Internet Download Manager V6.21 Build 18 Specifications and Review

Downloads are becoming very common these days and the size of files to download is increasing dramatically. Most of the popular browsers may or may not have the download resume capability. In some case, your valuable time and bandwidth goes waste due to uncontrollable power and system problems. Same happens to low speed internet connections too.

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The possible solutions are either you should use download managers or using resume capability web browsers or you should improve your internet speed. It is not always a good choice of migrating to another browser which you are not familiar with. The only best possible solution for all problems is Internet Download Manager.

What is Internet Download Manager V6.21?

Internet download manager is a third party application for Windows Operating system which is capable of handling all your downloads irrespective of web browsers. Latest version of IDM supports Windows 8.1 and all popular web browsers. Whenever you tries to download anything from the internet, IDM is given highest priority and the task to download the file is given to Internet Download Manager. You can close the browsers and still download continues in IDM. It even has the capacity to resume the download.

Internet Download Manager Aka IDM Specifications

There are many reasons and unique options in Internet Download Manager which makes it stand first in the competition.

Easy to Install

Downloading, Installing, Setting this IDM is very easy even to a casual computer easy. All you have to do is either purchase the latest version IDM or try it for free. Once you are done with download, Install it by following on-screen instructions. Rest of work will get done automatically. It will integrate itself to all installed browsers on your machine.

Supports all versions of popular browsers

Internet download manager supports all popular browsers and newer versions of most popular browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE and many more.

Resume Downloads

You can pause the downloads of large files and later you can resume them. Even it can resume the downloads that are interrupted due to power failures or system errors. This option will save hell lot of your time.

Custom UI

Not everyone may love the default layout of the tool. You can customize the layout, buttons, skins etc depending on your choice. You can either download pre-designed skins or you can design one. It allows you to rearrange the order of buttons, columns in main IDM window.

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Advanced Schedule Management

Internet Download manager team is working very hard and they added a scheduler feature, which can connect/disconnect to internet and shutting down the desktop/laptop after download completes.

Accelerates the Download Speed

Internet download manager is using intelligent dynamic file segmentation technology which helps in accelerating the download speed up to 5 times than normal.

Imporve IDM download speed

Limited Download

If your internet connection is using fair access policy, then you can limit the downloads/hour in few simple clicks.

Multi language support

Internet Download Manager is translated to more than 35 popular languages including Greek, Italian.

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Inbuilt Anti Virus

There is no guarantee that downloaded files are virus free. IDM itself acts a best anti virus for windows. It immediately performs a virus check after the completion of download and it makes sure your file is free from virus and malware.

One Click Download

IDM automatically detects the download links and it shows a “Download with IDM button”. You are just one click away to start the download. This option even works in video sharing sites like YouTube. Internet download manager supports HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and MMS protocols.

download videos using IDM


Now you may have a clear idea of usage of Internet download manager and how it works. Even tough there any many tools which can do the same work as IDM, but I personally recommend Internet download manager since it has many useful and unique options and features.


Internet Download Manager(IDM) Review

Internet Download Manager in short IDM, is best tool for windows to download all kind of stuff from online. Internet Download Manager is able to maximize the download speed up to 3 times and even it has resume capacity. It enable the user to download stuff easily with just single click. IDM is able to drag the videos from every part of the page. With IDM you can download videos easily from Facebook, YouTube and many such sites.

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Internet Download manager is currently rocking on new version V6.14 and it costs currently around $25 per year. No need to worry, Are you looking to get one year free license of Internet download manager? Then immediately participate in our giveaway and get free serial numbers of Internet Download manager worth $24.95 each.

Internet Download Manager V6.14

As said earlier Internet Download Manager is premium tool to manage downloads on your machine. IDM can undertake numerous tasks and you have to know some of them in brief.

Best Features of Internet Download Manager

Below mentioned are 5 best features of IDM, i have noticed while using it personally on my desktop and i consider sharing it with my readers.

Easy to handle and user friendly Interface

Alike all other Software’s, Internet download manager is easy to install and setup. Once installed successfully, it will integrate with all installed browsers on your machine and it will take care of remaining job. Simple and awesome right? Even a newbie can make us of Internet Download manager.

Downloads Acceleration

What is your download speed in normal browsers? Let be some 100 KBPS but trust me, you might get around 200 KBPS while downloading same thing in Internet Download Manager. Mostly download speed is 150% higher in IDM when compared to downloads in browsers.

Resume capacity

Mostly you’re using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Internet download manger. Am i right? Then you won’t get download resume option in these browsers mostly. But in Internet download manger, resume option will helps you to same time and internet usage.

YouTube and Facebook Grabber

Both YouTube as well as Facebook decided to disable download option for videos on their database in order to maintain their sites popularity. Main aim behind this is, Visitor should come back to their site again to watch the desired video. But this won’t happen, in case in availability of Download button.

But things has changed a lot, using Internet Download manger, you can download videos from YouTube and Facebook easily, can i add more? Yes, in just one click.

Once the video is played, Download button appears magically on the same page. Check the screenshot for reference.

Internet Download manager Geek Dahboard

Usage of Memory

Internet download manager is light weight software and won’t eat your disk space. A small corner of space in MB’s is enough for IDM and it helps to download TB’s of data on your machine. Sounds interesting right?

My Final Words:

I don’t want to make this review long and i would like to conclude the review here. The only minus point is Internet Download manager is paid tool and it costs $25 per year. Paying $25 per year is not a big deal. As developers too will have their own bills to pay, $25 is really reasonable price for such an awesome tool.

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