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  • Published on: September 3, 2012
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  • WPSubscribers is best WordPress plugin to increase email subscribers. This plugin also helps us to increase conversion rate up to 200% or even more. This plugin is available in 2 plans, one for 3 site licence which costs $47 and unlimited site license for $97

Dreaming to increase email subscribers in short time? Planning to work with affiliate marketing? Need more money from online via your blog or website? Then traffic plays major role to make money online from home. If you are able to convert those visitors in to Subscribers, you can get success in Affiliate marketing. To get success in blogging filed you need dedication, paitencte, Tatics to increse traffic and finally subscribers. Never thought to increase your subscribers? Then work on it as soon as possible. Dear readers! Now i’m introducing an awesome WordPress Premium plugin named WPSubscribers which helps to increase email subscriptions. Email subscribers is also type of source for traffic. When ever you publish an article on your blog, it directly goes to subscribers inbox which helps to increase your traffic.

WPSubscribers  review

What is WPSubscribers?

WPSubscribers is a premium WordPress plugin which can create some good looking and eye chatching popups  to increase subscribers. WPSubscribers works on WordPress blogs similar to Popup domination.

Why Should we use WPSubscribers?

WPSubscribers almost helps us to make money in short span of time. It plays a key role in increasing subscribers. WPSubscribers may increase the conversion rate to 200% or even more.

Killer Features in WpSubscribers

Code Detector 

Code detector is awesome and interesting part in WPSubscribers. After Adding subscription form code from feed burner, it automatically detects Action URL, Name Field, Email Field and Hidden Fields. This awesome option helps to make our work much easier

Opt-in Forms 

Several Opt-in locations are available in this plugin. If you think Popups irritates your visitors, then this plugin helps us to create small Opt-ins at footer and header.

Exit Pop up

Though i never recommend this Exit Pop up but it was helpful for some niche sites like micro niche sites and product selling websites. Whenever a visitor exits your site, immediately a pop up hits at the middle of the screen offering them some more products which may help them

Advanced Settings

Tons of options are present in Advanced settings. They include popup delay time, Header and Footer optin delay settings, Affiliate links, Mail Chimp API Key and much more

Customizing Popups 

Customizing Popups is dam easy while using WPSubscribers. Plenty of options are available to manage images, headings, bullet points, text on button and many more.

Rocking Templates 

WPSubscribers comes with 12 good lucking templates. Those templates are used while customizing Popups on published posts. Some are those templates are shown here









Final Review

WPSubscribers is best premium WordPress Plugin to increase subscribers immediately. 50% of your visitors are attracted towards WPSubscribers popup and they may automatically forced to subscribe to your feeds. I have seen a gigantic increase in my subscribers in just 1 month. We are highly recommending to use this plugin

I wanna Buy it know

Well! Good move. WPSubscribers is availiable in two plans, first plan enables us to use it on 3 different sites and  it costs $47 and second plan is for multiple site licence which costs $97


WPSubscribers is best WordPress plugin to increase email subscribers. This plugin also helps us to increase conversion rate up to 200% or even more. This plugin is available in 2 plans, one for 3 site licence which costs $47 and unlimited site license for $97

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  1. says

    Thank you Amar for sharing such an important info with us. I will try to check if i can increase my subscriber..

  2. Jack Smith says

    Reading the review. I will download the plugin in today itself. Thanx for the review…i hope the plug in helps me too.

  3. charl says

    These plugin price is too high … is there any other free plugin available online

  4. Ericcson James says

    For Email subscription WPSubscribers indeed best plugin and I’ve already installed this plugin. Some users might thinking price is bit high of this plugin but I would like to say spending money after WPSubscribers is really worth. Thanks a lot. :)

  5. Reviewirter says

    Increasing Email subscriptions for a site is too important. More the email subscriptions increase, more the fame of the blog increases. Awesome plugin to increase subscriptions.

  6. says


    Well the first thing is email subscribers are very essential for a blog to get more growth in the blogging, Although we need loyal readers. So we must build a great landing page by using some plugins to get some subscribers.

    And to be honest the above plugin is awesome, the best thing which i liked is its awesome templates and exit popups. I guess i’ve seen this great plugin in some popular blogs.

    Will sure gonna buy this plugin, Thanks a lot for awesome review,

  7. says

    For sure it is Amar! I really love using it! Actually, I’ll be hosting a giveaway of WP Subscribers soon on the site :)

    And yeah, are you in for the commentluv premium giveaway? If not, then join in!

    • says

      Thanks Raaj. But i’m already using CommentLuv+ Premium. But no problem i will suggest this giveaway to my friends

      • says

        Hey Amar :) As I promised – here’s the giveaway of WP Subscribers! BTW, do you have it or you’re just reviewing it? Let me know! Cheers :)

  8. Santosh Mishra says

    Hello Amar,

    This is really a good plugin for the email subscription. I was looking for MailChimp, but now, I’ll go for this one. Thank you.

  9. mohit rajwani says

    its just awesome want to use it on my blog but 47$ is too high.. :( :( :( :(

    • says

      no problem bro, wait for just 5 days. we are coming with another giveaway and this time it was WPSubscribers

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