10 Types of Funny People on Facebook

Facebook’s popularity is as great as ever, but as with anything that people use a lot, there is always something that irritates people, and in this case it’s the users! Regardless of whether you consider the people who dominate your news feed to be close friends or not, there are always the odd few that are quite simply very annoying.

Why does your best friend who tells you the truth in real life suddenly feel that on Facebook, they have to lie about and exaggerate everything? You have to just sit back and think “What are you doing? You know that’s just not true.” Why do your favorite couple who rarely touch each other in public, suddenly have to have a gushy display of affection between them when they are online – and no doubt in the same room at separate computers? There always seems to be someone who does nothing but take pictures of food, generally dishes they have cooked themselves that they want to show off about – and generally dishes that look awful and you wouldn’t eat them if you were paid to. We can all recognize the parents that make us suffer those baby pictures again and again. We’re sure that they think their kids are the cutest things ever, but they just won’t get the message – nobody else is interested!

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All these familiar types of Facebook users have been identified in a recent fun study conducted by www.LoveMyVouchers.co.uk, and the top ten most annoying users have been ranked in reverse order in this infographic. It comes as no surprise that top of the list is the person that updates their status every minute of the day, no matter what they are doing. You don’t want to know that they are now drinking a nice cup of tea, or a glass of wine, or they are now getting in the bath – so what? These most boring and irritating user types are being blocked from news feeds around the world on a regular basis!

annoying facebook user

So next time you see one of the top ten most annoying Facebook user types taking over your news feed, follow these simple instructions – hover over your friend’s name, then hover over the ‘friends’ button. Select either ‘Report/Block…’ or ‘Unfriend!’ and if possible show that guy these Facebook facts

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