketing really works.  The answer is yes – mass email through a well-planned email marketing campaign is a valuable tool for small businesses, corporations, and internet entrepreneurs.  To better answer the question of whether or not email marketing works, we must first consider its purpose.

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What is the Purpose of Email Marketing?

While many people who are unfamiliar with email marketing may think that it is simply about pushing products and services onto customers, there is much more to it than that.  Email marketing is more about customer communication management which is a part of customer relationship management.  As such, in addition to sales emails there are numerous other purposes a company may send an email to their list.  These include:

  • Newsletter emails that allow the recipient to keep up to date with company and industry news as well as be provided with interesting, niche-related information
  • Catalog emails which allow the recipient to browse through a products and service listing.
  • Survey emails which allow the recipient to provide feedback to the company.
  • Press release emails which notify recipients of upcoming products and services they may be interested in.
  • Thank-you emails which show the recipient that they are important to the company.

Given all of the purposes of email marketing, it should become clear that it is not all about selling but is more about bigger-picture goals and in that sense, email marketing works wonders.  Now that we’ve considered the purpose of email marketing, let’s look at how to make email marketing work for you.

Making Email Marketing Work for You

Executing a successful email marketing campaign is not as simple as writing out a text-based email attempting to directly sell a product or service.  However, the process doesn’t have to be as difficult as one may think.

In order to make an email marketing campaign work for your company, the first step is to identify your goals.  Do you simply want to provide your list with information that will build a relationship between you and the recipients or do you want to sell products and services directly to them?  Do you want to gather data from them or simply thank them for their loyalty?  Likely you’ll want to do many of these things but defining your goals ahead of time will keep the process running smoothly.

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Once you’ve identified your goals, you should begin planning your campaign.  This includes deciding when and how many emails to send as well as preparing the copy, templates, and other required promotional material.  After that’s taken care of, it’s simply a matter of executing the campaign based on the plan.

Does Email Marketing Work?

The short answer is yes.  Through the use of proper email marketing techniques including well-defined goals and great execution of a solid campaign plan, email marketing is a great way to increase your revenues and grow your business.

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    One of the points I always make is asking someone if they have a Twitter or Facebook page, and the answer is typically yes. The next question is, would they like to contact those followers/fans directly to sell them their product or service. Of course, the answer is yes and on that basis I can confirm email marketing works for them.

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