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  • Published on: August 29, 2012
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  • CommentLuv Premium is best plugin to add more shine to your WordPress blog. 5 days remaining for the offer. After 5 days. price jumps to $97. So it's time to get this plugin for cheaper price

Almost every blogger and webmaster have came across CommentLuv premium plugin. CommentLuv is an awesome plugin for any kind of blog. Commentators are hungry now and they need more back links for their blog. Every night they dream to increase traffic and back links. Guest posting plays key role for commenting but guest posting is not a simple task So, bloggers prefer commenting and especially on CommenLuv enabled blogs.

Do you know why they always prefer to comment on CommentLuv enabled blog? reasons are many and you will know them at this review.

CommentLuv Premium


What is CommentLuv Plugin?

CommentLuv is a Plugin for WordPress which adds extra option under comments. Because of this extra thing commentator can get one more back link for their comment. In short you will get 2 back links for single comment. This might be main reason to attract more readers.

CommentLuv is available for free too. From free copy of CommentLuv, you are able to get few options but in case of Premium CommentLuv you can get tons of options to configure it. I can say one thing blindly, CommentLuv is best Commenting System for WordPress blogs now and for ever.

CommentLuv Premium Review

As said earlier CommentLuv is of two types, Free and Paid. CommentLuv Premium adds more shine to your blog. If you decide to use CommetLuv premium, you can say big bye to 7 other plugins. Totally 8 plugins function is hidden inside CommetLuv premium plugin.

Options inside CommentLuv Premium

After installing the plugin on your dashboard, CommentLuv tab is added to left side admin panel and it contains options like

  • Enable CommentLuv on Posts or Pages or both
  • Dofollow and Nofollow

Want to add Nofollow tag for Comments? you can do this with single click. You can even add dofollow for only registered users.

  • Extra 10 Posts

Allow the commentator to select one post from last 10 published posts on his blog. You can even add a restriction to this. For example you can enable this extra 10 posts option for your reader only if he had 5 approved comments on your blog. So he can select a post from his recent 10 articles only after 5 approved  comments.

  • Twitter username

CommentLuv Premium allows to add twitter username while commenting. This helps commentators to get more genuine followers

  • Tweet, Like and +1

Ask your commentator to tweet or Like or +1 that post to get extra 10 posts to select one form it

  • G.A.S.P

G.A.S.P is actually a plugin which adds a check box below comment section. This check box prevents spam comments. This plugin was inbuilt present in CommentLuv premium

  • Keywords

If you enabled keyword option in commentluv premium, commentator can add keywords while commenting. By default it shows like “Name(commentator name) from Keyword”

CommentLuv vs CommentLuv Premium


Pricing and Plans 

CommentLuv is available in two plans. CommentLuv Premium for single site and multiple site. Multiple site license costs $97. Wait wait Good News! CommentLuv Premium unlimited site license is available for just $23 today. This offer is available for other 5 days. Go get it now

Note: This is not a Paid review or sponsored article. All points mentioned above are from my heart. This is a genuine review. Hope you understand

CommentLuv Premium is best plugin to add more shine to your WordPress blog. 5 days remaining for the offer. After 5 days. price jumps to $97. So it's time to get this plugin for cheaper price

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  1. says

    Its totally exciting to see you coming back to blogging. Thank u for sharing your golden peices with us

  2. kulwinder says

    Thanks for the info sir

  3. kavin says

    Definitely every one like to use new version and wish to take positive effects. This blog is really help full for all who are interested in web development. I am really interested in this profession and enjoy my life with IT facilities. Great blog and informative discussion.

  4. Aayush Mathur says

    Commentluv is just a plug-in that allows any user to locate a blog respective to the desired keyword. Commentluv allow any visitor to add the details as in the same blog. It provides the link juice to the website located.
    Understanding this plug in is difficult as there is no particular link that explains their importance, if any one find any article of blog about the plug-in please informs me as I really want to know about them.
    For any guidance over internet marketing visit the link Internet Marketing

  5. says

    I am just trying out the free version at the moment. I wanted to see what the premium version offers over the free version. After a bit of searching I found your review which is very good at listing all the features.

  6. Kris says

    Even i recomend Commentluv. It will easily increase our traffic. Completely agrreee with you.

    • says

      SPAM is the thing to consider while using commentluv,

      Keep visiting

  7. Jasson Largent says

    Definitely i am using new version and premium version commentluv. My experience is very good about it with out any bug! thanks for share.

  8. Kevin Macaulay says

    The benefit of commenting on a no-follow blog is the possible referral traffic you get from having a no-follow link on that blog. And while you’re commenting on that blog you get to see who else commented on that blog.

    • Sundra says

      You have a good point, but if you want real quality referrals, you still need services like But from just a blogging perspective and for the purpose of paying back your readership, then CommentLuv is definitely the way to go.

  9. Jannette says

    I am currently using the basic version on commentluv, and will consider using the pro version after reading your review. Thanks for sharing your view on comment luv, have also linked back to your review from my blog as recommended to read.

  10. says

    Thanks for sharing! I just create blog and want to use commentluv. I am sorry to miss special price offering but however, I will try the premium version.

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