How To Watch Netflix, Hulu and Access many other Geo Blocked Stations

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  • Using UnoTelly you can get access to many awesome websites like Netflix, Hulu etc. UnoDNS will give access to those sites for you. It works all over the globe

We believe that many of you are using the internet to watch movies, download ringtones for mobiles and listen to music. Streaming content over the web is very popular because it is a really convenient and inexpensive way to access your favorite content. If you leave in America or UK, then you are probably enjoying the awesomeness of Netflix and Hulu. So much content available just a click away. Unfortunately, for the rest of the world, enjoying streaming at its best is not possible. Due to geo-restriction, services like Netflix,  Spotify, Hulu and BBC iPlayer are only accessible to a small part of the world  and if you try to visit them outside US, you will receive messages such us “Sorry, Netflix hasn’t come to this part of the world yet”.

Of course, there are workarounds to bypass geo-restriction and access blocked websites mentioned above. For those who have tried, you have probably used shortcuts such us VPNs and proxy services. VPN is probably the most well known method to access geo-blocked content but it’s not the best. VPN acts as a middle-man and intercepts your internet connection. As a result, your connection becomes slower and you can feel the lack of internet speed especially if you have a slow connection or trying to stream 1080P videos on Netflix or other streaming stations.

How to Watch Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer at any corner of planet Earth


In this post, we will introduce you UnoDNS, probably the easiest way to bypass geo-block and access stations like Netflix from anywhere you are.

How UnoDNS works

UnoDNS is a commercial service from UnoTelly. It is target is to eliminate the geo-block and give you easy access to streaming stations like Netflix. As you can see from its name, the DNS (Domain Name System) is the catch here. A Domain Name is a website’s address such us or However, computers don’t understand human readable addresses and in order to find the website you are looking for, they are using IP addresses. In simple words, what a DNS does is that it will translate the domain address of a website into a numeric IP address so that it will be easier for the machines to understand. Each internet enabled device is connected to a DNS server (usually your ISP’s DNS) but on almost all devices, you have the ability to replace your ISP’s DNS to another DNS provider.

Here is when UnoDNS comes into play. Instead of using your ISP’s DNS addresses, you replace them with the DNS addresses provided by UnoTelly. Once you apply the UnoDNS addresses on your device and sign up for UnoDNS, your IP address is registered in their system and as a result, you can have access to all UnoDNS supported channels. The big advantage of using UnoDNS instead of VPN is that it gives direct access to the streaming station without interceptions. Your internet speed stays untouchable when you are streaming content and that makes UnoDNS ideal for users with slow internet connection and for 1080P streaming.

Configuring UnoDNS on your system is a simple task. Pretty much, what you have to do is to replace your ISP’s DNS to the DNS provided by UnoTelly. You can find instructions on how to setup UnoDNS in their help section . UnoDNS works in a variety of devices/ OS such us: PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Video Game Consoles, Apple TV and other TV boxes, Smart TVs and more.

As we said above, UnoDNS is a commercial service. It cost starts from 4.95$/month for the Premium package which offers all the DNS supported channels. There is also the Gold package with 7.95$/month which offers bonus VPN connection along with UnoDNS so that you can use it for websites that are not supported by UnoDNS yet. You can try UnoDNS for free before purchasing it by taking their 8-day free trial.

UnoDNS features

UnoDNS in use

Once you are done with the UnoDNS setup process, you will be able to access their supported channels by just visiting their website or downloading their app if you are using a mobile device. While most of the channels are free, some channels like Netflix require an extra monthly subscription. Bellow, you can find our experience with our favorite UnoDNS supported channel, Netflix.

Netflix is one of the most successful streaming stations in USA. Its streaming library contains a huge selection of movies and series. Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Family Guy and House of Cards are just few awesome series among the thousands you can pick and watch instantly. Netflix can be accessed on any device you have including game consoles and mobile devices. Video quality depends on your internet speed. With a slow connection, you can receive decent SD quality. With internet speeds more than 8 mbps, you will be able to stream in HD and ultra HD quality. To access it, you will need both an UnoDNS and a Netflix subscription. Netflix costs around $8 per month but you can try it for free for one month. You can find instructions on how to sign up for a US Netflix account here



As we said in the beginning of the article, enjoying streaming at its best depends on where you leave. Well, not anymore! With UnoDNS, you will be able to access major blocked streaming stations from all over the world, regardless where you actually leave. It’s not the only service that can do the job for you, but you will be amazed on its speed and easy setup process. We definitely recommend UnoDNS for anyone who wants to access blocked UK/US streaming services.


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Using UnoTelly you can get access to many awesome websites like Netflix, Hulu etc. UnoDNS will give access to those sites for you. It works all over the globe

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